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Chapter 326: Unauthorized People Cannot Enter

“Brian, Miss Shi is an official member of the association, so she has an S card.

Youre a temporary guest, so youre using a temporary card.”

“Is there a difference” Gu Zehan asked.

“The permitted areas and time limits for each card is different.

At the last minute, you can only enter the dance studio that you are currently in.

The time limit is not long either, so your cards time limit should be up by now.”

“Then what about Shi Jins S card”

“Its permanently effective.

You can go to all the places that the association has access to with one of those.”

Right now, even “Shangzhou Ancient Music Dance” was being arranged under Shi Jins guidance.

It was normal for her to be able to go anywhere.

Gu Zehan did not have much interest in the dance association.

He had heard that he would not be able to enter this place again after the announcement.

It was not really a pity.

He said, “You should have done this a long time ago.”

The secretary said politely, “Actually, there were such management measures in the past, but they were not strictly implemented.

This time, taking advantage of Shen Yis time, it is indeed not bad to put everything on the right track.”

Shi Jin and Gu Zehan swiped their cards and entered.

They soon arrived at President Cuis office.

President Cui stood up immediately when he saw them.

“Shi Jin, Brian, come and sit down.”

After Shi Jin and Gu Zehan entered, they discussed the choreography and designs of the costumes with President Cui again.

Gu Zehan brought out a set of samples he had already prepared.

After he took them out, President Cui took them.

The style was simple and unadorned, yet elegant.

It had absorbed the foundation of historical texts and had been innovated and improved upon.

“Not bad, not bad.” President Cui nodded.

“If we all wear this outfit, this dance will become even more godly.

Brian, your design is really fitting.”

“President Cui, hows the preparation going” Shi Jin asked.

“Ive arranged some things, but some information is really hard to find.

Overall, I dont know if we can compare to Country Hs efforts.”

This was what worried President Cui the most.

He said, “Whether or not the United Nations will approve this non-material cultural heritage will depend on all the reports.

Only with enough details and credibility can we convince them to pass it.

If our content cant compare to Country Hs…”

Gu Zehan cursed, “Damn it! Its clearly our ancestors stuff!”

“They dont care much.

We know that this is ours, but others will only look at the evidence.

At the end of the day, its still because the world doesnt know enough about Country S and Country H, and the soft power of culture isnt strong enough.

Its precisely because of this that we have to fight for any cultural treasure that we can actually fight for.

That way, our countrys cultural strength will be seen by more people.”

Shi Jin passed him a notebook.

“President Cui, can you take a look at this”

President Cui took it and flipped to the next page.

The more he read, the happier he became.

“Shi Jin, where did you get this”

“I found it in the library.”

“Thats great.

This information is what I need! With this, all the other information Ive prepared will be more reliable.

I wont be afraid even if I have to face Country Hs people.”

“Then feel free to use it.” Shi Jin smiled.

“Ill leave the notebook to you, President Cui.

Ill go take a look at the dance studio now.”

“Go, go!” President Cui looked at the two youngsters in front of him and felt very lucky.

Gu Zehan and Shi Jin walked out together.

He asked, “Where did you get your information from”

“Lets just say that it was legally obtained.”

Seeing the faint smile on Shi Jins face, Gu Zehan did not ask further.

Before he came back, he had assumed that his sister would still be as naive and childish as before and would need someone to protect her, but after interacting with her for some time, he realized that hed been completely wrong.

She did look innocent, but she was well-mannered and polite.

She had a plan in mind, and she no longer needed his guidance.

The two of them stayed in the dance studio for an entire afternoon before leaving.

By the time Wen Yongwei arrived at the National Dance Association, it was already evening.

She was there to submit an application.

She was about to take part in a dance exam.

Once she passed, she wanted to apply for a promotion at the National Dance Association.

Currently, there were many levels to the National Dancing Association.

As a junior member, Wen Yongwei could only go there for a tour.

She could not do anything else.

Not to mention participating in internal affairs, even sharing a stage with the dancers here was impossible.

Since she was going to advance in her examinations, the National Dance Association had to actively seek advancement as well.

“‘Ive heard that as long as you become an A-rank member, you will be able to apply to do a national performance,” Kang Cheng said.

“So, you must first cross the threshold of being a junior member and get closer to Class C.

In a year or two, it will be even better if you can get to Class A.”

“Ill try my best,” Wen Yongwei said.

As long as she could reach the national dance performance stage, she would be able to obtain more opportunities in the entertainment industry.

Currently, her college entrance examination results could not be released to the public.

The glory of being the champion ofUltimate Singer Songwriter had also been stolen by Shi Jins multiple hits.

Everyone knew the runner-ups name, but very few people mentioned her as the champion.

Dance was Wen Yongweis last trump card for surpassing Shi Jin.

Kang Cheng had asked around and heard that there was an [S] class.

However, there was no need to even think about that right now.

Many people who had been in the group for over 20 years had only barely reached [A] class.

How difficult would it be to reach [S] class

Wen Yongwei did not specialize in dancing.

The entertainment industry was more important.

Kang Cheng accompanied Wen Yongwei inside, but they were stopped before they reached the hall.

“Unrelated people are not allowed to enter.”

“Im a member of the dance association.” Wen Yongwei hurriedly took out her identification documents.

She realized that the place she was used to visiting was now visibly stricter.

In the past, even reporters had been able to enter freely, but now, the door was heavily guarded, and anyone who entered and exited had to swipe their card.

“Use your card to enter.

The people accompanying you cannot come.”

“I havent got a card.”

“Then go over there to fill in your information and wait for approval for a card.

The card requires facial recognition and cannot be acquired by others on your behalf.”

“How long will it take”

“Go there and line up first.

If its fast, itll be three hours.

If its slow, itll take a day.”

Kang Cheng took a look at the queue.

There was no one there.

He went over and took a number.

“You are number 41.

There are 30 people queuing up before this.”

A mechanical voice came from the call machine.

30 people

Kang Cheng immediately felt irritated.

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