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Chapter 324: Fire of War

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Taking advantage of the interest, Wen Yongwei immediately posted on Weibo.

She spoke earnestly, completely putting herself in her readers shoes.

“Country Ss culture is glorious and has a long history.

This is something that no one can ever take from us.

I also believe that even if other countries harbor such thoughts, they will definitely fail.

As a dancer, although I dont know how to do theShangzhou Ancient Music Dance, I have always been in awe of it.

Its really heartbreaking to see other countries trying to steal it.

I hope that Country S will succeed as soon as possible and not be stolen from by others.

I also hope that everyone will pay attention to our long history and not forget our countrys brilliant civilization.”

Wen Yongweis words were perfectly suited to the situation.

At this juncture, as the first artiste to speak out publicly, her courage was commendable.

This was a gamble that expressed that she didnt care about Country Hs fans—if she had fans there.

Wen Yongwei had naturally considered the consequences.

Country H was just a small country where she had few fans, and the benefits it could bring her were limited.

There was no need for her to consider Country H compared to her own countrys fans.

As long as she could enjoy the current heat.

The fans praised, “Little Rose has always been very good at dancing.

Now that she is standing up to speak, she really has a good conscience.”

“Yeah, an artist with a pure heart is our true idol!”

“With her voice, I hope everyone will pay more attention to this matter and cheer for our girl.”

The passerbys impression of her improved greatly.

“Although she used to be a straight-A student and made people feel awkward, its still admirable that she dares to say such things.”

“Ive become a fan.

For an artist to have such a sense of social responsibility is really great.”

Wen Yongwei quickly became a hot topic.

Although there were a few passersby who suspected that she was just trying to gain popularity by posturing, it was hard to say that she was wrong in this matter.

Moreover, if anyone doubted her, they would be labeled as a lackey of Country H by her fans.

Therefore, the doubters could only speak sporadically.

They could not affect her on a large scale.

“Take advantage of the excitement and release two of the songs youve prepared,” Kang Cheng suggested.

Recently, Wen Yongwei had been working very hard to compose as well.

However, she had not found a suitable opportunity to release anything.

Today, her popularity was so high, it was the right time.

Wen Yongwei thought for a moment before releasing these two songs.

The fans were naturally willing to pay for it.

Even if the passers-by did not buy her songs, they did not mock her.

Some people still bought the music after hearing it, as a form of support for her.

A few people confirmed that she was just trying to gain popularity, but they were chased away by her fans after a few words.

Besides, who would want to be called a lackey of Country H

No matter how people acted, no matter how unhappy they were with the artistés, their patriotic thoughts were unchanged.

At the same time, the celebrities online started to speak up one after another, supporting the success of Country Ss announcement.

Netizens flooded to these celebrities Weibos and praised their righteous actions.

When Shi Jin scrolled through her Weibo, she took a glance and felt that some netizens had indeed gone overboard.

Sometimes, they didnt express their opinions based on the facts.

Instead, they used these things to vent their anger and project their emotions onto public figures, even if they hadnt done anything wrong.

She put down her phone and shook her head.

Moments later, Yao Jiahong called.

“Shi Jin, I remember that Brians real name is Gu Zehan Is he your second brother”

“Yes, why” Shi Jin asked.

“The flames of war on the Internet are engulfing him.”

Shi Jin was puzzled.


“When he was training in Europe and America, he was low-key and mysterious.

For a long time, there were rumors that he was from Country H.

Now, hes back in Country S, so how could his competitors let him off Everyones opposing Country H on a large scale.

As a potential citizen of Country H, he is naturally in the limelight.”

Shi Jin thought of those aggressive netizens on the Internet and frowned slightly.

Upon hearing her silence, Yao Jiahong said, “If you need my help, just tell me.”

“Okay, Ill take a look at the situation first.” After hanging up, Shi Jin opened Weibo again.

As expected, the name Brian had quickly replaced the focus of other Weibo posts and was ranked first.

“Brian is from Country H, yet he has used Country Ss cultural elements to design clothes for European and American shows.

Isnt that very inappropriate”

“Its a good thing to promote our culture, but to take it for ones own, or even to profit from it, is really unacceptable! Everyone from Country H is really shameless.”

“Who says hes a genius Hes so shameless! I heard that this Brian wants to develop his own fashion brand in our country.

Im the first to object.

Go back to where you came from and get lost!”



“We will not allow any Country H dogs to earn any ill-gotten gains.”

“Get out of Country S @Brian”

“Get lost @Brian”

Soon, there was an uproar because of what had happened with Brian.

Brians Weibo account also quickly responded: “Let me reiterate, Im not from Country H.”

However, no one believed his Weibo.

With the addition of his competitors fake reviewers, there were even more comments.

“He doesnt even dare to admit his identity.

Country Hs dogs are really despicable.”

“Go kneel down and suck up to your European father.

Country S doesnt need a designer like you.”

“By the way, look at Brians appearance.

Someone actually said that hes not from Country H Hes been secretly photographed more than once in Europe and America, right He has long, thin eyes and single eyelids.

Hes obviously Chinese, yet he still says hes not”

Shi Jin called Gu Zehan.

Gu Zehan was drawing a design when he received the call.

His tone was full of joy.

“Why did you call me Are you treating me to supper”

“Do you want me to delete the posts online”

“Delete what Ive already clarified it.

Its up to them whether they want to believe it or not.

Its so obvious that Im from here, yet there are still people who believe in those things.

Its obvious that everyone is brainless.

They only care about venting their emotions.

Deleting it will only make it worse..

Its better to leave it for them to feel embarrassed about later.”

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