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Chapter 323: Shameless Act

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“I understand,” President Cui said in a low voice.

“So, you have to prepare all the information as soon as possible.

You will also have to prepare the dance music properly.

This time, we cant let Country H succeed.

This matter isnt just about you and me,” Minister Hao said earnestly.

“We cant let our brilliant historical culture be stolen by other countries.”

President Cui closed the video and sighed.

Country H was just a small neighbor of Country S.

However, even though Country H was small, it had always been a big talker.

It was very ambitious and wanted everything.

It had never been soft-hearted when taking things from Country S.

Country S was a large country with countless historical treasures and intangible cultural resources.

Country H had taken advantage of the situation and benefited greatly.

Previously, Country H had seized opportunities because of their fast hands.

The thousands of years of cultural history of Country S had nurtured countless precious civilizations and cultures.

The other party had appropriated this without asking, leaving Country S filled with hatred and helplessness.


Shi Jin and Gu Zehan were drinking coffee when President Cui walked in.

“President Cui.” Shi Jin stood up and greeted him.

President Cuis face was a little gloomy.

He looked at Shi Jin and could not help feeling a glimmer of hope.

“Quick, take a seat.”

“President Cui, this is designer Brian.

He is here to help us design suitable costumes for theShangzhou Ancient Music Dance,” Shi Jin introduced.

“Hello, Brian.” President Cui reached out and shook Gu Zehans hand.

Although he wasnt in the mood, he still respected the person Shi Jin was introducing.

Seeing that he was in a daze, Shi Jin asked, “President Cui, is something wrong”

“Well, Country H has actually takenShangzhou Ancient Music Dance and is saying its theirs! Do you think they have such a long history Do they even have an ancient dance Its all because our National Dance Association performed such a dance last time that they took it!” President Cui said indignantly.

Shi Jin recalled how the people of Country H had always been like that.

“They have always been like this.

The other two neighboring countries have also suffered greatly.

They really want to make the whole world theirs.”

“Im sure that theyll gain recognition forShangzhou Ancient Music Dance.

In the future, they can use it to attract tourists from all over the world.

They can even use that piece of culture as their countrys strength and business card to raise their countrys cultural influence and status in the world.” Gu Zehan was also used to Country Hs tricks.

That small country always liked to take things from Country S when they lacked something.

They would take whatever they needed.

Let alone this kind of dance, even ancient festivals, celebrations, and even some ancient scholars werent off limits to their thievery.

If Country S did not retaliate, this situation would only worsen.

President Cui nodded.

“Youre right.

Country H has always been like this.

We can only make the first move in this kind of situation.

We have to make things right and make them have no way out.

Thats the only solution.”

Shi Jin asked, “Then, shall we pick up the pace of our dance practice and quickly gather all the information”

“Thats right.

Shi Jin, you must settle this matter properly this time.

I can arrange the information, but we can only rely on you for the dance.

As for the costumes, well have to trouble Brian.”

“Sure.” Gu Zehan immediately smiled.

“Im also from Country S.

I have a duty to protect my countrys culture.”

President Cui praised, “Thank you for your hard work.”

After chatting with President Cui, Shi Jin and Gu Zehan immediately went to the dance practice venue.

When everyone heard about this, they became even more engrossed in their training.

Shi Jin explained the basic dance moves and the deeper meanings behind the dance to Gu Zehan.

She also explained the style of the clothes she wanted.

“‘Shangzhou Ancient Music Dance looks simple and crude, but in reality, it contains many exquisite dance steps.

When you dance really well, its very pleasing to the eye.

Its the legacy of our thousands of years of culture.

This time, our dance has to compete with Country Hs people, so we have to be better at choosing clothing than them.”

Gu Zehan felt angry when he spoke about this.

“Speaking of clothing, weve gone through many dynasties over the years.

All kinds of ancient pieces of clothing have corresponding documents in the history museum as proof.

Even so, Country H still treats them as historical clothing for their country.

I want to see how they will fight for the clothing that Ive tailored according to the styles of the Shangzhou era!”

“With you around, I believe our chances of success are very high.”

The news that Country H was going to use the “Shangzhou Ancient Music Dance” to join the United Nations spread like wildfire.

Due to the fact that Country H was already a thief, who knew how many times they had stolen from Country S Everyone was filled with righteous indignation.

“What Country H is doing this again Arent they ashamed”

“They were going to take away a festival passed down from ancient times last time, and now theyre doing it again”

“Country H is really shameless!”

“Thats not all.

They even said that our national treasure animals are theirs.

What nonsense.”

“Dont bring that up.

Even Captain America and the others wish they had our treasures.

And the evidence is conclusive.”

“Alright, the whole world belongs to Country H, right Are they satisfied Even the whole universe belongs to Country H!”

“Ugh! Earth can no longer contain them.

Let them get off Earth and fly away into the universe!”

The internet was abuzz with criticism.

Naturally, everyone had high hopes for Country S.

“So, will our Country S succeed this time”

“Be more careful and submit all the applications as soon as possible.

Otherwise, if all the other countries get in first, there will be no chance of succeeding in the future!”

Wen Yongwei, who had been silent for some time, finally found an opportunity to make her presence known.

Previously, she had been embarrassed by Shi Jin.

It had been a long time since she had commented and she dared not post on Weibo.

However, how could she miss the drama today

This was what she was good at, her battlefield!

She immediately created a Weibo post.

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