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Chapter 321: Who Told You To Call Me That

This time, when Brian returned to the country, various companies were already stirring up trouble in favor of their own artists.

If Chu Ling managed to get into the fray, he would definitely be in the limelight that night, and the fashion resources would come rolling in.

“Have you contacted him” Chu Ling asked.

“Weve been in contact with the company for a while, but we didnt expect Brian to suddenly come back.

I think he only came back at the last minute because of you.

Our company can afford high fees, and I believe that Brian wont reject us.

Also, I heard that he has plans to return to China to develop his career.

If you wear his clothes, the effects will be huge.”

Chu Lings face lit up as he said, “I have film and television resources now, but fashion resources arent top-notch.

If I cant get the six big blue and eight big red blood endorsements overseas, I wont be able to improve my style.

Youll have to arrange Brian for me.”

Hu Lai smiled.

“Ill do my best.”

The so-called Six Blue Bloods and Eight Red Bloods were collectively known as the top luxury brands globally.

These artists had always only looked for the most impressive people to endorse.

They had very strict requirements for their figures, looks, taste, and popularity.

Obtaining these endorsements meant that he would be recognized by the entire fashion industry.

It also meant that his style would be acknowledged.

Currently, even many Best Actor actors, despite having good figures and looks, had difficulty getting such endorsements due to their dispositions and brands.

Only the most fashionable, tasteful, and fashionable artistés could get these.


In the afternoon:

In a private meeting room:

Shi Jin and Fu Xiuyuan were already sitting inside drinking tea, waiting for Gu Zehans arrival.

Shi Jin had not officially met Gu Zehan, but she had heard of him and seen his videos and photos.

She waited patiently.

Gu Zehan came straight from the airport and had told Shi Jin and Fu Xiuyuan to wait there.

Shi Jin did not insist on going to pick him up.

She was drinking tea when Fu Xiuyuan stretched out his long fingers and placed them on her waist.

She had been frowning slightly, and he sensed her needs.

Shi Jin tilted her head and smiled at him.

Footsteps came from outside the door.

Fu Xiuyuan retracted his hand.

Shi Jin stood up and the door was pushed open.

The waiter led a young man in.

After he entered, he politely nodded at the waiter, who immediately turned around and left.

Shi Jin saw his face clearly.

It was similar to the one in the video, but much more exquisite.

He had long, narrow single eyelids, and he had phoenix eyes.

His nose bridge was straight, but he looked very delicate.

He gave off an extremely delicate and exquisite feeling, completely different to Gu Jingyuans upright and righteous aura.

It was probably because Gu Jingyuan looked like his father, Li Juekai, while this man looked more like his mother, Gu Qingqing.

He walked in and raised his eyebrows, looking at Shi Jin and Fu Xiuyuan.

“Shi Jin.” He opened his arms and shot Shi Jin an extremely flirtatious smile.

This kind of charmer was truly the best sort of man in the world.

Shi Jin walked towards him and threw herself into his arms.

“Second Brother.”

Although this was their first official meeting, there was no longer any estrangement between the siblings.

There was only natural kinship between them.

As Gu Zehan hugged Shi Jin, he saw Fu Xiuyuan standing to one side.

He asked curiously, “Why is he here”

After all, he had been overseas and did not know much about Shi Jin.

He had no idea that Shi Jin and Fu Xiuyuan had gotten married earlier.

Shi Jin glanced at Fu Xiuyuan and said bluntly, “Second Brother, Fu Xiuyuan and I are already married.”

“What” Gu Zehan exclaimed in surprise.

“What about Chu Ling”

“Dont bring that guy up.”

“But you cant just get married like this… Did Mom and Dad and Big Brother agree just like that” It wasnt that Gu Zehan wasnt satisfied with Fu Xiuyuan.

He just couldnt accept Shi Jin getting married just like that.

Such a good sister should stay at home for a few more years.

How could she get married just like that

There had not even been a grand wedding.

He did not want to acknowledge this marriage!

He sized Fu Xiuyuan up from head to toe.

Could such a serious and cold man really give his sister happiness How could a strict family like the Fus show Shi Jin the greatest respect and love

Shi Jin explained, “Second Brother, Fu Xiuyuan and I got married because we really love each other.”

Gu Zehan sized Fu Xiuyuan up again.

He knew that Fu Xiuyuan had always had a cold expression on his face, as if someone owed him $250,000.

Although the Fu family and the Li family were engaged, it was just a marriage contract.

In modern society, it was not important.

“Second Brother,” Fu Xiuyuan called out steadily.

Facing Gu Zehan, who was two years younger than him, he did not feel burdened at all.

“Who asked you to call me that” Gu Zehan could not help but frown.

He had yet to admit that he had a brother-in-law.

Shi Jin smiled and said, “Second Brother, Fu Xiuyuan and I have been married for a while now.

Its impossible for you to get me to change my mind now.”

Her voice was light and melodious.

Gu Zehan could not help but sigh.


He glared at Fu Xiuyuan and helplessly tapped Shi Jins forehead.

Even if he did not accept it, he had no choice but to endure it.

What could he do It was her choice.

Shi Jin blinked at Fu Xiuyuan, signaling him to keep things light.

Of course, Fu Xiuyuan didnt mind.

Shi Jins family was his family.

It would be fine as long as Shi Jin was still his.

“Why dont we eat first Youve been on that flight for so long, you must be hungry,” said Shi Jin.

Fu Xiuyuan pressed the bell, and the waiter quickly delivered the food they had pre-prepared.

Gu Zehan picked up his chopsticks and ate two mouthfuls of each dish before putting them down.

“The taste is just average.”

“If it doesnt suit your taste, we can order more.” Shi Jin reached out for the menu.

“I didnt know your preferences.

I ordered it according to my own tastes.”

Gu Zehan picked up his chopsticks again.

“I didnt eat much earlier, but now I feel that the aftertaste is quite fragrant.

Lets eat this.

I think its quite good.”

Fu Xiuyuan silently refilled Gu Zehans cup.

Gu Zehan was slightly satisfied again.

Everyone knew what Fu Xiuyuan was like.

How could outsiders get him to personally pour tea for them At least he was sincere!

However, Gu Zehan was only slightly satisfied.

“Dont think about using such a small favor to make me acknowledge you as my brother-in-law!” he thought.

“By the way, Second Brother, I still have something I need your help with,” Shi Jin said when she saw that he was almost done eating.

“Ask away.”

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