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Chapter 320: Video

There were more than ten video messages.

Glancing at the thumbnails, one could see the ugly human entanglement.

Fu Xiuyuans expression darkened.

The last time He Ziheng mentioned this, he had rejected it immediately.

Who knew that after so long, he would still send so many things.

Fu Xiuyuan felt his temples throbbing.

He looked up and saw Shi Jins gaze on him.

The girls eyes were very clear, and her gaze was as pure as water.

There was a smear of cream on her lips, adding a touch of sensuality to her purity.

This kind of unknowing charm was so tempting!

Fu Xiuyuan calmly tapped on He Zihengs message, planning to delete everything.

He moved his fingers quickly, wanting to destroy everything before Shi Jin realized that he even had such things on his phone.

Unexpectedly, when he was halfway through tapping, his hand slipped.

Instead of hitting the delete button, he hit play.

He did not know where He Ziheng had gotten the video, but there was no prelude at all.

The moment he opened it, there was a damned panting sound!

Fu Xiuyuans hand slipped again, and his phone fell to the floor.

Shi Jin was eating cake when she heard this.

She paused and looked at Fu Xiuyuan.

So Fu Xiuyuan hadnt rested even though it was so late.

Was he actually here watching naughty videos

Her eyes met Fu Xiuyuans.


Both of them felt extremely embarrassed.

Shi Jin put down the cake.

“Well, Ill…”

Before she could finish her sentence, Fu Xiuyuan grabbed her wrist.

He said in a low voice, “I didnt.” His tone was very serious.

Actually, it didnt matter even if he had been doing that kind of thing.

Shi Jin could understand.

However, when he denied it, Shi Jin knew that he definitely had not.

So it was actually… sent by some of his bad friends

At the thought of his bad friends, Shi Jin could not help but feel speechless.

It was already so late at night and they were still sending these things.

Werent they afraid of damaging their health

Shi Jin pointed to the ground.

Only then did Fu Xiuyuan realize that the string of embarrassing voices was still continuing.

He coughed lightly, picked up his phone, and hit delete, finally deleting everything He Ziheng sent.

However, the ambiguous atmosphere in the air could not be dispersed.

When Fu Xiuyuan approached, Shi Jin pushed herself back onto the counter.

Her waist was pressed against the countertop, and Fu Xiuyuan could see the lust in her eyes.

There was a terrifying danger hidden in his deep gaze, as well as an irresistible depth of love.

He also had strong restraint.

They had been married for some time.

However, Fu Xiuyuan had not touched so much as a single hair of hers during this period of time.

She thought she was the one who was changing, making him feel more secure, letting herself warm and heal him.

Actually, wasnt he also changing

He had to respect her, protect her, and wait for her to accept him sincerely.

Compared to what she had done, he had also done quite a lot.

Suddenly, Shi Jin understood his forbearance and suppression.

He understood the things he had been waiting for.

She stretched out her slender arm and hooked it around Fu Xiuyuans neck.

She looked up and said, “This cake is really sweet… If you dont believe me, try it”

She stood on tiptoe and kissed him on the lips.

Fu Xiuyuan was stunned for a moment before his face lit up.


The consequence of Shi Jins actions was that she woke up very late the next day.

The lesson she received was that she should never provoke a man who looked restrained and abstinent on the surface.

It was precisely because he had restrained himself for so long that a wild beast was released from his body.

She sat up and rubbed her sore shoulders and waist.

She looked up and saw Fu Xiuyuan striding over.

Compared to before, he was more energetic and radiant today.

His sword-like eyebrows were even sharper and more imposing.

His suit accentuated his outstanding figure.

His shoulders were broad, his waist was narrow, and his legs were long.

He walked over to Shi Jins side and lowered his head to plant a kiss on her lips.

His good-looking face was as charming as a demons.

Shi Jin could not reject such a devil and became immersed in his beauty.

His fingers landed on her sore waist and massaged it with moderate strength.

Soon, most of Shi Jins soreness was gone.

“Are you feeling better” Fu Xiuyuan restrained his restlessness and asked softly.

“Much better.” Shi Jin frowned.

He had known that her waist was sore.

He looked very serious and unapproachable, but he was actually the most attentive person ever when it came to Shi Jin.

He could sense everything without her saying anything.

After a while, they got up.

Shi Jin glanced at the time.

“Im going to see Second Brother in the afternoon.”

“Gu Zehan” Fu Xiuyuan asked.


It was my birthday yesterday.

He wanted to rush back, but he didnt have the time.

This is also my first time meeting him officially.

Do you have time to accompany me”

“I do.”

Accompanying her was naturally more important to him than anything else.

Gu Zehan was currently the most famous fashion designer in America.

Two years ago, he had appeared out of nowhere with the name Brian.

He had landed in the European and American showgrounds and obtained the worlds recognition in one fell swoop, becoming a popular new fashion designer.

He was currently very popular.

Even if a client was a famous Hollywood celebrity, it would not be easy for them to get an appointment with him.

He had wanted to attend Shi Jins birthday party, but because he had already made an appointment for the Danish Royal Princes wedding costume design, he couldnt make it.

The news of Brian returning to the country was not publicized at all.

He kept a low profile throughout.

However, many people had still heard this news.

For example, Chu Ling.

Chu Ling had lost a lot of face at Shi Xuexins banquet yesterday, even though the details had not been leaked to the outside world.

Moreover, he had invited his friends from the industry to attend the event.

Once he thought about how his limelight had been stolen by an unknown man and how his fiancée had lost face, he felt extremely anxious.

Hu Lai walked in and said in a low voice, “Chu Ling, Ive heard something important.

Brian has returned to China!”

“Brian is back” Chu Ling was elated.

“Thats right.

Ive been hiring people to find out about his whereabouts.

This time, Ive finally gotten news that hes coming back to China.

Youre about to participate in an important event, and there will be many celebrities on that day.

If you can get a private order from Brian…”

Just thinking about it made Hu Lai feel really excited.

Recently, Chu Lings popularity had been waning, and he had not been successful in transitioning to mainstream dramas.

His top spot had also been hit hard due to his age.

If there were no breakthroughs, it would be very easy for others to steal the limelight.

However, it would be different if he could get a personal customization from Brian.

Everyone in Country S had been looking forward to seeing Brians private works for a long time, but no one had gotten one yet.

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