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Chapter 32: Better Looking Than Shi Jin

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“Miss Deng, we have only one opening left, so I hope you can join us.” Mr Wang promptly expressed his interest to groom Deng Yufei.

“Me” said Deng Yufei nervously.

“Mr Wang, youre mistaken.

My friend is the one who needs a talent agency.”

“Uh huh.

Im the one looking for an agency,” Shi Jin chimed in.

Mr Wang smiled as he said, “I think you suit the company more.

If you join my agency, I promise to ensure that you get all the resources agreed in the contract.”

He pushed a document in front of Deng Yufei.

Shi Jin picked it up for a look before she said softly, “These are good resources.

In the next five years, you will be guaranteed two TV dramas, one movie, and at least three endorsement deals…”

Her voice was filled with envy and anticipation.

She kept looking at Mr Wang imploringly for an opportunity.

However, Mr Wang pretended she was non-existent and only had eyes for Deng Yufei.

Deng Yufei was very tempted by the offer.

Deng Yufei only learned of this agency after spending a long time squeezing the information out of Hu Lai.

Hu Lai even had to help convince them before Mr Wang and this talent agent agreed to meet.

Initially, she intended on using this opportunity to drive a wedge between Shi Jin and Fu Xiuyuan, but Mr Wang ended up offering her a deal.

She had heard many stories about celebrities who ended up getting signed by talent agencies when they merely accompanied their friends for the audition.

Those stories were absolutely legendary and made the offer tempting.

She had not found herself a talent agency yet.

She was the only person without a talent agent on this show thanks to Chu Lings recommendation and support.

Chu Ling had planned on getting her to join his talent agency.

He could get her a much better deal after she performed well at “Ultimate Singer-Songwriter”.

However, Chu Ling was so angry with her that he even revoked her Lucky Lot.

Would he still help to get her signed to his talent agency

She felt that her career was at a standstill.

Hence, Mr Wangs appreciation undoubtedly gave her hope.

Shi Jin watched coldly and waited for Deng Yufei to make a decision.

“I need to give it some thought,” said Deng Yufei.

“Mr Wang, please give me some time to consider.”

“I can give you three days,” said Mr Wang.

“Dont keep me waiting.”

Shi Jin and Deng Yufei walked out.

She spoke disappointedly, “What should I do now I finally managed to get an interview with a good company that offers such great resources, but they didnt want me.


“Dont worry.

I will talk to them again,” comforted Deng Yufei while she reveled in the joy of winning a contract.

In the past, everyone was drawn to Shi Jin.

Every time someone met them, it seemed as though Shi Jin was some magnet and everyone would get attracted to her like they were nails.

Deng Yufei often ended up relegated as pure decoration.

However, someone finally appreciated her beauty this time.

Deng Yufei contemplated, “Sure enough, people in the entertainment industry have keen eyes.

I must be much better looking than Shi Jin.”

Judging from the way Deng Yufei looked, Shi Jin was certain that she was tempted to sign with the agency.

Golden Domain Entertainment was big business and had celebrities aplenty.

Even though it could not compare to Supreme Entertainment, it seemed like the best option Deng Yufei could have.

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