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Chapter 319: Ill Send You Something Good

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“Bye bye.” Shi Jin waved at her.

Pei Junyi and Qiao Zhuoli held the drunk He Ziheng.

“Ill get him back now!”

Fu Xiuyuan didnt drink.

He drove the car personally and went home with Shi Jin.

As the car moved forward, Shi Jin felt a sense of exhilaration that she had never felt before.

She rolled down the window and let the wind blow through her hair.

A moment later, she realized that this was not the direct path back to the Orchid Pavilion.

She asked, “Where are we going”

“Were taking a little detour.

Well be home soon,” Fu Xiuyuan said as he skillfully made a turn.

After the car passed by a huge building, she could see further.

Shi Jin looked into the distance.

Just as she looked over, huge fireworks lit up the distant sky.

The vibrant colors changed shape and appearance, forming dreamy paintings.

Shi Jin had not seen any fireworks for a very, very long time.

Her gaze was fixed in their direction and the corners of her lips curled up slightly.

It was really beautiful.

Like a dream.

However, Fu Xiuyuans shallow breathing was right beside her, letting her know that this was not a dream, but a beautiful reality.

The car stopped and the fireworks continued to explode in front of their eyes.

Fu Xiuyuan tilted his head and pressed his lips against Shi Jins.

“Happy birthday!”

He raised his palm and held her head.

The clock was ticking.

It was just past midnight.

There was no mistake at all.

A soft click resounded in Shi Jins mind, locking onto this moment.

She raised her head and took his kiss.

The sound of fireworks exploding rang in her ears, and the dreamy colors continued to rise into the sky.

After the kiss, Fu Xiuyuan held Shi Jins fingers and kissed them.

Shi Jin looked at his deep eyes and sincere movements, lost in thought.

At this moment, she felt a cool touch on her fingers.

She looked down and saw a diamond ring on her finger.

Under the light of the fireworks, the beautiful sapphire looked even more dazzling.

“A wedding ring” Shi Jin raised her hand to admire it.

The more she looked at it, the more she liked it.

“Yes.” There was a hint of nervousness in Fu Xiuyuans voice.

He seemed to be worried that Shi Jin would remove the ring.

The next second, he heard Shi Jins pleasant voice say, “I like it! What about yours”

What did she say She said she liked it!

Fu Xiuyuan said in a low voice, “Can you say that again”

“I like it.” Shi Jin raised her fingers.

“I like it!”

She reached out and hooked her arms around Fu Xiuyuans neck.

“Fu Xiuyuan, I like you!”

There was a smile in Fu Xiuyuans deep and quiet eyes, which were lit up by the fireworks.

A galaxy-like brilliance flashed across his eyes.

The tips of Shi Jins fingers turned cold again as she felt another ring.

It was one for men.

Fu Xiuyuan wanted her to put it on for him personally.

Shi Jin went with the flow and took his well-defined fingers, helping him put the ring on his ring finger.

Outside the window, fireworks were still erupting.


In the middle of the night, Shi Jin was in a deep sleep when she was suddenly startled in her dream.

She reached out to touch the bed beside her, but Fu Xiuyuan was nowhere to be seen.


“Fu Xiuyuan”

Shi Jin switched on the lights and sat up.


Fu Xiuyuan had clearly been with her when they went to sleep.

It was already midnight, where had he gone

Shi Jin put on a silk robe and slippers before walking out of the room.

She saw a light coming from downstairs and wondered if it was Fu Xiuyuan.

She walked towards that spot and the light seemed even brighter.

When she got closer, she realized what Fu Xiuyuan was doing with his sleeves rolled up.

An extremely rich, sweet fragrance wafted through the air, seeping into her heart, immediately making her feel hungry.

Although Shi Jin made very little noise, Fu Xiuyuan still noticed her and immediately turned around.

Looking from one side of his body, Shi Jin saw a small cake that was not fully formed on the azure stone countertop.

Although it looked ordinary, it smelled good.

Shi Jin immediately thought of the birthday party today.

Fu Xiuyuan had arrived later than the others.

At that time, she had not paid much attention to what was happening.

She only thought that he had been delayed by some work and that was why he had come late.

From the looks of it, it was obvious that he had been planning to make a cake with his own hands, but he had not done it, so he had not brought the cake over.

Instead, he had bought a cake from the mall to send over.

When Fu Xiuyuan saw Shi Jin, he knew that he couldnt hide the cake anymore.

He said in a low voice, “Sorry, I didnt make it in time.”

Shi Jin smiled and strode towards Fu Xiuyuan.

She walked past him and dipped her hand into the cream before placing it in her mouth.

“Its quite delicious.”

“Is that so”

“Try it.” Shi Jin took some more and placed it before Fu Xiuyuans lips.

His Adams apple moved slightly.

The girls slender fingers were like a work of art.

They were as fair as jade and seemed to let off a warm glow under the light.

The cream was very white, but the color of her fingertips was no different.

In fact, they looked even more translucent and moving.

Fu Xiuyuan opened his mouth and ate it.

It was the best cake he had ever eaten.

The aftertaste was endless.

After savoring it for a long time, there was still a lingering fragrance in his mouth.

When Shi Jin retracted her fingers, she felt a tinge of regret.

Shi Jin lowered her head and picked up a knife and fork.

She cut two pieces seriously and was about to pass one to Fu Xiuyuan.

His phone suddenly rang.

Fu Xiuyuan frowned.

He did not intend to pick up any calls at this time.

However, the person was very persistent.

After the ringing died, he called again.

Fu Xiuyuan glanced at He Zihengs name and picked up.

This had better be important!

As Shi Jin ate the cake, she watched him pick up the phone.

It had to be said that the taste of this cake far surpassed its mediocre looks.

Fu Xiuyuan must have gone through countless experiments to obtain such a taste.

It was really hard to imagine that Fu Xiuyuan would come to the kitchen to study style and taste for a birthday cake.

Meanwhile, Fu Xiuyuan picked up the phone.

He Zihengs voice came over.

“Boss, youre not asleep yet, right”

“What do you think”

Fu Xiuyuans cold voice sent a chill down He Zihengs spine.

He slapped his head.

He must be drunk, calling Boss at this hour.

He quickly said, “Fortunately, youre still awake.

I forgot to send you something.

I woke up in shock and sent it to you.”

“What is it”

“Good stuff.

Youll understand when you see it.” He Ziheng yawned.

“You dont have to thank me too much.

Im going to sleep now.

I drank a little too much today.

Im so tired.”


Fu Xiuyuan hung up and opened his WeChat with a frown.

A dozen messages entered his phone.

The final one contained He Zihengs blessings..

“I hope Boss and Little Sister-in-law have a child soon.”

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