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Chapter 318: What a White Lotus

Lan Tian rushed out.

“Sure! Explain! Explain what happened! Tell us, tell us!”

She had learned all about Chu Jias tricks, so how could Yuxiu Hua have any room to refute her

There were waves of accusations, discussions, and all sorts of scolding coming from all directions.

“Everyone, stop talking.

My mother is not that kind of person.

The VCR does not explain everything!” Shi Xuexin said loudly.

“What does that mean” He Ziheng asked.

“Do you mean that you guys are good to Shi Jin Or what You guys are good to her, but did you take any flattering footage”

“Thats right, thats right.” Everyone nodded their heads in agreement.

“Shi Jin is living her own life well.

After enduring suffering, good things should come.

Its obvious that the Shi family is looking for trouble.”

“Thats right.

Just now, they pulled Shi Jin over and insisted on her participating in their auction.

When it was Shi Jins bid, they awkwardly stopped bidding.

They refused to bid and refused to leave.

They even wanted to drag her into celebrating her birthday with them.

I really loathe this family!”

Shi Xuexin was terribly embarrassed.

Even Chu Lings expression changed.

Previously, his career had been on the rise and he had not attended their birthday parties every time, so he had been unaware of how Shi Xuexin had treated Shi Jin.

After all, from the mouths of the entire Shi family, especially from Shi Xuexin, she had always been a perfect sister to Shi Jin and had always placed Shi Jin on a pedestal.

It was Shi Jin herself who was willful, insensible, and liked to cause trouble.

That was why she had broken off their relationship.

Even if Yuxiu Hua had taken the Li familys money, it had nothing to do with Shi Xuexin.

She was so innocent and pure, but in reality Did Shi Xuexin really not know about these things

Chu Ling looked at her and asked, “This is what your birthdays with Shi Jin were like”

“Brother Chu Ling, I… Im really not like that.

There are other videos at home.

Theres something wrong with the editing here…” Shi Xuexin regretted editing this tape today.

In fact, if it werent for other peoples reminders and discussions, Chu Ling might have brushed it off and not thought about these questions.

However, how could he not notice the problem when the people around him were discussing it like this

“Then how do you explain this”

“Brother Chu Ling! I can explain!” Shi Xuexin gripped his arm.

“Believe me!”

“Forget it, I have something to do.

Ill take my leave first.”

“Brother Chu Ling!” Shi Xuexin chased after him.

Meanwhile, Yuxiu Hua had already become the target of public criticism.

He Ziheng was asking, “So, do you still want to invite Shi Jin to celebrate her birthday with you guys Do you still want to continue celebrating her birthday like this”

“I…” Yuxiu Hua said one word and the bystanders all shook their heads.

The discussion drowned her out again, leaving her unable to speak.

Now, not only did she not want to befriend He Ziheng, even her relatives and friends were looking down on her and thought that she was too much.

Fu Xiuyuan shielded Shi Jin as he walked out of the crowd.

His heart ached when he recalled what he had seen on the VCR.

It was because he hadnt done a good job that Shi Jin had had such problems at the Shi family back then.

If he had appeared earlier and been by her side earlier, these things would not have happened.

He half hugged Shi Jin.

She could feel his heart beating violently and his body trembling.

“Im sorry, Shi Jin.” Fu Xiuyuans voice was filled with self-blame and pain.

“I dont blame you.

The whole story is my fault.

Its because I couldnt bear to let go of my old lifestyle and didnt want to leave that I rejected you and my family members who came to pick me up time and time again.

From the age of fifteen, they came to visit me every year to pick me up.

It was because I was stubborn at that time and didnt take you guys to heart.” Shi Jin recalled everything and spoke softly.

“At that time, you were still young and didnt understand anything.

As for me, I was a few years older than you.

No matter what, I should have taken you away earlier.”

“Didnt you take me away when I was fifteen” Shi Jin looked up at him.

“I didnt have such a bad life after that, did I”

Fu Xiuyuan recalled that she had been by his side for five years.

The time was really not short.

However, it was only during this past half year that the two of them had begun to truly understand each others thoughts.

Thinking about it, he felt that five years in exchange for half a year was worth it.

“Shi Jin, I should have spoken to you earlier to control my temper…”

Shi Jin hugged him.

She was the one who had caused so many things, but Fu Xiuyuan always reflected and blamed everything on himself.

He had really shouldered too much.

“Then from now on, well be like this, okay” Shi Jin leaned against his chest and spoke softly.

“Okay.” The steady voice mixed with the resonance in his chest and merged with his heartbeat.

After Shi Xuexins farce ended, the birthday banquet came to a silent close.

Many guests returned in high spirits.

Thanks to Fu Xiuyuans arrangements, Shi Jins birthday party wasnt affected at all.

Afraid that the Li family would find out about this and worry, he didnt even let anyone in the main hall hear about the drama that was happening outside.

Shi Jins birthday party continued as planned.

Everyone sang a birthday song for Shi Jin in the main hall.

A five-tiered cake was sent in, and the air was filled with the fragrance of the icing.

Shi Jin cut the cake with her own hands.

Everyone was satisfied with the slices she cut.

Naturally, she received a lot of gifts.

Gu Jingyuan weighed the number and volume of the gifts and silently contacted five drivers to transport them.

“Well, Ill accompany Shi Jin home now,” Fu Xiuyuan said.

Old Master Li couldnt bear to part with Shi Jin, but he knew that Fu Xiuyuan and Shi Jin were married now.

No matter what, he couldnt stop the couples life.

It wasnt surprising that other friends knew that Shi Jin had a boyfriend.

It would seem normal for a girl like Shi Jin to even have ten boyfriends.

He Ziheng and the rest escorted them to the parking lot.

“Boss, do you really not need us to send you off Or lend you a movie to watch” He Ziheng asked.

Shi Jin laughed and said, “You are a person who loves alcohol as much as life.

You dont have to worry about someone who hasnt been drinking, right”

He Ziheng was hit in the heart by this jibe.

Lan Tian waved her hand and said, “Bye, Sister Shi Jin.

See you next time.”

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