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Chapter 317: What a B*tch!

“Jiajia, you dont even know Young Master He Hes a member of the He family.

The He family is known as an existence that transcends the four great families and is very famous.” Yuxiu Hua hated herself for not recognizing He Ziheng.

Had He Ziheng been there long

Chu Jias expression changed immediately.

So the person she had offended just now was He Ziheng and his friends Then who was that man on stage

“Auntie, who is that man on stage” Chu Jia asked.

“No matter who he is, lets talk about Young Master He first.” Yuxiu Hua took a few steps forward and walked over to He Zihengs side.

“Its really an honor to meet you today.”

Shi Qing, Father Chu, and Mother Chu also noticed He Ziheng.

They had only heard of He Ziheng, but none knew him personally.

They all wanted to befriend him.

It was as if being publicly insulted by He Zihengs friend was not shameful to them.

Chu Ling and Shi Xuexin were somewhat embarrassed.

After all, they were the ones who had been truly shamed.

However, seeing their parents attitude, they still felt a little lucky.

What if He Ziheng was now paying attention to the Shi family and the Chu family, and the two parties could build some connection

The onlookers had yet to leave when Yuxiu Hua said loudly, “Young Master He, you and Shi Jin are friends, right Actually, Shi Jin has been in the Shi family for more than ten years, so our relationship is also very deep.

Today, weve invited Shi Jin and Xuexin to celebrate their birthday together.

Since you guys are Shi Jins friends, then you guys are also friends of the Shi family.

Lets put it this way, we still want to celebrate Shi Jins birthday with her today.

Dont you all agree”

When the bystanders heard this, they felt that even though Yuxiu Hua was a little rowdy, she wasnt a bad person.

She treated Shi Jin well too.

He Ziheng felt that these words were too sarcastic and didnt know where to start.

Yuxiu Hua said to Shi Jin, “Shi Jin, if you dont mind, Auntie will still give you a birthday present and wish you a happy birthday.”

She saw He Zihengs cold expression and knew that she had to start with Shi Jin.

As long as she expressed her good will, everyone would be touched and Shi Jin would have no choice but to agree.

However, Shi Jin was not as easy to manipulate as she had imagined.

Her expression had long returned to its usual cold and distant form.

She said lightly, “No need, I cant accept it.”

“Of course you can.

Besides, you used to celebrate Xuexins birthday with her every year, didnt you Come, come, lets celebrate your birthday together again today.”

Yuxiu Hua seemed very anxious.

In the eyes of Shi Qing and outsiders, she appeared to be really good to Shi Jin and treated her as their daughter.

If Shi Jin refused again, it would only make her seem unreasonable.

Lan Tian couldnt help but mutter behind her back, “What a bitch!”

When Yuxiu Hua heard the mockery, she pretended not to hear and smiled more kindly than ever.

Everyone looked over as well.

She raised her voice to an unprecedented volume.

“Come on, come on.

Lets celebrate your birthday together.

Xuexin, bring the present for Shi Jin over.”

“Wait a minute!” He Ziheng received Fu Xiuyuans advice and suddenly said, “If you want to celebrate their birthdays together, we can talk about it later.

Why dont we broadcast the VCR for Shi Xuexins celebration today”

This VCR had been prepared by Shi Xuexin for today.

Chu Jia had just handed it over to the manager.

Fu Xiuyuan knew about this and had told He Ziheng.

He Ziheng immediately went to get the things.

Without waiting for the Shi family to respond, He Ziheng had already taken the VCR out and played it.

Inside, were Shi Xuexins birthday celebrations from the ages of twelve to nineteen appeared.

In every scene, she was wearing a princess dress and a crown.

She was accepting all kinds of gifts, blessings, and compliments.

Shi Jin supposedly celebrated her birthday with Shi Xuexin every year.

However, there was no Shi Jin in the clips!

Those gifts, all sorts of good stuff, birthday cake, none of them belonged to Shi Jin!

Not only that, when the camera occasionally swept around, they could actually see Shi Jin in the corner.

Not only was she being ignored, she had to help clear up the dishes and wine.

The camera would only capture her on rare occasions.

Most of the time, it would be Shi Xuexins blissful expression!

If it was like this one year, it could be said to be an accident, but it had happened every year.

As Shi Xuexin and Shi Jin grew up, the situation had not changed at all.

Everyone could see Shi Xuexins happiness and Shi Jins disappointment.

Since they were fifteen years old, Shi Jin had never appeared at a birthday party again.

It was unclear if it was because she had not been filmed or if she had just not been invited.

Only Shi Xuexin was smiling sweetly at the camera.

If Shi Jin had really been there, it was impossible that she wouldnt have been captured.

Everyone who saw this video couldnt help but start discussing it.

“What happened to Shi Jin celebrating her birthday with Xuexin Is this how shes always celebrated her birthday She didnt get any new clothes or presents and just stood by the side to help like a servant”

“Is this what you call celebrating together”

“You still have the cheek to say that you invited Shi Jin to celebrate your birthday with you.

Are you trying to make use of her now that shes famous and popular”

“Ive never seen such a shameless person!”

“Will they really prepare any gifts for Shi Jin”

“I really didnt expect this family to be so disgusting! Even if Shi Jin was young and insensible, they shouldnt treat a child like this, right Moreover, she had been with the Shi family for twelve years.

No matter what, they should have had feelings for her, right”

“Sigh, if all the videos are like this, what happened when they werent being filmed”

Shi Xuexins mind buzzed.

She had personally prepared this VCR.

When she was preparing to cut Shi Jin into this VCR, her original intention had not been to let everyone criticize her and pity Shi Jin.

She just wanted to use Shi Jins down-and-out image to show off her own princess-like wealth and love.

Indeed, if this VCR was only shown in front of the Shi family, Yu family, and Chu family, no one would think much of it.

Some people would have felt for Shi Jin, but they definitely would not have said it out loud.

However, it was different at this moment.

Right now, all the guests were standing around and looking at the commotion objectively.

They would only judge based on what they saw.

Yuxiu Hua was also stunned by this sudden change and hurriedly explained, “No, thats not what I meant.

Everyone, listen to my explanation!”

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