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Chapter 316: Come, Continue

Chu Ling furrowed his brows and looked at Fu Xiuyuan with a serious expression.

He knew very little about what happened to Shi Jin after that.

He had no idea what she had suffered or what had happened to her, so he had never met Fu Xiuyuan.

At that moment, he was even somewhat glad that he had not bid.

After all, he had no intention of going up on stage.

Even if he had no choice, but to go on stage, he didnt have a budget of more than two million yuan to spend on such a boring matter.

Otherwise, hed only be hurting his own prospects.

Sometimes, it was really hard for him to understand the vanity of women.

Why would he spend money meaninglessly

When Chu Jia heard that Fu Xiuyuans check was real, she broke into a cold sweat and was so frightened that she didnt know what to do.

Initially, she had only wanted to get back at her in front of He Ziheng and the others.

She had also wanted to build a good relationship with Shi Xuexin.

Who could have known that they would make such a huge blunder Not only did it not make Shi Xuexin look good, it even made Shi Jin stand out.

She was at a loss for words.

It was He Ziheng who spoke.

“Why dont I sing this birthday song!”

Thinking that his boss would not do such embarrassing things and sing childish birthday songs in public, he cut in.

Pei Junyi echoed, “Thats right, thats right.

Lets sing for Shi Jin! Thank you for your support!”

If even Chu Ling wasnt willing to sing, they wouldnt expect their boss to be able to.

They might as well take the initiative to resolve this crisis.

Fu Xiuyuan glanced at them indifferently.

“Excuse me, you guys”

“Huh” The four of them were stunned.

They had no choice, but to stop in their tracks, not daring to rush onto the stage.

Fu Xiuyuan said to Shi Jin, “Wait for me.”

Shi Jins eyes were brimming with smiles as she looked up at him.

Fu Xiuyuan strode towards the stage.

He Ziheng grabbed Pei Junyis arm.

“No way, no way! Boss really wants to sing it himself”

“He, he, hasnt he always hated doing such things since he was young”

“Fu Xiuyuan is really going all out,” Qiao Zhuoli concluded slowly.

When Fu Xiuyuan stood on stage, Chu Jia wanted to stand with him, but she just put down the microphone and left.

Standing in front of Fu Xiuyuan, Chu Jia, who originally had some good looks, felt that she had been made to look like some country girl.

She also realized that this man was not to be trifled with, so how could she dare to stay

The people below the stage were also discussing fervently.

“He really went on stage!”

“It seems like he treats Shi Jin really well.”

“Very good, very good!”

Chu Lings expression changed slightly as Shi Xuexin clenched her fists tightly.

How could she not know that Chu Ling was someone who carried a heavy burden as an idol No matter what he did, he would only care about whether he was handsome or not, whether he looked good or not, and how his reputation was doing.

Well, why couldnt Shi Xuexin read his thoughts

Looking at that man, he had an extraordinary bearing and stern eyes.

Yet, he was willing to do this for Shi Jin.

Even if Shi Xuexin tried to brainwash herself into thinking that he was hired by Shi Jin, her heart was filled with unwillingness and envy.

Shi Jin looked at the stage.

Just like everyone else, she had not expected him to go on stage personally.

He had always been calm and reserved, disdaining to do anything troublesome or meaningless.

Even if it was a big event like the companys Annual Awards Ceremony, he might not say much when he went on stage.

However, he was going on stage at such an occasion.

Shi Jin looked up at his handsome features and his cold eyes.

She stood rooted to the ground.

Only when she looked at him would her eyes be filled with energy and warmth.

Fu Xiuyuan picked up the microphone and walked past the crowd to look at the girl standing there.

It was as if he had traveled through time and isolated everyone else.

He could only see her.

He opened his mouth.

“Happy birthday to you…”

His mellow voice was very pleasant to the ears.

Every word he sung was meaningful and clear.

It was a very simple and ordinary birthday song, but he was singing it in such a way that it felt as if it was a warm little love song instead of a birthday song.

“Happy birthday to you!” Someone started singing along, and more and more people joined in.

In the end, the entire audience was infected by Fu Xiuyuans voice and started singing together.

Such singing and such simple lyrics did not detract from Fu Xiuyuans charm at all.

Instead, it made him appear even more charming.

Chu Ling regretted it.

He had originally thought that if he were to sing such a song on stage.

It would be a blow to his charm and image.

He had never expected that he would be able to get so many people to sing along with him.

The man standing on the stage seemed to be covered in a layer of radiance.

His entire being exuded an indescribable yet enchanting charm.

After the song ended, Fu Xiuyuan put down the microphone and walked off the stage.

Shi Jin went forward to welcome him.

Her face was slightly flushed and her eyes were red.

“Hubby,” she called out to him in a low voice, her fingers tightly gripping his hand.

Every time Fu Xiuyuan gave her something, it went far beyond her imagination.

It made her realize how much he cared for her and how much he loved her.

Fu Xiuyuan held her hand and looked down at her.

He Ziheng took the initiative to cheer.

“Wow, happy birthday, happy every day! A perfect couple, so blessed!”

Pei Junyi and the others joined in.

Shi Xuexin bit her lips as a huge wave of displeasure surged through her heart.

A strong sour taste bubbled up as she repeatedly lashed out at Shi Jin in her heart.

She was embarrassed and was about to leave when He Ziheng suddenly said, “Hey, hey, hey, who was that just now Isnt your birthday song not settled yet Why arent you continuing Come on up! Continue!”

At that moment, how could Shi Xuexin want to continue So what if they continued Who would offer more than 300 million If it could not exceed 300 million, what was the point

It was impossible for Chu Ling to take the reins.

He could not go on stage after that man!

He also thought to himself that he did not have the ability to sing this song with so much love that everyone would want to sing along.

“Lets go,” Chu Ling said to Shi Xuexin.

“Why are you leaving” He Ziheng shouted.

“Didnt we say we were doing it together just now Isnt Shi Jins part over You guys just want to leave, but you shouldnt.

Dont leave, leave after youre done.”

As He Ziheng spoke, Yuxiu Hua noticed him.

After a few seconds of surprise, she said, “Could it be… Young Master He Its really Young Master He!”

Chu Jia stood beside her and whispered, “Whos Young Master He”

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