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Chapter 315: 300 Million!

Shi Jin said to everyone, “Everyone, today is my birthday.

Im just having a meal with my family and friends in the hall.

Please dont misunderstand.”

Her voice was clear and powerful.

Even without a microphone, everyone could hear her.

Sure enough, everyone stopped talking after hearing that.

However, Chu Jia refused to let her go.

How could she miss such a good opportunity to please Shi Xuexin

“No matter what, Shi Jin, you grew up in the Shi family.

Today is your birthday too.

Why dont you participate in our event How about this Whos willing to give Shi Jin a birthday song The money for the competition will be donated to charity,” Chu Jia immediately said.

She had asked for Shi Jins opinion, but she did not give her a chance to speak.

Especially when she was holding the microphone, her voice was naturally stronger than when she spoke alone.

Everyone could hear her immediately.

This way, Shi Jin would be forced into the so-called bidding war!

He Ziheng could not help but curse.

“F*ck! What kind of person is this! Her mind is too sinister and vicious, isnt it Shes purposely catching Shi Jin off guard!”

“Will anyone bid Anyone Anyone” Chu Jia asked repeatedly.

It was obvious that she was doing this on purpose.

All the guests were present.

Even Shi Jins fans would find it difficult to participate in such an event for Shi Jin.

Her repeated questions were meant to pressure people.

The people from the Shi family, Yu family, and Chu family would definitely not bid for Shi Jin.

Everyones gaze shifted from Chu Jia to Shi Jin and then to Shi Xuexin.

It was obvious that these people were comparing Shi Xuexin and Shi Jin.

They seemed to be pondering why Shi Jin was having to bear the brunt of such cold treatment.

If it wasnt her fault, then could it be the fault of everyone in the Shi family

He Ziheng immediately raised his hand.

It was just money, so what

From the looks of Chu Jia, Shi Xuexin and the rest, it seemed Shi Xuexin had someone who could fork out money.

Even Chu Ling did not speak.

Shi Xuexin had nothing to be proud of since she had the air of a top celebrity.

“Three…” He Ziheng said.

Before he could finish his sentence, someone came out from the main hall and interrupted him.


Chu Jia immediately laughed.

“So someone is giving Shi Jin three”

“Hahahahaha, three yuan!”

Hearing Chu Jias laughter, everyone burst into laughter.

“300 million!” A deep, powerful male voice with a hint of magnetism rang out.

The moment he opened his mouth, he suppressed the laughter and ridicule of the crowd.

Everyone fell silent.

Everyone turned to look at Fu Xiuyuan.

The mans tall figure stood out amongst the crowd.

His handsome facial features were extraordinary, and he had an imposing aura.

Even the person who had jumped the most earlier did not dare to be rash.

As he strode over, the crowd subconsciously wanted to submit to him and make way for him.

He walked towards Shi Jin and stood beside her.

Shi Jin looked at him as he walked towards her.

The coldness between his brows dissipated when he saw her, replaced by gentleness.

She looked up, her smile forcing back the coldness from her face as she stared at him.

“Im here,” Fu Xiuyuan said in a low voice.

Shi Jin nodded her head lightly.

Just one sentence from him was enough to appease her.

She threw all her worries to the back of her mind.

It was as if he was the only person in the world worth her attention.

Shi Jins long, seaweed-like hair hung over her shoulders.

Her face was fair and charming.

When she stood beside the man, they complemented each other, making the perfect match.

Shi Xuexin and Chu Jias eyes lit up when they saw the man.

Shi Xuexin had seen him before.

At that time, she had thought that he was just a newbie in the entertainment industry and hadnt taken him seriously.

However, upon closer inspection, she realized that this man was not as simple as some fresh meat celebrity.

His aura alone was not something that an entertainment company could develop.

The two fresh meat friends Chu Ling brought along had originally seemed very good-looking, but compared to Fu Xiuyuan, they were simply nothing.

Chu Jia couldnt help, but fall for such a man.

How could there be such a stunning man here Why hadnt she seen him before Why was this man standing beside Shi Jin

Even Chu Ling could not help but frown.

He looked at Fu Xiuyuan and tried to figure out his identity.

As far as he knew, there was no one like him in the capital.

Or was he just ignorant Since when had Shi Jin been involved with such a man

Chu Jia was stunned and didnt know what to say.

Someone in the crowd said, “300 million Someone is really offering 300 million just to give Shi Jin a birthday song”

The crowd started discussing.

Although everyone was rich, 300 million was still an astronomical figure.

Besides, with this 300 million, what was the harm in using it

Chu Jia also came back to her senses.

300 million Shi Jin really knew how to find someone to flatter her!

This man was handsome and could indeed give Shi Jin some face, but could he give her 300 million Or rather, would Shi Jin dare to let him spend that money

“Haha, this gentleman has offered 300 million to give Shi Jin a birthday song! Really” Chu Jias tone was full of disbelief.

However, her tone was still restrained.

No matter what, she was instinctively afraid of Fu Xiuyuan and would not dare to go overboard.

“A cheque.” Fu Xiuyuan took out a cheque.

“In Shi Jins name.

Donate it to charity.”

Those who were standing close to him could clearly see the cheque between his slender fingers.

They could not help but gasp.

“Its real!”

“Heavens, its actually real!”

It was just that they couldnt recognize the name of the person who had signed it, but seeing that the check was real was shocking enough.

“Someones really doing that for Shi Jin!”

“Actually, if I had money, I would do the same.

After all, Shi Jin is worth it!” A passer-by from Shi Jins party spoke up immediately.

“But 300 million can buy a lot of things, donating it just like that…”

“Actually, donating it is great.

That cash could help a lot of people.

This is very meaningful!”

The veins on Shi Xuexins forehead were bulging from her frustration.

How could this be Where did the people around Shi Jin get so much money from

Chu Ling was not even willing to bid for her once.

How could that man offer 300 million in one go What had Shi Jin done to deserve that!

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