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Chapter 314: The Limelight of Their Own People

This huge move attracted the attention of everyone in Breeze Wind Pavilion.

In an instant, many guests who had already finished eating went to the guest hall to watch the scene.

Chu Ling and Shi Xuexin walked out as well.

Shi Xuexin said in embarrassment, “How can I accept this The donations from the past were all from the Shi family.

How can I let everyone contribute this time”


Chus approval of her had increased by quite a bit.

She smiled and said, “Jiajia told me just now that it shouldnt be a problem.

Since were all here, itll be fun.”

“But Shi Jin is also celebrating her birthday.

If we do this, wont it affect her” Shi Xuexin said softly.


Chu didnt say anything, but another relative spoke up.

“Whats so bad about that They can do something like this too if they want to.

Doesnt Shi Jin have a sugar daddy Dont tell me that he cant afford it If were doing it, they can as well.

Thats perfect!”

Shi Jin had progressed too quickly in the entertainment industry and her popularity had far exceeded that of others.

She had even brought Chu Ling a lot of trouble.

Mother Chu had long been annoyed with her.

Her words had hit the nail on the head.

“Yeah, thats it.”

A cold expression appeared on Chu Lings face.

When he recalled that Shi Jins rapid rise to fame had many sugar daddies behind it, his feelings for Shi Jin faded.

Although Gu Jingyuan was very powerful, the rules of the entertainment industry were not something he could control.

There had to be an old man behind Shi Jin for her to be so famous.

Even He Ziheng and the rest might have come to celebrate with Shi Jin because of her sugar daddy.

Otherwise, with Shi Jin and Gu Jingyuans abilities, how could they have befriended such an influential person

Since that was the case, why should he care about her reputation

Chu Jia stoked the conversation to become even more lively.

“Then, everyone can bid now! Anyone want to”

Below the stage were the relatives of the Shi family, the Yu family and the Chu family.

There were also clients and Chu Lings friends.

These people naturally had to give Shi Xuexin face.

Immediately, someone said, “Ill offer 10,000 yuan to give Xuexin a birthday song!”




“200,000 yuan, thats enough! Xuexins birthday song is mine!”

“250,000, dont forget me!”

Chu Jia smiled and said, “Everyones bidding is very fierce.

Is there anyone else”

Shi Xuexin tilted her head to look at Chu Ling, who remained silent.

Even though he agreed with his mothers words, he had always carried a heavy burden as an idol.

If he were to go on stage at such an occasion, since he could get someone to stop people from posting the video, it would not cause too many adverse effects and the public would not know that he and Shi Xuexin were together.

However, to make a top celebrity like him sing a birthday song on stage

Chu Ling felt suffocated just thinking about it.

He had always been the top celebrity in the world of idols.

In the movies he had filmed, he also played a domineering CEO.

He walked with style and could control the entire world with just one look and one action.

After living with such a halo for so long, the whole world basically revolved around him.

He could not sing such childish songs on stage.

Therefore, he did not struggle in his heart and did not raise his hand to bid.

Shi Xuexin was very disappointed.

She did not know what was wrong with him.

Was it because of Shi Jin Or was there something else Was she not worth it However, why had he agreed to Chu Jia and the rest doing this

Whispers came from all around.

“This Shi Xuexin is really popular.

Her family treats her really well.”

“Thats right.

Money is secondary.

Whats more valuable is that everyone is willing to spend money for her and is fighting to donate.”

“I can tell that this girl has had a good upbringing.

This Shi family truly has good taste and good intentions.

They dont forget to do charity even on their birthdays.”

“Not bad, not bad.

Youre rich but you havent forgotten your original aspirations.

Youre role models for the wealthy.”

These words pleased Shi Qing and Yuxiu Hua.

Only Shi Xuexin felt uncomfortable hearing them.

So what if other people offered higher prices As long as Chu Ling didnt bid, no matter how lively the event became, it would only be a farce.




The bidding continued.

Actually, there was also Yuxiu Huas handiwork.

She had found someone to make a bid and promised that she would pay for it herself.

There were many motives.

Firstly, she wanted to raise Shi Xuexins status so that the Chus could see that the Shi familys relatives and friends were not only rich and generous, but were also willing to spend money on Shi Xuexin.

Secondly, the highlight of tonights event was definitely Chu Ling.

When Chu Ling called the price, not only did he not have to spend money, but he even shot the price up.

Anyway, they were using the guise of charity.

Even if Chu Ling spent money, the Chu family would not lose out.

If news of this were to spread, it would be beneficial to Chu Ling.

However, since he had yet to say anything, Yuxiu Hua couldnt sit still anymore.

She turned to Mrs.

Chu and Chu Ling.


Chu looked at her son.

“Chu Ling”

“Mom, today is the Shi familys big day.

We cant steal their limelight,” Chu Ling said calmly.

It was not that he could not bear to part with the money.

He could spend it for Shi Xuexin, but he did not want to go on stage.


Chu knew that her son was being arrogant.

She did not say anything else.

Shi Xuexin was heartbroken when she heard Chu Lings words.

How could he have said that How was this stealing the limelight Wasnt everyone waiting for him

Chu Ling didnt say anything as they waited.

Chu Jia couldnt wait any longer.

She saw Shi Jin walking out of the main hall and said, “Shi Jin is here!”

Shi Jin had been at the banquet and saw that He Ziheng and the rest had left for quite a while and had not returned.

As the host, she could not act as if nothing had happened, so she was coming out to see if they needed anything.

The moment she came out, Chu Jia called her name.

The name Shi Jin attracted too much attention.

Everyone looked at her immediately.

All eyes were on her fair, clean face.

She did not smile; her expression was cold, but her eyes were clear and pure.

Her lips were red and her teeth were white.

Just by standing there, it was impossible to look down on her.

“Why is Shi Jin here”

“Shi Isnt she the one who got replaced by Shi Xuexin”

“Oh right, I heard about that.

The mixed up children are Shi Jin and Shi Xuexin!”

“Didnt they say that Shi Jin has broken ties with the Shi family and Chu Ling What happened”

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