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Chapter 312: I Got Someone To Change It

She looked at him with a gentle smile.

Fu Xiuyuan strode towards her with a pious posture.

He walked up to her and said softly, “Happy birthday, Shi Jin.”

“Thank you.”

“I hope that every day from now on will be like today.” Fu Xiuyuans voice was low and rich, like a premium wine.

He Ziheng and the others gasped in surprise.

Their boss, who was usually quiet and serious, could actually say such things

Although it wasnt sweet talk, it was actually more than that.

Indeed, the magic of love was huge.

Shi Jin walked to his side, the corners of her eyes curling up slightly.

Her voice was gentle.

“With you around, I believe it will work.”

He Ziheng and Pei Jun looked at each other.

Lan Tian held her face in both hands while Qiao Zhuoli stuffed his hands into his pockets.

He was not surprised that someone as cold as Fu Xiuyuan would be taken down by Shi Jin.

Shi Jin was really good at this.

He Ziheng hooted.

“What else do you have Tell me.”

Fu Xiuyuan glared daggers at him.

He shrunk back, knowing that he couldnt stay there any longer.

He said, “I heard that Uncle Li is over there.

Lets go over and greet Uncle Li.”

Everyone went over together.

The Li family had been in a state of decline previously, and because there were all sorts of things happening in the family, their relationship with the entire family had deteriorated.

However, in reality, the Li familys gossip was alive and well in the mouths of the other aristocratic families.

Back then, the bell rang for food and the fire burned for oil, making the people of the aristocratic clans take delight in talking about it.

So He Ziheng and the rest understood them very well.

Since they were both aristocratic families, and the Li family was now where Shi Jin was, He Ziheng and the others naturally felt obligated to meet and have a good chat.

Fu Xiuyuan whispered to Shi Jin, “Ignore them.”

“Actually, theyre quite fun.

Just with He Ziheng alone, the entire birthday party will become twice as lively.”

“Then hell still be useful.”

Shi Jin smiled brightly.

“Speaking of which, your friends are really nice.”

“Am I alone not good enough”

The moment Fu Xiuyuan said that, Shi Jin could smell his jealousy.

Shi Jin had never known that he liked to be jealous so much.

Shi Jin raised her eyebrows and looked at him.

Her tone was flirtatious.

“You are the best.”

Only then did Fu Xiuyuan feel satisfied.

He bent, leaving a light touch on her scarlet lips.

He wouldnt act rashly because there were too many elders around.

He Ziheng and the rest had already run over to Li Juekais side and were chatting together happily.

Li Juekai was the Young Master of the Li family.

Who had he not seen before

In front of him, He Ziheng and the others were just ordinary juniors.

His expression was calm, and he seemed very comfortable chatting with them.

As such, the entire banquet hall was filled with laughter and liveliness.

Everywhere Shi Jin looked was filled with people she cared about.

She was being embraced by love and her heart gradually warmed.

Ever since she was reborn, she had always felt that she was trying her best to warm up and heal those she owed, but actually, wasnt she the one accepting their kindness and being warmed and healed by them

Love was mutual.

It was precisely because they treasured each other that they were precious to one another.

After Fu Xiuyuan arrived, the banquet started very quickly.

Old Master Li stood up, picked up his wine glass, and tapped it lightly with his spoon.

Everyone instantly fell silent and looked at him at the same time.

Old Master Lis expression was kind, and his eyes were filled with deep affection.

He said, “Today, everyone is here to attend Shi Jins birthday party.

I wont say any more words of thanks.

I believe that compared to listening to platitudes, you would rather see Shi Jin live happily.”

His words hit everyones heart, and everyone applauded in unison.

“As Shi Jins grandfather, I have some expectations.

Shi Jin, your grandfather hopes that you can live freely and happily in the future.”

He nodded in Shi Jins direction.

This was the greatest wish and blessing an elder could give to a junior.

There was another round of applause and friendly laughter.

Shi Jin stood up.

There was a healthy flush on her fair face and her long hair fell over her shoulders like seaweed.

The young girl had a mature look on her face, but her eyes were still pure and clear.

She raised her voice and said, “Thank you, Grandfather, and to all my teachers, friends, and elders.

I hope that everyone can live a carefree life and be happy and blessed.”

Fu Xiuyuan looked at Shi Jin with a relaxed smile.

All the guests present were also giving their blessings, and the atmosphere was harmonious and pleasant.

There was no air conditioner in Breeze Wind Pavilion.

The windows on both sides of the building were open and the wind was blowing in.

It was cool and refreshing.

This was the largest and best main hall.

The lighting conditions there were better than in the other halls.

Even though there were many people there, everyone could feel the cool breeze.

In this modern city, such a feature was already rare.

He Ziheng drank a few glasses of good wine and whispered something to Pei Junyi, Qiao Zhuoli, Lan Tian, and the others.

The four of them immediately stood up and walked towards the door.

The manager quickly followed them.

“May I know what else you need”

“There seems to be a big screen in the waiting room over here”

“Yes, yes.” The manager led them out and pointed outside.

“Its over there.

Our LED screen is the largest indoor LED screen in Asia.

All guests who celebrate their birthdays here can show their blessings on it.

However, no one has come to use it yet, so its just been playing Shi Jins songs.”

“Shi Jins songs Do you always broadcast her songs” He Ziheng asked.

The manager smiled and said, “Thats right.

We broadcast whatever our customers like.

Shi Jin has had the highest ratings recently.

We cant go wrong broadcasting her.”

“Can I order something later”

“Sure, I dont have anything set yet.

Ill go arrange it for you.”

He Ziheng and the rest walked towards the big screen.

The scene of Shi Jins MV changed to another mans song.

However, in the eyes of He Ziheng and the rest, this man was too much of a fan.

The music was even louder than the guests voices.

It was really not a good song.

“Whats going on Did you suddenly switch the song” Pei Junyi asked.

“I got someone to change it.

Why” Chu Jia asked.

Standing beside her was Chu Jia.

She was there today to congratulate Shi Xuexin on her birthday.

Shi Xuexins birthday party was being held in a side hall.

The side hall was not big and could not accommodate many guests, so she had added two more tables at the last minute.

With this addition, how could the others still feel the ever-present cold wind in Breeze Wind Pavilion

Chu Jia had been sitting in the corner, and she came out halfway through the meal.

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