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Chapter 311: What Kind of Taste Does that Jerk Have

Which side did they belong to Who had invited them

Both of them had their own thoughts and were silent until a voice broke the silence.

“Chu Ling!”

Chu Ling turned around and realized that his friend from the entertainment industry had arrived.

He forced himself to cheer up and greeted Shi Xuexin.

“Xuexin, my friends are here.

This is the second surprise I have for you today.”

It was two fresh meat male celebrities and two female celebrities.

The four of them were considered famous in the entertainment industry.

They had made great achievements in their respective fields and had a lot of fans.

If it were any other day, no, even if it had been that morning, Shi Xuexin would definitely have been so happy that she would have jumped up and gone to them to take pictures and ask for autographs.

However, when she thought about Shi Jins party, not only were there popular singers, movie stars, various teachers, and even He Zihengs entire group of friends, Shi Xuexin could not bring herself to jump up in excitement.

Any random from Shi Jins party could beat everyone here, not to mention that she had so many friends.

Shi Xuexin received the guests politely.

Chu Ling asked with a smile, “Are you surprised”

“Yes, Im very happy.

Brother Chu Ling, thank you so much for being so considerate and thoughtful towards me.” Shi Xuexin did not want to dampen his spirits and maintained her cheerful attitude.

“Today is your birthday.

I hope you can always be a happy little princess,” Chu Ling said affectionately.

Shi Xuexin nodded her head gently as happiness slowly returned to her.


The moment He Ziheng entered, he walked over to Shi Jin, who was talking to someone.

While she was talking, he leaned over and whispered, “Little sister-in-law, happy birthday!”

Shi Jin turned around and saw He Ziheng, Qiao Zhuoli, Pei Junyi, and Lan Tian.

Lan Tian tied her hair into a bun and ran over to Shi Jins side obediently.

“Sister Shi Jin, happy birthday.

Im so happy to be able to attend your birthday party.”

“Im glad you could come, too.”

“Are you unhappy that were here” He Ziheng saw that Shi Jin liked to talk to Lan Tian and shouted in jealousy.

“Welcome! I welcome you all!” Shi Jin said.

He Ziheng snorted.

“Could you say it any more perfunctorily”

Lan Tian made a face at him.

“It was amazing just now.

As soon as we came in, someone stopped us and welcomed us to her birthday party.

So weird,” He Ziheng complained.

“That person was called Shi Xuexin, right” Lan Tian asked.

He Ziheng asked, “Who is Shi Xuexin”

He had been too lazy to find out about Shi Jin, so he knew very little about her relations.

“Its the one who got swapped with Sister Shi Jin as babies.

The one who has been living in the Li family all this while.

Later on, she returned to the Shi family and snatched Chu Ling away from the Jin Shi.

She has the love of the Shis.

Furthermore, she has been targeting Sister Shi Jin all the time!” Lan Tian liked to read gossip, so she was very familiar with this.

Especially after she reconciled with Shi Jin, she had read a lot about her.

Now, she knew everything.

“F*ck!” He Ziheng was so angry that his fists balled.

“No wonder I didnt like her just now.

So thats what happened.

If I had known this would happen, I wouldnt have been so nice.

I really regret leaving just now.

Also, that scumbag Chu Ling was the one with the makeup just now!”

He finally remembered someone called Chu Ling.

However, it was obvious that this was not a good thing for Chu Ling.

Shi Jin was amused to hear this.

However, Chu Ling had the burden of being a top celebrity.

Just like some female artistés, he would not go out without makeup.

His hairstyle and makeup had to be carefully handled by a stylist.

Shi Jin had long forgotten what he was like underneath.

Shi Jin said, “Forget it.

They are all unrelated.

Dont take it to heart.”

Her tone was nonchalant, and she seemed to have forgotten about the past.

Her smile was calm, and she really did not seem to care.

He Ziheng suddenly said, “What kind of taste do you think that scumbag has He actually took a fancy to that woman Also, how could they be so shameless as to think that were going to celebrate her birthday”

Lan Tian said, “Thats right.

How can Chu Ling compare to Boss”

Pei Junyi suddenly laughed dryly.

“Have you all forgotten that Shi Xuexin did not fancy Boss in the past Isnt she just lucky to be together with Chu Ling”

After being reminded like this, He Ziheng also thought of this matter.

He swore a few times, but he did not know what those people outside were thinking.

Shi Jin glanced at them.

“Thats not a good thing.

Its our luck to have met such a person.”

“Yes, yes.

I wish Boss and Little Sister-in-law a happy life together.” He Ziheng immediately gave them his blessings.

Pei Jun said, “Boss said hell be here soon after making preparations.”

Qiao Zhuoli checked his phone.

“Its about time.”

He Ziheng ran out.

“Ill go take a look.” However, before he could reach the door, the manager opened it with two waiters.

As soon as the door opened, the especially bright lights in the main hall concentrated outside and fell on Fu Xiuyuan, who had come over.

The light outlined his well-defined facial features.

The man had a straight nose and his eyes were as deep as whirlpools.

It was as if he could draw her in with just one look.

His powerful aura was especially oppressive.

Even the people standing in the corner immediately felt an invisible pressure.

“Boss!” He Zihengs eyes lit up and he immediately rushed in front of him to welcome him.

He Ziheng did not know why, but Boss was especially bright and dazzling today, even more so than usual.

He had already been like a god, but now he looked even more noble and awe-inspiring.

Actually, he could tell from the last time that Boss, who was with Shi Jin, was glowing from head to toe.

The mans charm was irresistible.

With Shi Jin, he was the best boss they had ever seen.

This was also why they had reconciled with Shi Jin last time and treated her as a good friend now.

He led Fu Xiuyuan towards Shi Jin.

Shi Jin could tell at a glance that the clothes on him were all hand picked by her.

From the clothes to the accessories, everything was there.

The clothes that she had bought did not have a specific price, but she had bought them as she liked them, so they were not very expensive and could not compare to Fu Xiuyuans custom-made clothes.

However, this man really was a clothes hanger.

He looked good in anything.

The moment he appeared, he made everyone around him look dull.

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