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Chapter 310: Theres always someone better

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He Ziheng was a wanton and unbridled person.

He liked to make friends and was very famous in the capital.

She had heard that the friends He Ziheng made all had deep backgrounds.

The business they did was mysterious and profitable.

It was very impressive.

There had always been a rumor in the capital that as long as one could become friends with He Ziheng, then they were bound to get richer!

Shi Xue recalled that Yuxiu Hua had once told her that the Chu family had connections with the He family in this area.

However, Father and Mother Chu had never fully acknowledged her, so they had not shared these resources.

Seeing He Ziheng come personally today, Shi Xuexin was overjoyed.

Was this the surprise Brother Chu Ling had mentioned Was he going to introduce her to the He family

Although Shi Xuexin did not know the others, since they were with He Ziheng, they had to be similar to him!

She had never expected the Chu clans background to already be at this level!

Shi Xuexins face flushed with happiness as tears welled up in her eyes.

She was truly blessed!

Not only could the Chus interact with such a family, they had even come to celebrate her birthday!

If this matter were to spread, her entire circle of friends would definitely look at her in a different light.

At that moment, Shi Xuexin was thinking of many things.

She thought about how she had previously tried to please Gu Jingyuan.

There was really no need anymore.

“Greetings, Young Master He! Im sorry for not coming out to welcome you!” Shi Xuexin immediately greeted him when she saw him approaching, afraid that she had been lax with her manners.

Her smile was unprecedentedly bright.

As she greeted He Ziheng, she nodded at the people behind him.

She looked like a smooth talker.

He Ziheng was talking as he walked when he saw Shi Xuexin walking over.

She was wearing a sweet princess dress, but she did not look that sweet.

She could normally be considered to be above average, but in He Zihengs eyes, she was far from that.

Especially when he saw a girl like Shi Jin, who was stunningly beautiful even when she was arrogant.

He Ziheng could not be bothered to look at someone like Shi Xuexin.

This dress was indeed not bad, but if the wearer was slightly mediocre, they would be completely overshadowed by this dress.

It wasnt suitable for Shi Xuexin at all.

At the thought of this, He Zihengs gaze became slightly rude.

“Who are you”

“I am Shi Xuexin.

Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to attend my birthday party.

Today is the happiest day of my life.

Young Master Hes arrival brings light to my humble dwelling.”

“Wait, wait, wait, wait.

You said we came to attend your birthday party Are you dreaming” He Ziheng asked.

Shi Xuexin also felt that she had acted rashly.

When it came to young masters from aristocratic families, a person definitely needed someone to introduce them before they could approach.

Otherwise, it would be a form of disrespect.

She quickly looked at Chu Ling.

“Brother Chu Ling! Young Master He is here!”

Chu Ling put down his phone.

When he saw He Ziheng, he also recognized him.

His pupils suddenly shrunk and he went forward to greet him.

“Young Master He, I really didnt expect to meet you here! Its really an honor!”

“Who are you” He Ziheng asked unhappily.

First, a woman with no distinctive features had come forward to strike up a conversation with him while being smothered by her clothes.

Then, a man who looked alright, but had actually smeared foundation powder on his face had come for a chat.

He Ziheng was very frustrated.

What kind of special person had he hired

Chu Ling hurriedly said, “My surname is Chu, and my name is Chu Ling.

I am a member of Beijings Chu Family.

It is truly an honor to meet Young Master He!”

Only then did Shi Xuexin understand that this was not a guest of the Chu family, nor was it a surprise from Chu Ling.

She suddenly felt disappointed.

However, on second thought, it seemed normal.

How could a family like the Hes befriend the Chus

Although the Chu family was also reputable, there was always someone better.

This saying was true.

However, if He Ziheng had not come for Chu Ling, who had he come for

Furthermore, He Zihengs tone was too arrogant.

Chu Ling was a top celebrity now, how could he not know him

Chu Lings face turned awkward.

It could be said that he was famous and had countless fans.

However, when He Ziheng opened his mouth, it was as if he had never heard his name.

Not only that, he was even speaking rudely, not giving him any face at all.

Chu Ling was angry, but he knew what kind of person He Ziheng was.

He had to say in a low voice, “I have heard Young Master Hes great name for a long time, so I came to greet you.

If I have been rude, please forgive me.”

“Oh, I was wondering who you guys were.

Youre acting so familiar right from the start.

You scared me,” He Ziheng said.

“You even said that I came to give you my blessings for your birthday.

Do I know you guys”

“Im sorry, Im sorry.

Im really sorry.” Chu Ling looked embarrassed as he looked at Shi Xuexin reproachfully.

How could she have been so reckless

Shi Xuexins face turned pale.

“Im really sorry, Young Master He.”

“Its alright now.” He Ziheng did not mind and waved his hand to indicate that it was fine.

However, it was clear that he had no intention of interacting with Chu Ling.

After saying this, he turned to leave.

The others naturally followed, about to leave.

Ever since Shi Xuexin and Chu Ling had greeted him, He Ziheng had not looked at them seriously.

Shi Xuexin consoled Chu Ling.

“Young Master He must be busy with something, so he doesnt have time to talk to us.

Its alright.

When they are done with their work later, well see if well get a chance to go up and say a few words.”

“Mhm.” Chu Ling regained some spirit.

He Ziheng turned around and asked Qiao Zhuoli, “Is Shi Jins birthday party here Dont send my birthday cake to the wrong place!”

“This way.” Qiao Zhuoli nodded.

“Thats good.

If theres a mistake, I wont be able to keep my head.”

Everyone laughed and walked in.

Shi Xuexins mind went blank.

Her already pale face turned even paler.

Was He Ziheng here for Shi Jinqings birthday

Looking at the people around him, all of them were either rich or powerful.

Everyones status should be about the same as his.

So many people had appeared at once, and they were all there to celebrate Shi Jins birthday Why were these people celebrating her birthday

Let alone Shi Jin, even Gu Jingyuan might not be able to hire a top manager like Yao Jiahong.

She raised her head to look at Chu Ling.

Chu Lings face was also filled with surprise.

He was even more shocked than Shi Xuexin..

Neither understood why these people had appeared here together.

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