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Chapter 31: Jarring to the Eye

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In the past, the first thing Shi Jin had to do before she could leave Fu Xiuyuan was to quit the company he signed her to, Supreme Entertainment.

Deng Yufei was Chu Lings cousin, so she knew a lot about the entertainment industry.

Hence, Shi Jin trusted Deng Yufei with helping her find a new entertainment company for her.

Deng Yufei did her best to help Shi Jin and finally found her a new talent agency.

After the talent agency saw Shi Jins photo, they promptly asked to see Shi Jin.

After they arrived at the company, the receptionist led them to a meeting room.

Deng Yufei and Shi Jin sat inside as she whispered to Shi Jin, “After you have found a new company, you can sever ties with Supreme Entertainment.”

Shi Jin would be a step closer to leaving Fu Xiuyuan.

In her past life, she trusted Deng Yufei and signed with “Golden Domain Entertainment” and asked to terminate her contract with Yao Jiahong.

Although this was a rather successful company and genuinely helped her a lot at the beginning, they only offered her a contract due to her good looks.

The manager, Mr Wang, signed her so quickly purely because he wanted her as one of his lovers.

Shi Jin had her scar to thank just thinking about the incident.

Back in the day, Mr Wang made her drunk, threw her onto the bed, and pulled off her mask.

However, he ended up leaving, cursing and swearing when he saw the scar.

That was the first time the scar ever helped Shi Jin.

However, the company proceeded to suppress and bury her.

“Jin, dont be afraid.

I will always be on your side to help you run away from Fu Xiuyuan!” comforted Deng Yufei softly.

Shi Jin stood up and said, “Im going to get more water.”

Even though it was a meeting room, it was specially constructed.

From the outside, it looked like it was covered with four walls.

In reality, one of the walls gave the manager visual access so that he could pick his girls.

The manager picked only those with astounding beauty and figures since he had seen plenty of beautiful women in his time.

Although Shi Jin was wearing a mask, she had beautiful eyes and a tall slender form, so she had a lot of potential.

She was perfect for the entertainment industry and the managers harem.

Mr Wang was standing outside scrutinizing Shi Jin lasciviously.

Shi Jin walked towards Mr Wang and took off her mask as she poured water so that he could see her scar.

Mr Wang was admiring Shi Jins fine waist when he suddenly saw the shocking scar on Shi Jins face.

He covered his mouth and instantly wanted to vomit.

In comparison, Deng Yufei was far cuter than Shi Jin.

Shi Jin put her mask back on and went back to Deng Yufei.

Moments later, Mr Wang entered the meeting room with a talent agent.

Shi Jin instantly looked at Mr Wang desperately.

She was clearly begging to be signed.

Even though her eyes were beautiful, Mr Wang lost all interest the moment he recalled her scar.

He found her scar so jarring that he would not even want her around as the janitor.

Deng Yufei was far better looking than Shi Jin.

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