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Chapter 309: An Important Guest Arrives

There were even the famous producer, Liu Ning, who had been very popular recently, and a few popular artists who had participated in “Burning Sun, Long Sky.”

Shi Xuexin felt a little sour in her heart.

Shi Jins current circle of friends was really different from before.

She subconsciously reached out to hold Chu Lings arm and consoled herself.

“Shi Jin has only made friends in the entertainment industry.

Those are nothing.

Brother Chu Ling has more than her.

Now that I have made some progress in the business world, I can make friends with masters like Wen Wang.

Theres no need for me to be calculative with Shi Jin.”

Chu Ling thought so too.

He lowered his head and said to her, “My friend will come over later.

Youll be surprised to see him.”

Shi Xuexin understood.

The friends that Chu Ling could bring were definitely more famous than Gu Qinghua, Yu Guannan, and the rest.

A moment later, Cai Xinyi, the current boss of the Unquestionable Answers app, came over, followed by the current boss of the beauty and skincare product line Allure, Zhou Feng, who unlocked the door.

Shi Xuexin subconsciously asked, “Do the big bosses of these endorsement companies personally attend an artists birthday”

Chu Ling frowned.

That was impossible.

Those big shots had so many things to do every day.

No matter how much they valued celebrities, they would only arrange for the relevant department heads to celebrate.

How could they personally go to such events

He did not respond.

He only felt that Shi Jins birthday was a little ridiculous.

Was this all arranged by Gu Jingyuan

After Cai Xinyi and Zhou Yue unlocked the door, a few familiar faces appeared.

Shi Xuexins pupils constricted.

It was Ji Huan and Principal Lu.

As the top student of Second High School and the citys top scholar, Shi Xuexin had invited Principal Lu to attend her eighteenth birthday.

However, Principal Lu only arranged for his secretary to come over and had not come personally.

The difference between the two immediately became apparent.

The people behind them looked a little unfamiliar, but Shi Xuexin had seen the Mathematical Olympiad Competition before.

She quickly remembered.

Werent these the teachers who had been leading the national team

Shi Jin was really shameless.

She had actually sent out invitations so widely.

Was she going to invite everyone she knew

Shi Xuexins fingers tightened secretly.

If she had known this would happen, she would have sent more invitations.

There was no reason for her to be at a disadvantage over such a trivial matter.

Chu Ling looked at the teachers thoughtfully.

He recalled that when Shi Jin was young, her grades had indeed been not bad and she had always been able to endure studying.

When had her grades plummeted

Chu Ling furrowed his eyebrows.

He recalled how he had decisively abandoned all her matters back then and felt an inexplicable sense of melancholy.


Shi Jin had just welcomed Liu Ning and Yu Guannan.

When she saw Principal Lu and the others, she was stunned for a moment.

She said to Liu Ning, “Producer Liu, help me keep Teacher Yu company.”

Liu Ning and Yu Guannan sat to one side and chatted happily.

“Principal Lu, Teacher Ji… Teacher Xia, Teacher Fang, Teacher Wu!” Shi Jins birthday really did not alarm these teachers.

She knew they were busy, and she had no intention of causing them any trouble.

Ji Huan was the first to speak.

“Why Its only been a few days since you graduated, and you didnt tell me about your birthday Are you afraid that Id come over to control you, so you avoided me”

“Why would I I just know that you guys are usually busy.

Its unusual for you guys to have a break, so I didnt want to cause you any trouble.”

“You still have to tell us about your birthday.

Principal Lu and I have already spoken about it.

No matter what, we have to share your joy.”

“Welcome!” Shi Jin knew their intentions as elders and was speaking sincerely.

Teacher Fang said, “As for me, firstly, I want to celebrate your birthday.

Secondly, I wanted to set up a compilation of the international competitions over the years.

Theres also…”

“Teacher Fang, you really have a lot of reasons for coming here today.

Dont forget that today is my sisters birthday.

Shes the most important person in the world today.

One or two things is not enough, so you even have a third reason to talk to her” Gu Jingyuan walked over, smiling as he teased.

Teacher Fang recognized Gu Jingyuan at a glance.

“Jingyuan! If you hadnt just appeared, I wouldnt have thought of you! Back then, when I asked you to come to the national team, you went overseas! Seriously, Ive been bearing a grudge until now!”

These teachers were usually very serious, but at todays event, all of them were actually quite lively.

“Then I have to apologize to Teacher Fang.

I was young back then and didnt think too much about it.

However, you can look for me, but dont tire my sister out too much.” Gu Jingyuan protected Shi Jin.

He hadnt expected Teacher Fang to remember him so clearly.

Teacher Xia said from the side, “Its all Teacher Fangs fault for not making things clear.

What he wanted to say was to ask Shi Jin to help us get some of the medicine from last time.

Its really good for refreshing the mind.

We cant find it anywhere else, so we can only hang our heads and look for Shi Jin.

At the same time, we want to take advantage of the birthday stars happiness.”

Shi Jin took out her bag.

“The medicine is ready.

I wanted to send it to you, but since you guys are here, its convenient for me to give it to you now.”

The three teachers took the medicine with great appreciation.

“Thank you.

We have troubled you today.”

When Shi Jin received these teachers, she did not waste any effort on talking to them.

The teachers and principal came together and soon started chatting with each other.

It could be considered harmonious.

After a while, other Li family friends came over.

The huge main hall was soon filled with people.

In the crowd, Shi Jin was like the moon surrounded by its stars, receiving great care and attention.

Everyone wanted to say a few words to her.

Fortunately, Li Juekai, Gu Qingqing, and Gu Jingyuan didnt want her to get too tired, so they all stopped the admirers.


Shi Xuexin and Chu Ling were still waiting outside.

Shi Xuexin was very patient.

Since it was Chu Lings important friend, they would definitely be late.

It was worth waiting for.

While waiting, Chu Lings phone rang.

He walked to one side to pick it up.

Shi Xuexin knew that Chu Lings friend was about to arrive and so was the surprise he had prepared for her.

As Chu Ling answered the call, a large group of people suddenly rushed in from outside.

There were men and women among them, and all of them looked extraordinary.

The man in the lead was a little ugly, but his facial features were outstanding.

The other man looked rather aloof and unapproachable.

At that moment, Shi Xuexin was dazzled.

She suddenly thought of something.

She seemed to have seen the man in the lead somewhere before.

It should be… She remembered that the man was called He Ziheng! Young Master He Ziheng!

Although the He family was not one of the four major families, they had a strong background and mysterious family traditions.

They held high esteem in the capital and even the four major families had to respect them.

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