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Chapter 308: An Important Senior

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Shi Xuexin quickly looked at Chu Ling and realized that he had not noticed Old Master Li and the rest.

Her expression became even calmer.

Wen Wang said in a low voice, “Isnt that Elder Zhu”

“Master Wen, what did you say” Chu Ling asked.

“I think I just saw an important senior.”

Wen Wang looked over eagerly, as did Chu Ling.

“A master from the violin world How about we pay him a visit”

Shi Xuexin was very surprised.

“Master Wen, are you sure Which one is he”

“That Elder Zhu…” Wen Wang said softly.

He seemed to have thought of something and did not say much.

Shi Xuexin was slightly shocked.

Was he referring to Zhu Junrong How was that possible Zhu Junrong was just an ordinary teacher from a small town.

He was not a good person.

Most importantly, he was blind.

How could he be a master This was definitely impossible!


Seeing that Chu Ling still had the intention of going over, Shi Xuexin said, “Brother Chu Ling, Shi Jins birthday party is over there.”

“Shes over there.” Chu Ling paused as he recalled Shi Jins beautiful figure and her fair and charming face.

It turned out that Shi Jin was in the main hall.

He had heard that Shi Jins elder brother, Gu Jingyuan, was doing quite well.

He had both reputation and prestige.

It was no wonder that he was able to book the main hall that was usually so difficult to get.

Who else would appear at her party today

Shi Xuexin looked at him in a daze and said, “Brother Chu Ling Brother Chu Ling”

“Its alright, go on.

You can go in with Master Wen first.

Xuexin and I will be waiting for my other friends here.” Chu Ling retracted his thoughts.

After all, it was Shi Xuexins birthday today.

He could not think too much about Shi Jin.

“Do you have any other friends coming” Shi Xuexin asked in anticipation, completely forgetting the shock that Wen Wangs words had brought.

The Chus friends were either rich or noble.

Chu Lings own friends in the entertainment industry also held high status.

No matter who he knew, they were all very valuable.

The surprise Chu Ling was giving her today was really too much!

“Yes, I have a few close friends with high statuses.

They will be coming to support you today,” Chu Ling said gently, “Youre with me, but you cant be openly seen by others.

Its been hard on you.

Wait for me.

When the time comes, I will definitely let everyone in the world know about you.”

“Brother Chu Ling, youre the best.”


Shi Jin was sitting in the main hall.

When she saw Old Master Li enter, she stood up and walked towards him.


“Ah.” Old Master Li made an amiable sound.

“I didnt see you around today, but it looks like my granddaughter has become even prettier.

Come, this is Teacher Zhu.

He teaches the violin.

You know him.”

“Hello, Teacher Zhu.” Shi Jin greeted him politely and shook his hand.

“Dont call me Teacher Zhu.

You should call me Grandpa Zhu.”

“I wish you all the best, Grandpa.” Shi Jin immediately corrected herself.

“Alright, alright, alright.” Zhu Junrong smiled.

“Shi Jin, I still have something to tell you…”

Gu Qingqing knew that he was going to bring up the same old topic again.

She smiled and said, “Uncle Zhu, there are a few old friends over there.

Why dont we go over and greet them first Today is Shi Jins birthday.

Wait for her to finish her work today.

Well talk about other things when she has time.”

He was dragged away by his wife.

Shi Jin could not help but smile.

“Grandpa, I wonder what this Grandpa Zhu is going to say”

Seeing that Shi Jins face was full of affection, Old Master Li was in a good mood.

“Hes a zither fanatic, looking for students all day long.

He cant wait to find a few good ones.

He saw the video of you playing the violin and insisted on finding you to train.

Your parents and I havent agreed yet.”

“Well, I wish you the best, Grandpa.” Shi Jin did not take it to heart.

Since he was a zither fanatic, there must be many people who wanted to be his disciple.

He must be taking her in only on account of the Li family, right

Shi Jin seemed to recall that he had taught Shi Xuexin before.

Gu Jingyuan walked over.

“Shi Jin, your friends are here.”

Shi Jin looked over and saw a few old friends.

After Ye Ke and Wang Boyans college entrance examination, their dressing and demeanor had become more mature.

Ye Ke was a little reserved at first, but when she saw Shi Jin, she rushed over excitedly and said loudly, “Happy birthday, Shi Jin.”

“I brought you a present.” Wang Boyan handed the item over.

“Thank you.” Shi Jin accepted it.

“I thought you guys were attending summer camp in America and couldnt make it back in time.”

“Id already predicted your birthday and planned to rush back at this time.

Even if you hadnt invited me, I would have done it myself,” Ye Ke said proudly.

Shi Jin smiled.

The corners of her lips curled up into a bright and valiant smile.

“Its a good thing that I invited you.

Otherwise, you would have missed out on me.”

The three of them chatted and laughed for a while more.

When Ye Ke saw that her other friends had come, she pulled Wang Boyan away and sat to one side obediently.

The person who came this time was Gu Qinghua.

Ever since she leftUltimate Singer Songwriter, although she was not as popular as Shi Jin, her career had been stable and her business activities were stable.

After overcoming the problem of appearing on stage in public, her stage presence had also improved greatly.

Her career could be said to be going smoothly.

Meeting again now, she was accompanied by a dutiful manager who took care of everything for her.

Although they had not seen each other since the competition, Gu Qinghua took off her sunglasses the moment she saw Shi Jin and smiled like a little girl.

“Little Stone!” She opened her arms and hugged Shi Jin.

“I missed you so much.”

“Me too.”

“I finally have the chance to see you.

You have no idea how much I missed you.”

“If you miss me in the future, look for me on WeChat.”

How could Shi Jin not know why she had not been looking for her recently

Gu Qinghua had signed a contract very quickly after the competition.

Being in fourth place, she did not sign with Diamond Music, but with another company.

If Gu Qinghua came to look for her, she would be able to gain a lot of popularity.

That was what her company thought.

They urged her to look for Shi Jin and act as her best friend so that they could act in sister roles, because of this, not only had Gu Qinghua not openly looked for Shi Jin, she had even avoided arousing suspicion on Weibo.

The more she cared about this relationship, the more she was afraid of tarnishing it.

Shi Jin understood her concerns and had heard about Gu Qinghua from Yao Jiahong.

Gu Qinghua was really treating her as a friend.


Shi Xuexin and Chu Ling were waiting outside.

Before Chu Lings friends arrived, they saw a few people from the entertainment industry..

First came Gu Qinghua, then Yu Guannan.

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