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Chapter 306: The Hardest Main Hall

“It was all thanks to Fathers guidance that I was able to secure those contracts,” Shi Xuexin said humbly.

“I also benefited greatly from Uncle and Aunties precious words.”


Chu nodded her head in satisfaction.

Shi Xuexin had never taken credit for herself.

She was a very good and virtuous wife.

It was a blessing for her son to have such a good match.

She said, “I brought a few friends from the business world over today to support you.

Theyre here.

You can greet them.

Come, Ill take you to get to know them.”

Shi Xuexin had not been expecting Mother Chu to be so kind to her and was extremely grateful.


Chu then introduced her to CEO Zhang, Director Li, two high-ranking officials, and a rich young lady.

They all had a certain status and were important guests of the Chu family.

They had given Shi Xuexin face by coming here today.

Under Mrs.

Chus introduction, everyone presented gifts and kept praising Shi Xuexins beauty and outstanding ability.

Shi Xuexins humble reply was very appropriate.

It even attracted the unanimous praise of the distinguished guests.

Yuxiu Hua was standing to one side, feeling more and more satisfied.

A biological daughter was truly different.

If it was Shi Jin, could she do this Could she handle it

These were all resources of the Chu family.

Mother Chu had never introduced them to Xuexin before.

Now that she had seen Shi Xuexin making progress in the business world and becoming more and more sensible, she was beginning to hand resources over to her.

“Xuexin, you have to treat these guests seriously,” Mrs.

Chu said.

“Chu Ling is busy with his own business, and he has a lot of family matters to attend to.

I hope you can work with him and become invincible.”

“Auntie, I will definitely manage it.

I will also fully support Brother Chu Lings career!” Shi Xuexin felt agitated as her heart thumped.

It looked like she had truly obtained the Chu Clans approval.

As long as she could get these resources, she would not need to be too afraid of Shi Jin.

Shi Xuexin invited them in and took their seats while she continued waiting at the door.

A moment later, guests from the Shi familys business circle also arrived.

The side hall was bustling with noise and excitement.

It was crowded and extremely noisy.

The person Shi Xuexin was most anticipating was naturally Chu Ling.

In her heart, she longed for the surprise he would bring her.

However, before Chu Ling could arrive, some familiar figures walked over.

It was Gu Jingyuan and Shi Jin.

Gu Jingyuan was not as cold as usual.

He walked over with Shi Jin, chatting and laughing.

It was rare for Shi Jin to wear a dress.

It was only an extremely simple dress, but it seemed to cling to every part of her body, making her look elegant and charming.

“Father and Mother have gone to fetch Grandfather.

Theyll be here soon,” Gu Jingyuan said with a smile.

“Lets go in and take a seat first.

There will be some guests coming over later.”

When Shi Jin heard the people in the hall, she knew that there must be many people there.

The Li family had been specially preparing for this birthday party this time, so they definitely wouldnt have kept it a secret.

Shi Jin knew what her parents were thinking.

They wanted to make things up to her so they were taking the opportunity to give her the best.

She asked, “Do we need to stand at the door and receive these guests I see that there are people waiting outside the other halls.”

“No need.

Youre the birthday girl today.

Who would dare to make you stand at the door You can just sit in your seat and wait.

Even if you really need someone to receive them, I can go.” Gu Jingyuan patted her head.

Shi Jin smiled.

“Then I will really sit still and not move today.”

“Of course.” Gu Jingyuan smiled.

Shi Jin took his arm and walked forward.

When Shi Xuexin saw how intimate they were being, she felt a little upset.

She called out to Gu Jingyuan, “Big Brother!”

Gu Jingyuan and Shi Jin walked straight ahead.

It was unclear whether they had not heard her or were just not bothering to reply.

Shi Xuexin naturally could not believe that they were there to celebrate her birthday.

However, she felt indignant as she shouted, “Big Brother, Shi Jin!”

Gu Jingyuan looked up, not expecting to see Shi Xuexin here.

“Are you guys here today to celebrate Shi Jins birthday” Shi Xuexin asked.

As far as she knew, it had already been very difficult for her to make a reservation at this place.

Otherwise, they wouldnt have needed the Chu familys help.

Shi Jin had likely come back later to book it.

Seeing that Gu Jingyuan had not come prepared, it must have been even more difficult.

“Although I booked a side room, there are still many seats.

Brother, if there are only a few of you, why dont you come and celebrate in my room Shi Jin and I can celebrate our birthday together.”

“Theres no need.

Weve booked a room already,” Gu Jingyuan said calmly.

He turned to Shi Jin and said, “Lets go in first.”

With that, the two of them walked towards the largest main hall.

The manager was waiting for them at the door personally.

When he saw the two of them, he immediately opened the door for them and greeted them warmly with a smile.

Shi Xuexin looked at this scene in astonishment.

She remembered that when her mother had come to make the reservation, people had said that the waiting list for the halls stretched all the way into next year.

Especially the largest main hall, as it had always been popular over the years.

Not to mention now, previously when Chu Lings album had received the sales award for the year, the company had specially booked the largest main hall.

Back then, everyone had said that the appointment would not be until the end of the year.

At that time, Hu Lai and Xiuli Entertainment had made use of their connections, but had still failed to book the place.

When had Shi Jin and the rest booked it Could it be that Gu Jingyuans strength was already so terrifying

Without giving Shi Xuexin time to think, Chu Ling arrived with Hu Lai.

The security measures at Breeze Wind Pavilion were thorough, and they were very protective of the celebrities.

Hence, many famous people were coming and going peacefully without worrying about reporters and paparazzi.

Therefore, Chu Ling did not need to wear a mask or sunglasses to hide his handsome face.

He was moving around freely.

The staff there were well trained, and no one bothered them along the way.

A smile instantly appeared on Shi Xuexins face.

“Brother Chu Ling!”

“Happy birthday, Xuexin.” Chu Ling took out an exquisite gift box and gave it to Shi Xuexin.

“Thank you, Brother Chu Ling.” Shi Xuexin took it and her smile widened.

“You look so beautiful today.”

Shi Xuexin became shy.

She was wearing a princess dress today.

It was her favorite style and had many lace ruffles.

It was very cute.

She had always liked this complicated and sweet style since she was young and wanted to be a little princess.

The clothes she used to wear at the Lis were too simple and she really didnt like them.

Now that she was at the Shi familys house, she had switched out all her clothes.

On such a grand occasion, she had specially ordered a sweet princess dress.

It was great that Chu Ling liked it.

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