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Chapter 305: Birthday Party at the Same Place

Shi Jin looked up and saw that familiar and annoying figure.

She was really persistent.

“Shi Jin.” Shi Xuexin ran over and said, “I heard that the school is holding a celebration party for you today.

I wanted to celebrate with you too.”

“The celebration is inside.

You can go in.” Shi Jin looked at her with a faint smile.

It was obvious that Shi Xuexin would not enter just to seek humiliation.

Shi Xuexin said with a smile, “Since were here to celebrate, were naturally here to celebrate for you.

Isnt our birthday coming up soon as well Lets celebrate together, alright”

Shi Jin looked up.

Her clear eyes were striking, making Shi Xuexin unable to hide anything.

How could Shi Jin not know why she had invited her to celebrate her birthday with her

Shi Jin said calmly, “How rare.

Have you invited me before”

“We used to… we used to live together, so we didnt need to specially invite each other.”

“Theres no need for that.

I dont like celebrating birthdays with people I dont like.” After Shi Jin said that, she walked away slowly.

Shi Xuexin felt vexed.

This was like having her left cheek slapped by Gu Jingyuan and her right cheek slapped by Shi Jin.

She bit her lip and thought about whether there was anyone left in the Li family that she had not offended before.

She counted carefully and realized that there was no one.

It wasnt just her, Yuxiu Huas eccentric attitude had also damaged the relationship between the two families.

After they returned, Yuxiu Hua said happily, “Xuexin, for your birthday this time, Ive booked the banquet hall at Breeze Wind Pavilion for you!”

“Thanks, Mom.”

“Also, the Chu family came early in the morning to tell me that Chu Ling will be there.

Not only that, he will also bring some friends to support us.”

“Really” Shi Xuexin felt much better.

“Why would I lie to you” Yuxiu Hua looked radiant.

“This birthday banquet of yours will definitely become a grand occasion!”

Shi Xue thought about Shi Jin and Gu Jingyuans arrogant looks.

Perhaps they were indeed difficult to beat, but so what

With Chu Ling around, the Shi family could still crush the Lis.


On Shi Jins birthday.

A few days earlier, Li Juekai and Gu Qingqing had been preparing for the entire birthday party.

This was the first birthday they had celebrated with their daughter in twenty years.

It was obvious how important it was.

Because of this, Gu Jingyuan had been reminded many times.

Of course, Gu Jingyuan had no complaints.

He was even more concerned about this birthday party than his parents.

Not only had he personally prepared the set-up, but he had also arranged the dishes and flavors in the kitchen.

Early in the morning, he even went to take a look at the venue to ensure that everything was fine.

After that, he returned home and chose the most suitable outfit.

“Dad, Mom, Im going to pick up my sister!” Gu Jingyuan said, leaving with his car keys.

The three of them had all wanted to go and get Shi Jin.

In the end, Gu Qingqing had proposed they draw lots to decide the winner, and Gu Jingyuan had won.

Because of this, Li Juekai and Gu Qingqing felt regretful for half a night.

“It seems like we can only go and fetch her first, then go and get the cake,” Li Juekai said.

“Well, Im going to see my daughter soon anyway.

Whats wrong with picking her up early” Gu Qingqing laughed.

Shi Jin knew that there would be a birthday party tonight.

Her previous birthdays had all been fragmented.

She had either spent them with Old Master Shi, or, later on, when Old Master Shi could no longer see and did not care about the Shi familys affairs, she had casually spent them with Shi Xuexin.

Hence, she wasnt really looking forward to her birthday.

However, seeing everyone busy preparing for her, a different feeling slowly rose in her heart.

Everyone was surrounding her with love.

Wasnt this what she had tried so hard to get

She changed into a simple dark green dress and put on flat-heeled shoes.

The lively young girl in the mirror looked extremely outstanding.

Youth was the best make-up on anyone, let alone Shi Jin, who had such stunning features.

Her long hair cascaded down her shoulders like a waterfall.

Her youthful image was slowly transitioning towards maturity.

She received a message on WeChat.

Shi Jin heard Gu Jingyuans voice.

“Im at the Lanting Residence.

Can I come in”

“Come in.

Im ready,” Shi Jin smiled and replied.

Gu Jingyuan came in quickly and Shi Jin went downstairs.

He was admiring the decoration of the Lanting Residence.

Probably because he felt that Fu Xiuyuans work was satisfactory, Gu Jingyuans expression was very gentle.

“Im here to pick you up for your birthday party.

Wheres Fu Xiuyuan”

“Yes, he was here just now.

He might be busy.” Shi Jin knew that Fu Xiuyuan had a lot of work to do.

Gu Jingyuan said, “Ignore him then.

Lets go over first.”

“Ill tell him first.” She opened WeChat and told Fu Xiuyuan where she was going.


At Breeze Wind Pavilion:

The atmosphere at Breeze Wind Pavilion, which had always been lively, was especially lively today.

Countless guests dressed in extraordinary clothes were walking about, and the scene was extremely luxurious.

The Shi family had arranged for Shi Xuexins birthday party to be held tonight.

Although it was only in a side room, it was enough to give them face.

After all, not everyone could make an appointment at Breeze Wind Restaurant.

Furthermore, Yuxiu Hua had only made up her mind at the last minute to hold her daughters birthday party there.

There had been no availability when she went to book it.

It was only after the Chu family heard about it and came forward to help that Yuxiu Hua obtained this side room.

Not only could they enjoy the beautiful scenery and the delicacies here, but they could also signify their status.

At that moment, in a side room, Shi Xuexins huge photo was standing at the door.

In the photo, she was smiling sweetly and looked extremely eye-catching.

Today, the Chu family had arrived early.

Father and Mother Chu had come early in the morning, giving Shi Xuexin plenty of face.

She warmly welcomed them.

“Uncle, Auntie.”

“This is a gift for you.” Mrs.

Chu smiled and took out an exquisite box for Shi Xuexin.

“Thank you, Auntie.

You are so considerate.” Shi Xuexin took it and smiled even more brightly.

However, why wasnt Chu Ling here yet


Chu seemed to read Shi Xuexins mood as she said with a smile, “Hes a little late.

I heard that he wanted to give you a surprise.”

“Actually, Im already very surprised that hes even coming,” Shi Xuexin said with pursed lips, her face glowing.

Her words naturally made Mr.

and Mrs.

Chu happy.


Chu really liked how lenient and sensible she was.

She smiled and said, “I heard youve signed quite a few good contracts recently”

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