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Chapter 304: Plain Young Master Li

Or rather, Shi Xuexin had gone to the school to get Gu Jingyuans contact number.

She did not know how to begin repairing their relationship, so she might as well make a trip down personally.

“Im here to visit you.

Youve been back in the capital for so long, but I havent been to visit you yet.” Shi Xuexins voice was deliberately lighthearted.

“I also wanted to know more about your work environment,” she said.

In the past, Gu Jingyuan might really have done his duty as an elder brother to her.

However, it was impossible now.

Knowing what Shi Jins life was like in the Shi family, Gu Jingyuans impression of Shi Xuexin was that she was just an ordinary person.

Their sibling relationship was long gone.

“Cant you see that Im in the middle of a consultation right now The time that patients and doctors have is very precious.


An old woman walked in, trembling.

“Doctor Gu…”

Shi Xuexin looked disinterested in her plight.

However, Gu Jingyuan was already engrossed in his work.

He got the old lady to sit down and began his consultation.

It seemed that he was only interested in his work and would not be deliberately making things difficult for himself.

Shi Xuexin said, “Sorry, Ill wait for you to get off work.”

She turned around and walked out.

Chen Jierou was still smitten, so Shi Xuexin reached over and pulled her away.

Finally, it was six oclock.

Gu Jingyuan took off his white coat and changed into his casual clothes.

He even smelled like disinfectant.

“Brother.” Shi Xuexin ran over.

“Whats the matter” Gu Jingyuan did not even bat an eyelid at her.

With the treatment book in his hands, he strode forward.

Shi Xuexin followed him and said, “My birthday is coming up soon.

In the past, I used to celebrate my birthday with Shi Jin.

This year, I want to invite her again.

Do you think thats a good idea”

In order to ease her relationship with Gu Jingyuan, she was willing to bow her head to Shi Jin.

“Not really.” Gu Jingyuan stopped in his tracks.

“Weve already parted, so lets go our separate ways.”

“Big Brother, my mom was indeed not very nice to Shi Jin in the past.

I only found out later.

If I had known earlier, I would have gotten her to change long ago.

This time, I want to celebrate Shi Jins birthday with her.

I also want to resolve our misunderstandings.

After all, Shi Jin and I have been sisters for eight years.”

Gu Jingyuan said calmly, “Is that so”

“You can trust me, Brother.”

“I only believe in the truth.”

“Brother! Seeing is believing!” Shi Xuexin emphasized.

The past was already in the past.

She did not believe that Gu Jingyuan would be able to make comparisons like this forever.

As long as she performed well now, she could definitely dispel his worries.

Only then did Gu Jingyuan raise his eyes and look at her calmly for a few seconds.

He said, “In the past, the Li family was wrong and didnt come to pick up Shi Jin in time.

Now, the Li family is reforming and making up for this mistake.

In that case, I hope that the relationship between the Li and Shi families will just end peacefully here.”

“Big Brother!”

Gu Jingyuans strides were big.

After he finished speaking, he turned around and left.

Shi Xuexin clenched her fists tightly as regret surfaced in her heart.

If she had known… if she had known that Gu Jingyuan would accomplish such achievements, she would not have been so brazen towards Shi Jin before.

She also regretted avoiding Gu Jingyuan and Old Master Li when they came to visit her.

“Xuexin, Xuexin”

Shi Xuexin was stunned and realized that Chen Jierou was still beside her.

She had seen everything.

Shi Xuexin said in a low voice, “Big Brother and I had a misunderstanding.

Shi Jin slandered me in front of him.

I wanted to resolve this misunderstanding today…”

“Shi Jin is too much! What right does she have to slander you!” Chen Jierou was indignant.

“Its not her fault.

After all, Big Brother is her biological brother.

Big Brother should believe her.”

Chen Jierou said angrily, “Shi Jin is a troublemaker.

Why is she always causing problems everywhere”

“Forget it, its fine.

I believe my brother will wake up soon.”

“By the way, you said that we should dress more plainly when meeting Big Brother.


“He has always dressed very plainly.

He doesnt like others to dress too gorgeously,” explained Shi Xuexin.

“Thats not true.

Cant you see that his shirt is a limited edition The fabric of the jacket he changed into at the back is also very unique.

His entire outfit is custom-made.”

Chen Jierous family was in the clothing business, so she was relatively knowledgeable.

Shi Xuexin was stunned.

“What did you say”

“I said hes wearing custom-made clothes! Theyre expensive.

How could an ordinary person afford them What part of him can be said to have anything to do with simplicity”

Shi Xuexin could not believe it.

On the way home, she was in a daze.

After returning home, she asked the servant, “Where are the clothes I wore when I was young”

“I think they were all thrown out.”

“Is there nothing left”

“Miss, you are the one who said to throw everything away.

You thought they were eyesores.”

Shi Xuexins expression turned extremely ugly.

One of the servants seemed to have thought of something and said, “I saw a few pieces of good quality clothing.

I saved them for my granddaughter to wear.

Miss, if you want, Ill bring them back for you.”

“Get them.”

Soon, the servant brought over a small bag with a dozen sets of clothes inside.

They were all clothes that Shi Xuexin had worn back in that small town.

So many years had passed, and the maids granddaughter had worn them many times.

However, the colors were still bright and hadnt faded.

Shi Xuexin grabbed a handful of clothing.

There were no labels on them.

The designs were simple and mainly consisted of plain colors, black, white, and gray.

At first glance, everything looked inconspicuous.

Upon closer inspection, every part of the needlework was fine and uniform.

And in fact, just based on the fact that it had remained the same even after so many years, one could tell the value of the material and workmanship.

Shi Xuexin was shocked.

What kind of family was the Li family

How was she able to wear handmade, high-end clothes while living in a small town!


After Shi Jins college entrance examination results were announced, Second High hung up a banner and held a celebration party for the entire Year Three class.

At the banquet, Principal Lu specially invited the teachers from First High School over.

He showed them Shi Jins marks one by one.

The faces of the teachers and principal of First High School turned red and white.

They couldnt blame Principal Lu for being arrogant.

Back then, when Wen Yongwei had been the first prize winner of the domestic Mathematical Olympiad, First High School had almost hung a banner at the entrance of Second High School.

Right now, Principal Lu was just trying to get back at them.

It was nothing special.

Moreover, when the teacher from First High School mentioned the bet he had made, his voice was especially loud.

Shi Jin did not stay for long and walked out.

The others were still busy, and only she appeared at the entrance of Second High School.

It was already summer vacation and there were not many people at school.

She strolled out and heard Shi Xuexin calling out to her, “Shi Jin!”

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