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Chapter 303: High-quality Brandqd33less Clothes


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Yuxiu Huas spirit was roused.

“Thats great.

Speaking of which, this is the fifth contract youve signed this month.

Not to mention your father, even your grandfather during his prime might not be able to match up to you.”

She secretly blamed herself for being distracted by Shi Jins incident.

She was so flustered that she had ended up being careless even on her daughters birthday.

This was not something a good mother should do.

Her daughter was so capable.

She was able to inherit the family business at such a young age.

How could she think that Shi Jin had defeated her

Shi Xuexin said with a smile, “Then Ill be leaving first.”

“Go, go,” Yuxiu Hua said.

The servant said, “Miss is getting more and more amazing.”

“Thats right, shes really my good daughter.

Our Shi familys child is the best.” Yuxiu Hua was very proud.

The maid chimed in, “Thats for sure.

In a place like the entertainment industry, its possible for a person to show off their beauty, but for someone like you, who can stand out in the business world, its not easy.

Theres no comparison.”

Yuxiu Hua became even happier.

These words touched the bottom of her heart.

“Who would say otherwise Oh right, go and make an appointment at Breeze Wind Pavilion… Forget it, Ill make an appointment myself.”

Breeze Wind Pavilion was one of the top banquet venues in the capital city.

It was called Breeze Wind Pavilion, and in reality, the terrain suited the name of this building.

It was built in a place with an elegant environment.

It was warm in winter and cool in summer.

Because of the structure of the building in summer, it could receive a breeze from all directions.

It was very refreshing and pleasant.

In this big city where modern people relied on air conditioning all year round, it was a rare experience to be able to enjoy natures gifts while dining on delicacies.

Therefore, even those who did not have any appetite would usually be happy to enjoy the wind in Breeze Wind Pavilion.

Now that it was summer break, it was the most suitable time to enjoy the pavilion.

Naturally, it was crowded.

Yuxiu Hua was planning to personally make an appointment to hold a grand birthday banquet for Shi Xuexin.


After Shi Xuexin left, she went to meet the client with Shi Qing and successfully signed the contract.

Not to mention Yuxiu Hua, even Shi Qing was full of praise for Shi Xuexin.

“Xuexin, you really have the same style as me back then.”

“Dad, youre flattering me.”

“Its all thanks to you.” Shi Qing did not understand why the companys business had plummeted during this period.

Fortunately, Shi Xuexin was by his side.

Shi Xuexin said gently, “This is my duty.”

“Lets go.

Get in the car and go home.”

“No, Dad, Im meeting a friend for dinner.”

Shi Qing did not insist and said, “Go ahead then.”

Shi Xuexin immediately called Chen Jierou.

“Jierou, come out and accompany me.”

Soon, they met at a mall.

Chen Jierou saw Shi Xuexin and said, “This is great.

Shall we go shopping together”


Buy some clothes with me.” Shi Xuexin held hands with her and walked towards an affordable store.

“Eh, Xuexin, whats wrong with you Why are you buying such cheap clothes Is the Shi family in a difficult situation now But no matter how difficult it is, it shouldnt be this bad, right”

“Thats not it.” Shi Xuexin shook her head and said, “I plan to meet someone.

He has always dressed plainly, so I dont want to look too flamboyant.”

Chen Jierou heaved a sigh of relief.

“I see.

Who is it”

“My brother, Gu Jingyuan.”

When Shi Xuexin was at the Li familys, she realized that Gu Jingyuan was dressed very simply, just like Old Master Li.

His clothes were all bought and tailored by someone, and he rarely went out shopping himself.

At that time, the town itself had still had a tailor shop, so the others had felt that it was normal, but sometimes, Xuexin didnt like it.

She felt that the style of the tailor was too old-fashioned, and nice lace edges werent even an option.

However, since Gu Jingyuan liked it this way, there was nothing wrong with her following his lead.

She had to admit that it was necessary to build a good relationship with Gu Jingyuan.

Out of the five contracts she had signed recently, four of them had been signed because of him.

She had a good relationship with Gu Jingyuan and they had been siblings for twelve years before he moved.

Every time she spoke of the relationship she had with her siblings, her listeners would praise and admire her.


No matter how stupid Shi Xuexin was, she knew that Gu Jingyuan was giving her face.

Beijing Universitys Professor, Gu Jingyuan, the Genius Doctor Gu Jingyuan… He was sought after by many.

He was much more impressive than her with her empty titles.

So she couldnt wait any longer.

She had to see Gu Jingyuan and salvage their relationship.

“Why Do you have to dress worse when you see your big brother Oh, I remember now.

Is he Doctor Gu from First High School and Second High School Xuexin, why are you so nice Youre even taking me to see him!”

“Yeah, are you willing to come with me”

“Of course, of course!”

Chen Jierou was more than happy to help Shi Xuexin choose her clothes.

Her family was in the clothing business and she had even been to a show overseas.

She was quite good at choosing clothes.

Shi Xuexin also had her own plans.

Currently, Gu Jingyuan did not have a girlfriend, so it would be good if he took a fancy to one of her friends.

However, she couldnt let on and act like a mediocre matchmaker who had never seen the world.

She could only use this method.

Soon, Shi Xuexin changed into a cheap set of clothes and went to the hospital where Gu Jingyuan worked.

Shi Xuexin asked a nurse about her brothers office, and then walked over with Chen Jierou.

She was still thinking about what to say to him.

They finally reached his office.

Shi Xuexin waited until a patient left and Gu Jingyuan was alone in the treatment room before she knocked on the door and entered.

Gu Jingyuan was engrossed in writing when he heard a knock at the door.

He looked up and was surprised to see that it was Shi Xuexin.

What was she doing here

“Big Brother!” Shi Xuexin was the first to greet him.

Gu Jingyuan only raised his eyes once, but these eyes were unforgettable.

There were also some similarities between his eyes and Shi Jins.

He was wearing a white coat and had a transcendent aura.

Beneath the white coat was a white shirt.

It was the kind that Shi Xuexin was used to seeing.

It had been specially made by the tailor and did not have any brand.

He was a man of integrity, so when he wore all these clothes, he looked exceptionally elegant, diluting their plainness.

“What are you doing here” Gu Jingyuans voice was calm and emotionless.

This was not what Shi Xuexin wanted either, but she no longer had Gu Jingyuans contact number.

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