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Chapter 302: Preparing for the Birthday Party

Shi Jin smiled.

“But its also his blessing to be able to marry you.

You look better than on TV, and your voice is even sweeter than in the records.” The blue sky could not stop blowing rainbow farts.

Actually, she was considered a hidden gem.

Although she didnt specialize in Shi Jins fanbase, in reality, she bought all the songs that Shi Jin posted immediately.

It couldnt be helped.

Shi Jins voice was too charming.

Qiao Zhuoli went to the balcony to smoke and Pei Junyi sighed while hugging the empty bottles.

He Ziheng carried his bottle of wine and walked to Fu Xiuyuans side.

Before he spoke, he burped.

Fu Xiuyuan rolled his eyes at him.

“Boss, dont look down on me.

I think you havent completely taken sister-in-law down yet.”

“What do you mean”

He Zihengs voice became even more mysterious.

“When you go back, Ill send you something good.”

Fu Xiuyuan furrowed his brows and raised his chin to look at him.

“You have quite a lot of money and wine.”

“Im serious! Just because Sister-in-law gave me this wine today, I have to help you guys settle this matter!”

“Whats the matter” Shi Jin and Lan Tian walked over together and asked with raised eyebrows.

He Ziheng was shocked.

“No, nothing.

I said I finished this bottle of wine tonight! At the same time, Ill help you keep the secret of you two being together from Sister Lotus!”

These words infuriated Pei Junyi to the point his brows knit together tightly.

Fu Xiuyuan snatched Shi Jin from Lan Tians arms.

Lan Tians arms were empty.

She met Fu Xiuyuans dark gaze and ran over to He Ziheng without a word.

Shi Jin could not help but laugh.

Fu Xiuyuan was too possessive, wasnt he

She waved goodbye to everyone.

Fu Xiuyuan grabbed her wrist, pushed her against the car window and kissed her.

He was not a glutton for alcohol, but at this moment, he wanted to taste the fragrant red wine in her mouth.

Shi Jin took a deep breath and said in a low voice, “Whats wrong I remember that you dont like to drink either.”

“You gave Lan Tian a drink.”

“How dare you drink in front of He Ziheng when you know youre like this”

“Arent you here today”

She was the one who suggested coming over for a drink today.

He usually did not.

However, it seemed like she had miscalculated.

“Alright, Ill let you drink it next time.

Itll be fine as long as Im around in the future.” Shi Jin smiled, but her smile was blocked by Fu Xiuyuan.


As “Scorching Sun, Long Sky” became popular, “Scorching Sun, Long Sky” also created a small sales peak.

Li Juekai suddenly had too many scenes to count.

Shi Jin went to her parents house for dinner on the weekend and found that Li Juekais desk was filled with scripts.

“Shi Jin, you can help me take a look.” Li Juekai pulled her to his side and said with a smile, “I was thinking of choosing one from these.

Do you want to help me choose one”

Shi Jin asked, “Do you still want to continue developing in the entertainment industry”

“Thats right.

After all, it was your fathers favorite career back then.

Back then, he didnt even want the family business and had to act.

All these years, it was also because of his familys affairs that he was delayed,” Gu Qingqing said.

“Thats great.

Its not easy for people to do what they like.

Its also the best choice.”

Li Juekai raised his eyebrows and looked at Gu Qingqing.

“Listen, my daughter also supports me.”

Gu Qingqing smiled.

“I cant win against you, but its rare that you have such a high starting point now.

If you really want to do it, Ill be your manager.”

“What about the things you like”

“Isnt it one of the things I like doing with you”

Shi Jin sat at the side with a smile on her lips.

She read quickly and soon finished reading a few scripts.

She pointed to one of them and said, “I think this is not bad.”

Li Juekai and Gu Qingqing looked relieved.

“Whats wrong” Shi Jin felt a little uncomfortable from their smiles.

“Your father and I both fell for that script.”

Shi Jin: “Then our hearts are really linked.”

“Who asked us to be a family” Gu Qingqing smiled and said, “Oh right, Shi Jin, your birthday is coming up soon.

You wont be going overseas to work, right”

“No.” Shi Jin shook her head.

“Well spend it together.”

Gu Qingqing was full of anticipation.

“Ive been waiting for that day.

Your father has been waiting for it for a long time.”


Shi Xuexins birthday was approaching.

She was born on the same day as Shi Jin, which was why she was mistakenly swapped by the hospital.

In the past, the Shi family had prepared for a grand birthday celebration for Shi Xuexin.

Even though this year was her twentieth birthday and it was supposed to be a huge day, Yuxiu Huas preparations were a little weak.

As she watched Shi Jin become more and more popular, even Li Juekai became the current famous Best Actor.

The outdated Best Actor turned into someone who couldnt be easily touched.

Yuxiu Hua felt very upset.

“Mom, Im going out to sign a contract with Dad today.

I wont be back for dinner tonight,” Shi Xuexin informed her.

“Is that so Are you sure you can sign it” Yuxiu Hua asked, overjoyed.

“Yes, the other party has already agreed,” explained Shi Xuexin.

“We will sign it now.”

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