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Chapter 301: Have a Child Soon…

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“Little sister-in-law, bring Boss out more often in the future.

Dont let him stay at home all day.” He Ziheng had drunk a lot of wine and was growing more talkative.

Shi Jin smiled and asked, “When did you become friends with Fu Xiuyuan”

Her eyes sparkled and she asked sincerely.

Seeing her expression, He Ziheng opened his mouth.

“Its been a long time.

Speaking of back then, our families sent us for special training and intellectual development even before we stopped breastfeeding.

We were so young and only knew how to drink milk.

Special training my ass.

We were scolded until we cried every day.

During the exams, we relied on Boss to support us.

Didnt the little Boss become our real Boss”

“So youve known each other since you were young.” Shi Jin listened attentively.

She tilted her head and glanced at Fu Xiuyuan.

It turned out that he had been born with leadership skills.

Fu Xiuyuan looked back at her, pleased by the passion in her eyes.

Their eyes met and the temperature in the room rose spontaneously.

As the people chatted, they could sense the romance.

“Thats right.

Speaking of which, Boss is not much older than us.

Hes the only one who could handle all the special training and intelligence training.

The rest of us were just accompanying the crown prince in his studies.” When He Ziheng talked about this, he couldnt help but envy Fu Xiuyuans intelligence.

“Man, hes a natural.

We really cant envy him.”


I was willing to concede that he was like that when he was young, but when he grew up, he still crushed us.” Qiao Zhuoli laughed and said, “Humans are not born equal.”

Pei Junyi added, “Sis-in-law, since youve become our sister-in-law, why dont you come out for a drink with us in the future”

What moved these people were not only Shi Jins bottles of good wine, but also her current expression and her smiling eyes.

One could never hit a smiling person.

Moreover, this was their bosss woman.

“Sure.” Shi Jin agreed immediately.

Lan Tian raised her hand weakly.

“Im different from them.

Im a friend of Sister Lotus.

Im here to be a bystander.”

“Sister Lotuss friend is Fu Xiuyuans friend.

Its the same.” Shi Jin smiled brightly at her.

Lan Tian was stunned.

How had this girl in front of her become so beautiful and valiant

She said in a daze, “So, Sister Shi Jin, your previous test results were real”

She did not mean to offend her and was just really surprised.

Shi Jin raised her eyebrows and smiled faintly.

“I didnt want to graduate from high school.

That way, Fu Xiuyuan wouldnt catch me and marry me.”

As soon as she said this, everyone felt the coldness in the room intensify, and they couldnt help but shudder.

Shi Jin took Fu Xiuyuans hand and placed it between her palms.

She said, “After that, I realized that I should hurry up and graduate so that I could be Fu Xiuyuans wife.

So the results are real.”

She was clearly speaking in a normal voice, but in the ears of others, it sounded coquettish.

To Fu Xiuyuan, those words were undoubtedly the most enticing confession she had ever made, and it was as if she was begging him to kiss her.

In a flash, Fu Xiuyuans handsome grin grew.

She felt a warm sensation on her lips as the man pressed his mouth against hers, pulling her into his embrace.


Everyone could not hide their shock.

Shi Jin placed her hands on his chest, stopping Fu Xiuyuans kiss.

In front of her friends, she had yet to show off her love.

Moreover, there were still minors present.

Lan Tians face was red as she looked at Shi Jin.

“Sister Shi Jin, can I ask you some questions next time”

“Of course.

Were friends.”

This time, Lan Tian was smiling so much that her eyes had narrowed.

He Ziheng poured two more glasses of wine and handed one to Shi Jin.

“Little sister-in-law, this is to you! I dont know what to wish you guys, but I hope you guys have a child soon!”

Fu Xiuyuans expression darkened slightly.

Have a child soon… He seemed far from that goal.

Because he was worried that the first time would not make Shi Jin feel good, he remained calm and composed.

This was a gentlemans behavior.

It was hard to imagine that he and Shi Jin had been married for almost half a year.

“May Boss and Sis-in-law have a child soon!” Everyone also raised their glasses.

This time, everyone stayed longer than Fu Xiuyuan expected.

In this group of people, Shi Jin was completely at home.

In fact, she was more comfortable than Fu Xiuyuan.

When it was time to go, everyone had to leave.

There was still a bottle of the wine that they had yet to drink.

Pei Junyi and He Ziheng were like roosters with bloodshot eyes, staring at the bottle of wine covetously.

“Ill take it back for my collection.

This wine is extremely valuable.

Itd be a pity to drink it,” Pei Jun said first.

“Isnt wine meant to be drunk If I take it back to drink, wouldnt it be more just” He Ziheng disagreed.

Pei Jun said, “Drinking that would be a waste!”

He Ziheng: “Collecting it is meaningless!”

Qiao Zhuoli said mildly, “Shi Jin brought the wine.

Arent you going to ask her for her opinion first”

Although he was about the same age as everyone else, he was from the same generation and addressed Shi Jin by her name.

Shi Jin smiled.

“I brought it for everyone.

Keep it.”

“Whoever gets it first will get to keep it!” He Ziheng took the initiative and grabbed the bottle before Shi Jin could finish her sentence.

Pei Junyi was a second late.

His face was red and he looked at He Ziheng speechlessly.

He Ziheng took the wine and ran over to Fu Xiuyuans side.

He was sure that Pei Junyi would not dare to do anything rash and became even more fearless.

Pei Junyi was so angry that he packed up the three empty bottles.

Although the empty bottles were not as valuable as He Zihengs actual bottle of wine, their collection value was still decent.

Putting the three together was better than nothing.

“Im going to the washroom,” Shi Jin said with a smile.

Lan Tian immediately ran to Shi Jins side.

“Ill go with Sister Shi Jin.”

She held Shi Jins arm and followed her in with a smile, saying in a low voice, “Its great that youre together with Boss.”

“Really” Shi Jin smiled.

“Thats right.

In the past, I thought that you guys were a good match and that we would definitely be happy together.

I didnt expect that my notion was really accurate.

Ive really never seen Boss like a girl so much.

In our group, he says whatever he wants, and no one dares to go against him..

Hes willing to listen to you, though.”

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