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Chapter 300: The Big Boss Is Sad

“Yes, hahahaha.” He Ziheng replied, but then he did not dare to say another word.

The rest of the people remained nervous and vigilant, in case Shi Jin suddenly stirred up trouble.

It was not their fault.

In the past, Shi Jin had racked her brains to escape Repulse Bay Villa.

Naturally, this group of people were the first victims.

“Friends like us should get together more often in the future.

Oh right, Ive brought some wine over tonight.

Its just enough for everyone to have a taste.” Shi Jin was like a completely different person tonight.

Qiao Zhuoli remained silent while Pei Junyi was so shocked that he didnt know what to say.

Lan Tian was the only one who couldnt resist the pretty lady.

“Sure, sure!”

And He Ziheng was a joker who remembered to eat and avoid fighting.

He immediately said, “Really What wine Then well have to taste it properly! But…”

“But what” Fu Xiuyuan glared at him.



He Ziheng swallowed back the words: “but I dont know whats hidden in this wine”.

Soon, the waiter brought the wine that Shi Jin had brought and placed it on the table.

The four bottles of red wine looked ordinary.

On closer inspection, Pei Junyi discovered something.

“‘The Crimson Afterglow from the Lumoé winery in France in 73”

He immediately picked up a bottle and read the label in detail.

He Ziheng snatched it from him, and then his movements became very careful, as if he was holding a piece of glass that would shatter easily.

“Its really The Crimson Afterglow!”

He Ziheng loved wine as much as his life, and he especially liked red wine.

He was determined to drink all the good wine in the world, while Pei Junyi liked to collect wine.

The two of them had drunk wine countless times, but they had never encountered the famous 73 Crimson Afterglow!

Back then, He Ziheng had sworn that if he could not drink the 73 Crimson Afterglow in this lifetime, he would have to just keep living forever.

Otherwise, he would not be able to die in peace!

Pei Junyi patted him on the shoulder and said, “Then die first.

After I get it, Ill burn it for you.”

He received a beating from He Ziheng.

It was said that there were only eight bottles of this wine.

Two of them were kept by the British royal family, the other was kept by the richest man in the world, and the last was held at a famous French wine museum.

The other four bottles were missing.

Many people who loved alcohol were desperately searching for these four bottles.

Unfortunately, there were countless people who were selling fakes, but none of them could truly obtain the real thing.

Even Fu Xiuyuans wine cellar shouldnt have this And Shi Jin had brought out four bottles the moment she arrived

He Ziheng and Pei Junyi looked at each other and put down the bottles.

This wine was too expensive, and it was obviously authentic.

What was Shi Jin up to

The more expensive something was, the more they wouldnt dare to accept it.

Qiao Zhuoli and Lan Tian werent interested in wine, but they knew that some things couldnt be obtained so easily.

Shi Jin picked up a bottle and opened it with a pop.

A very strong aroma of wine filled the air, making them salivate.

He Ziheng was stunned on the spot.

When he smelled this fragrance, his nostrils widened slightly and he entered a trance-like state.

By the time he came back to his senses, Shi Jin had already poured five glasses of wine.

She raised her glass and said, “If I did anything wrong previously, please forgive me.

Now that Fu Xiuyuan and I are married, I hope we can get along as friends in the future.”

“Married” This time, even the most indifferent Qiao Zhuoli couldnt help asking.

Fu Xiuyuan lifted his lashes.

“Something wrong”

“No, no, no, of course not.

Why shouldnt you get married Boss and Sister-in-law are a perfect match, a match made in heaven.

If you didnt get married, youd be letting down the Heavenly Dao! Fine, great.”

Everyone was surprised.

Fu Xiuyuan said nothing more.

How had Shi Jin agreed to the marriage

Shi Jin raised her glass and said, “Perhaps you are surprised about why I married Fu Xiuyuan.

I have already thought it through.

He is the person I like.

If I hadnt married him, I would regret it for the rest of my life.

So, we got married.

You are his best friends, so I hope to receive your blessings and be friends with you.”

Shi Jin actually didnt care about these friends, but she knew that Fu Xiuyuan couldnt live without friends.

From time to time, he would lock himself away.

Other than work, he would not care about anything else.

This was not a very healthy lifestyle.

Shi Jin knew him better than he did.

After hearing her words, everyone could only put down their worries and raise their glasses.

No, Fu Xiuyuan was holding a glass of water.

When Shi Jin poured the wine, she had poured him a glass of water.

There was some bitterness on his face, but it did not stop him from looking at Shi Jin with a gaze as gentle as water, forcing back all the coldness.

Pei Junyi was the first to pick up his wine.

“Let bygones be bygones.

Were also happy to see our sister-in-law happy now.”

Qiao Zhuoli raised his glass.


Lan Tian also picked up her cup, but He Ziheng snatched it away.

“Youre not eighteen yet, you cant drink.”

“Sister Shi Jin, look at him!”

Shi Jin smiled.

“Im sorry, My mistake.

Drink some cola.

I forgot your age.”

Lan Tian, who had a cup of coke in her hand, looked even more resentful than Fu Xiuyuan.

She didnt like to drink, but she really wanted to taste this legendary wine.

What exactly was it like It was all gone.

While no one was looking, Shi Jin passed her wine glass to Lan Tian.

“Just one sip.”

Lan Tian took a sip happily.

What was this The legendary fine wine that was actually bitter.

There was not even a hint of sweetness.

Who knew what the fuss was about.

Shi Jin put away her cup.

Fu Xiuyuan felt even more bitter.

Lan Tian could drink, but he couldnt

He Ziheng was the happiest of them all.

He raised his glass left and right, but his stomach was filled with water, and he could hear the sound of it sloshing within him.

His stomach started to protest even before he started drinking the good wine.

With a regretful look on his face, he raised his glass and downed it.

“Old sister-in-law, congratulations!”

For the remaining glass, he found an almost empty bottle and carefully took it, planning to slowly savor it.

He felt that Fu Xiuyuan and Shi Jin were really there to jinx him.

They were simply too much.

One of them had fed him with water while the other had seduced him with exceptional wine.

There was nothing worse than this.

However, after a glass of wine, everyones grudges were settled, and the atmosphere became much better.

Even Fu Xiuyuan, who always had an oppressive aura, looked much better.

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