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Chapter 3: Lets Get Married

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Deng Yufei was waiting for Fu Xiuyuan to get even angrier.

Sure enough, the moment Deng Yufei brought up Chu Lings name, Fu Xiuyuan looked absolutely cold, and dark clouds loomed over Repulse Bay Villa as though there was an impending storm.

However, Shi Jin did not throw a temper.

Instead, her crisp, melodious voice rang.

“I know he truly loves me, so Im not seeing Chu Ling today!”

“Huh” Deng Yufei did not see this coming.

“Didnt you say you were seeing Chu Ling today” Deng Yufei covered her mouth mid-sentence and acted as though she had unintentionally blurted her intentions.

“Are you deaf or dumb I said I wont see him from now on! Dont you understand” said Shi Jin as she smiled and looked like she was trying to say something.

Deng Yufei was instantly dumbstruck.

From the looks of it, Shi Jin must have said that to make Fu Xiuyuan lower his guard, right

That was quite smart of her! However, that was all Shi Jin was capable of.

The moment she said Chu Lings name, the villa became even colder.

No one dared to say a word.

Deng Yufei exposed the injuries on her hands in the hope that Fu Xiuyuan would look at her.

The tall aloof man did not look at her hands at all.

Instead, he turned his back coldly.

“Get out.

Call the doctor.”

He had said the first sentence to everyone else.

The second sentence was directed to Song Fan.

Deng Yufei was delighted and wanted to thank him before Fu Xiuyuan added, “Get him to examine Shi Jin.”

She was greatly disappointed and had no choice but to leave with everyone else.

Song Fan sighed in his heart.

Despite the things that Shi Jin did, Fu Xiuyuan tolerated her.

What gave her the right to behave this way

Fu Xiuyuan turned to leave when he finished his sentence.

“Fu Xiuyuan, are you ready” The girls sweet voice came.

Fu Xiuyuan halted in his steps and turned back.

His eyes opened slightly wider and his anger dissipated by half when he heard her talking.

He looked perplexed and could not fathom what Shi Jin was trying to do.

However, he clenched his fists tightly and waited for her to blow up and run.

Song Fan was stunned.

What was Shi Jin up to this time Could she not give them a moments peace Was she still going to see the fiancé who had already dumped her Could she not see how mad Fu Xiuyuan was

“Fu Xiuyuan,” said Shi Jin gently again.

Fu Xiuyuan made eye contact with Shi Jin quizzically.

His eyes looked puzzled.

Shi Jin no longer looked like she hated him and something glinted in his eyes.

She looked mesmerizing.

She was charming.

And she was adorable.

Despite how contradictory everything seemed, she looked gorgeous.

However, he did not know what she was up to.

Song Fan automatically asked, “Miss Shi, what are you talking about”

“I was asking if he is ready to register our marriage.” Shi Jin walked down the stairs and went up to Fu Xiuyuan, and held his arm.

Fu Xiuyuans back froze.

He was tall to begin with, and now he looked even taller and colder.

Shi Jin hated him to the core, but she had walked up to him on her own accord.

Song Fan was still reeling in shock.

“R-register your marriage Whose marriage”

“Arent we getting married today”

Song Fan went into yet another shock and clutched his chest.

“Didnt your ID and documents get burned” How could they get married without those

Shi Jin retrieved her identification card from her purse with a smile on her face.

“They didnt get burned.

Why would I burn my ID Are you stupid or something”

Song Fan was dumbfounded.

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