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Chapter 298: Wont It Kill Us

Shi Jin picked up her chopsticks and bowl.

Her actions were elegant, but not lacking in heroic spirit.

It was pleasing to the eyes.

Fu Xiuyuan watched her move her chopsticks.

“Eat up,” Shi Jin reminded him.

Fu Xiuyuan tilted his head and received a call.

He frowned slightly.

Shi Jin asked, “Arent you going to answer”

“A friend just wants to meet for drinks.”

His words were concise, and it was obvious that he did not want to attend the occasion.

Especially after marrying Shi Jin, he preferred to stay at home with his wife, and he disliked such occasions even more.

“What friend” Only now did Shi Jin realize that she actually knew very little about Fu Xiuyuan.

She had thought that he was a loner and didnt know that he had friends who could drink with him.

Could it be the friend that she had messed with in Repulse Bay Villa

She would have to learn more.

Fu Xiuyuan said, “I havent seen you in a long time.

Theres no need to go out and drink.”

Therefore, there was no need for him to pick up the phone.

Shi Jin tilted her head.

“Of course.

Why not”

Fu Xiuyuan looked at her begrudgingly.

“I dont want to hang out with those guys.”

“Hanging out with friends has its benefits.

Otherwise, what would you do when Im not around”


“What happens after work”

“Work will never end.”

Shi Jin recalled what Fu Heyan said last time.

She had said that he had not been living with his family since he was young.

He had been sent to a unique school for brain training and intellectual development.

He had taken over his job at a young age, so he had had no childhood at all.

This was also an important source of his insecurity.

Since he had friends to drink with, wouldnt it be fun

“Shall we go together” Shi Jin said.

“I want to meet your friends too.”

And deepen their relationship.

“Id rather be alone with you.” There was a hint of bitterness in the mans eyes.

This made Shi Jin feel like a scumbag, a scumbag who disregarded family harmony and insisted on going out to play.

She approached Fu Xiuyuan.

“Im already married to you.

Shouldnt you take me to meet your friends”

Fu Xiuyuan nodded immediately.


Shi Jin could always convince him easily.

A moment later, the call came again.

Fu Xiuyuan pressed the answer button.

He Zihengs anxious voice came from inside.

“Boss, why werent you picking up the phone Ive been back from Australia for a few months now.

Every time I call you, you dont come out.

All you do is work.

Cant you make time for something else”

Fu Xiuyuans gaze landed on Shi Jin.

That gaze was obviously saying that he could, in fact, make time for something else.

As long as it was for Shi Jin.

“Boss, say something.

Lets have a meal and get together”

Shi Jin could tell that this friend seemed a little familiar.

She seemed to have played tricks on him back at Repulse Bay Villa She could not help but feel guilty.

Given Fu Xiuyuans character and the way Shi Jin had been acting, it was indeed incredible that his friends had not given up on him.

Shi Jin was very curious, so she nodded at Fu Xiuyuan.

Fu Xiuyuan said into the phone, “Alright, make a reservation.”

“D*mn! Did I hear wrongly Boss, are you really coming out”

“It doesnt look like you really meant to ask me out.”

“No, no, no.

I really wanted to ask you out, but you never showed interest before, so I wasnt mentally prepared.

If you want to come out, we can do it at any time.

Well give you all of our time! Ill inform the others now!”

Fu Xiuyuan said calmly, “Dont make it too crowded.

Dont scare Shi Jin.”

These words gave He Ziheng a huge fright.

“Shi Jin Youre still with her”

There was a thud on the other end of the line.

As expected, it was the sound of the phone falling to the ground.

“Is there a problem” Fu Xiuyuan asked in a low voice.

“No, no, no problem.” A firm but weak voice came from the other side.

Fu Xiuyuan put down the phone and picked up his chopsticks to eat.

“Weve agreed to meet together tomorrow night.”

If they still had a problem with Shi Jin, they would be gone after three seconds.

“Do I need to do something”

“Its best to just be yourself.” Fu Xiuyuan lifted his eyes to look at the girl.

Her eyes and brows were radiant, and every frown and smile she made was magnificent.

She didnt need to do anything, she was already the best.

Initially, he had only wanted to keep her as his private property, but if he wanted her to grow freely, he had to learn to adapt to her independent career and normal social life.

Even Fu Xiuyuan thought so.

When it was the appointed time the next day, Shi Jin still dressed up specially.

When she was choosing clothes, she was even more serious than when she was at work.

In the end, she chose a light blue silk dress.

The white detail around her waist added a hint of playfulness, and it perfectly revealed her waist.

Because she was tall, a pair of flats was enough to make her stand out.

Her long, thick, seaweed-like hair was no longer tied up, and was instead draped over her shoulders, making her look even more exquisite and feminine than usual.

The moment she walked out, it was like a summer breeze had enveloped Fu Xiuyuan.

He took a step forward, his gaze fixed on her face.

His girl was getting prettier.

“I dont feel like taking you out anymore.” His tone was slightly sour, but there was a hint of his usual dominance.

Shi Jin smiled and took his hand.

“Shall I take you out then”

She knew exactly what he meant, but she used her playfulness to dilute his sour mood.

Fu Xiuyuan raised his finger and placed it on her lips.

He rubbed it gently for a while before saying, “Lets go.”


In the bar, there were a few people sitting around.

The leader, He Ziheng, had a straight face, and always looked like he was grimacing.

He was giving everyone a heads up.

“Shi Jin is coming today.

Everyone, you have to stay calm.”

Qiao Zhuoli picked up a cigarette and was about to flick the lighter when He Ziheng rushed over and took the cigarette from his mouth.

“Please, Shi Jin hated the smell of cigarettes previously.

Boss made us shower before we entered his house! You dont want to be sent away to take a shower, do you”

Qiao Zhuoli flicked away the cigarette in his hand.

He Ziheng said to the other two, “Okay, okay, everyone check that theres nothing amiss.

Dont make Boss unhappy.”

Pei Jun pouted.

“Isnt it just Shi Jin Who knows how long she can stay here In the past, when she was living in Qianwans villa, she did whatever she wanted and made us suffer.

Now that she has become famous in the entertainment industry, wont she torture us to death”

Everyone instantly recalled the fear of being dominated by Shi Jin.

Although they hadnt met often with Shi Jin back then, they had often tried to sow discord between her and Fu Xiuyuan.

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