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Chapter 297: The Nations Darling

Passerby: “I heard that Best Actor Lis new movie,Burning Sun, Long Sky, is already screening and has a good reputation.

Im going to buy tickets now!”

Fans: “The haters, you all owe Best Actor Li a movie ticket!”

A large group of people flooded Li Juekais Weibo and shouted, “Dad! Do you want more kids”

More people lined up neatly and shouted, “Father-in-law!”

In just a moment, Li Juekais Weibo was flooded with people calling him “father-in-law”.

Of course, Shi Jins Weibo was soon flooded with comments that were shouting “Darling”.

It was unknown if they wanted to become Li Juekais kids or her other half.

After this battle, Li Juekai had successfully become the nations father-in-law.

And Shi Jin had an additional title: National Darling.

The two titles didnt mean much, but it showed how popular they were.

The anti-fans had nothing to say.

They had never thought that they were biological father and daughter.

However, they couldnt help but feel jealous.

“You can watch those outdated Best Actor movies Hehe, I wish you a happy ending.”

“Shi Jin must be creating hype! Shes going all out for her fathers movie!”

“After this storm passes, the box office earnings will definitely drop.”

However, reality wanted to slap them in the face again.

The ticketing sales for the day of the official release had already been released.

“Burning Sun, Long Sky” had a box office earnings of 80 million yuan that day and was ranked first.

What did this mean

This meant that this movie was very popular.

All the cinemas would increase the screening frequency.

After all, no one would miss the chance to make money.

With a good script and a good production, the market recognized such masterpieces.

For the next few days, the box office takings of “Burning Sun, Long Sky” was above 50 million.

The anti-fans faces were all smashed.

At the same time, there were also the investors who had withdrawn their investments.

“Burning Sun, Long Sky” used a very gritty filming method.

The overall cost was not high, and the post-production did not cost much.

Gu Jingyuan had invested 300 million yuan, while Liu Ning had only spent 100 million yuan.

The shoot this time had actually been quite cheap.

On the other hand, the box office earnings had increased by several times.

In other words, Liu Ning and Jinxin had insisted on using Li Juekai and achieved better results than expected.

The investors were making a fortune.

The investors who withdrew their investments were now regretting their decision.

The anti-fans could no longer jump around.

Other than picking on the shortcomings of the movie, there was nothing else they could do.

However, the outcome was already decided.

There was no point in being picky.


Yao Jiahong sat in front of Shi Jin.

“The soundtrack you made for the movie is also being recorded.

It will be released as a souvenir.”

“Not bad, make digital versions.

Itll make it easier for some fans who want to collect it to buy it.”

“Alright, well try our best to limit the price to less than 10 yuan.

Small fans will be able to afford it.”

Shi Jin had no objections.

She placed her phone aside and turned it to silent mode.

However, notifications kept coming in.

The screen lit up from time to time.

Shi Jin picked it up and took a look.

Liu Ning had sent her a big red packet.

She clicked on it.

The amount was not small.

Seeing her click on the red packet, Liu Ning started to speak.

“Almighty scriptwriter, when will the new script be ready”

Shi Jin could not help but laugh.

It was hard to imagine a man in his forties or fifties saying such things with a straight face.

“Almighty screenwriter, please show me your new works.

I want to choose one.

The investor has also said that he doesnt care about the profits anymore.

He just wants me to continue investing in the next work.”

Shi Jins interest was piqued.

“What kind of investor is so generous that he doesnt want a few hundred million”

“If you say no, then Ill accept it, but If you put it on the account, my heart will tremble.

Speaking of this investor, you know him.”

“Who is it”

“Your big brother!”

“My big brother”

Gu Jingyuan Previously, Gu Jingyuan had said that his family was ordinary and that he had enough money.

Shi Jin had believed him, but later on, Old Master Li had given her eight real estate certificates.

This made Shi Jin doubt Gu Jingyuans ordinary behavior.

Of course, after receiving a luxurious car that was worth tens of millions from Gu Jingyuan, Shi Jin could not believe he was truly ordinary.

And now, Liu Ning was willing to invest a few hundred million yuan worth of profits.

Hmm, average-looking Little Stone, ordinary Gu Jingyuan, outdated Best Actor Li Juekai, old farmer Li.

The whole family was too ordinary.

Liu Ning immediately sent a message.

“So, do you think I should work hard and invest properly in your brother Otherwise, Ill feel uneasy leaving this money here.

When the time comes, why dont you help me review the scripts given by the other screenwriters If it works, Ill have to invest more.”

With money and confidence, Liu Ning was now a rich person.

“Alright, Ill give you my script.

If you receive anything good, show it to me too.” Shi Jin agreed readily.

Yao Jiahong saw that she had been busy for more than half an hour before she put down her phone and asked, “So, are you only going to choose one-tenth of the commercial endorsements”

“Yes, one-tenth will be enough.”

Shi Jin was no longer short of money.

She had to take care of her work and life.

After parting ways with Yao Jiahong, she returned to Lanting Residence and changed out of the silk dress she had been wearing when she left home.

She changed into more comfortable home clothes.

She was reading on the second floor when she heard the sound of a car outside.

She got up and walked downstairs.

Fu Xiuyuan was walking in.

His expression softened when he saw the girl standing by the staircase with a gentle expression.

He strode towards the stairs.

The fitting jacket was wrapped around his lean but strong body, exuding a strong and oppressive aura.

He approached Shi Jin.

“Youre back early today”

“Im back to accompany you.” Shi Jin smiled.

“Am I not welcome”

“Of course not.” Fu Xiuyuan held her waist.

As long as she was around, the entirety of Lanting Residence would have a chance.

He lowered his eyes to look at the girl.

“I like to see you when I get back.

I also like to wait for you at home.”

The two of them cuddled together.

Butler Chen walked over, wanting to remind them to have dinner when they were done.

In the end, the two of them continued to cuddle as if no one else was around.

Butler Chen could neither leave nor stay.

When he saw Fu Xiuyuan lowering his head to kiss Jin Jin, Butler Chen decided to make himself scarce.

He returned ten minutes later to find them still kissing.

This time, it was Shi Jin who was kissing Fu Xiuyuan.

It sure was nice to be young.


When Fu Xiuyuan and Shi Jin came over for dinner, it was already late, but this did not affect their good mood.

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