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Chapter 294: The Outdated Best Actor Is Still Daddy

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Fu Xiuyuan laughed.

His chest vibrated from the laughter, and his voice sounded even more mellow and pleasant than usual.

Shi Jin was leaning against his chest and could clearly feel his strong heartbeat.

The vibration made her ears tingle, and she could not bear to leave his embrace.

Shi Jin said, “After dinner, I need you to accompany me somewhere.”

“Alright, I should be there for Dads movie press conference.”

“‘Burning Sun, Long Sky has been screened, and the effect was quite good.

Its officially released now.

The script is decent, and its likely to become a classic.”

Fu Xiuyuan had done his homework beforehand.

The story of a battle of wits between a police officer and a suspect inBurning Sun, Long Sky was detailed and shocking.

It wasnt the kind of movie that caught the attention of young people easily from the start, but the quality of this kind of movie was very good.

It could often bring the entire film crew and all the actors careers to a higher level.

It was also the kind of movie to become a cult hit.

Fu Xiuyuan felt Shi Jin laughing in his arms.

After a moment, she raised her head and said, “I hope so.”

After dinner, they went straight to the press conference.

Liu Ning, Li Juekai, and the rest had already arrived at the scene.

At the venue, reporters were gathered.

Seeing this, Fu Xiuyuan released Shi Jin and said, “Go over.”

Shi Jin touched his lips.

“Ill be back soon.”

Shi Jin had already changed into an evening gown.

She was wearing a long black dress.

It was originally a dull color, but she did not seem to notice at all.

The skin peeking out of it was fair and smooth, diluting the dark visual effect.

Altogether, it formed a very harmonious image.

The dress complemented the wearer.

She had applied bright red lipstick, creating a stark contrast.

She had black hair, a black dress, fair skin, and red lips.

She had just come over from the Olympiad in her student attire.

She had still been wearing her fresh and pleasant uniform, but now she had transformed into a dark creature of the night.

Shi Jins appearance had caught the reporters attention.

“Is that Shi Jin”

“Oh my god! Shes so beautiful!”

“Shi Jin, look over here!”

Shi Jin looked in the direction of the reporters.

Fu Xiuyuans gaze followed her.

Shi Jin with such makeup… his heart was filled with madness.

He wanted to confine her to his side so that her beauty could only be displayed in front of him and no one else could see anything.

At that moment, Fu Xiuyuan released his grip on her waist and exerted all his restraint.

Any other persons gaze was unbearable.

Fu Xiuyuan turned around and left.

He walked over to a dark corner, lit a cigarette, took a deep puff, and blew out a smoke ring.

He thought he could do it, but when he saw her in front of others, he almost lost control of his emotions.

Before this, every time Shi Jin appeared, she would either be in her school uniform or a simple white t-shirt and jeans.

Even wearing a dress was unusual for her.

However, after graduation, her style would be different.

She would become more feminine because of her identity as an artist.

Especially tonight, she had come to the venue as the composer of “Burning Sun, Long Sky” to promote Li Juekais movie.

Fu Xiuyuan had no reason to stop her.

There was no reason for her to give up on helping her family.

He could only endure it.

Shi Jin looked politely in the direction of the reporters.

Her expression was still indifferent, but this indifferent expression gave her a charming yet unapproachable temperament.

It was breathtakingly beautiful, but Fu Xiuyuan could only watch from afar.

Liu Ning walked quickly to her side.

“Shi Jin, its time to go on stage.”

Shi Jin followed him and walked towards Li Juekai.

Li Juekai was different tonight.

After his legs healed, his energy returned.

During the filming ofBurning Sun, Long Sky, he had tried his best to do the things that he liked, which gave him another vibe—one of calmness and confidence.

This was something that had been absent from his body for eight years while he was in a wheelchair.

When everything returned to him, he was completely different.

After washing away the slovenliness from his body, he only had the elegance and wisdom that comes from experiencing the baptism of time, making him look handsome and charming, extraordinary.

“Dad.” Shi Jin walked over and stood beside him.

Li Juekais smile widened when he saw his daughter.

He moved aside and let Shi Jin stand in the center.

Shi Jin whispered something to him.

The press conference officially began.

A while ago, due to the withdrawal of investors, the reporters had not paid attention to the filming of this movie at all.

When the public mentioned it, they also thought that it was a movie that was bound to fail.

However, during the pre-screening two days ago, the reception had been very good.

Regardless of whether they were veteran movie fans or passersby, they all gave it at least four stars after seeing it.

A certain publicly acknowledged film ratings website even gave it a high score of 9.

When it came to Li Juekai, who had not been involved in acting for many years, the public praised him even more.

Someone even said, “A starving camel is still stronger than a horse, and an outdated Best Actor is still the Godfather!”

Because Li Juekai was playing the role of a police officer in “Burning Sun, Long Sky” and had the identity of a father at the same time, this sentence was considered a double-edged sword.

It caused a certain group of fans to be very amused.

This joke even appeared in the entertainment circle once.

This attracted a crowd of reporters to attend the press conference.

Liu Ning was also full of vigor.

It had only been a few months since he was abandoned by the investors.

Today, half of the reporters had come uninvited.

After Jin came over, the reporters who had caught wind of the news followed again, attracting another large group of reporters to the scene.

At this moment, the entire venue was surrounded by reporters.

The ceremony of the press conference was very simple.

All kinds of interactions played out between the actors and actresses.

Although the reporters repeatedly shouted to get Shi Jin to play the game with them, Liu Ning and Shi Jin still controlled their pace and did not overstep their boundaries.

Li Juekai was good with his words and very soon, the process came under his control.

Half an hour passed.

Shi Jin was standing on the stage and looked down at Fu Xiuyuan several times.

He was used to standing in a corner and looking at her.

However, Shi Jin realized that he seemed to have disappeared Was he busy with work

Her heart suddenly felt empty.

This was not the normal feeling of being busy with work.

Her instincts had always been very sharp.

She hurriedly told Liu Ning that she was leaving early.

Liu Ning asked, “Are you alright”

“No.” Shi Jin lifted her skirt and got off the stage immediately.

As the scene was already under Li Juekais control, Shi Jins sudden disappearance did not attract much attention from the reporters.

However, Li Juekai immediately noticed it.

When one reporter mentioned the other actors, he asked in a low voice, “Wheres Shi Jin”

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