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Chapter 293: Afraid of Being Attacked

There was a hint of pride on his calm face.

Then, he raised his eyebrows and glanced at the screen.

When the camera swept past Shi Jin, he paused for a moment.

When the camera moved away, he quickly retracted his gaze.

It was as if there was a radar in his body that could accurately locate any image of Shi Jin.

Song Fan suddenly understood when he saw him calmly signing the papers.

This man was certain that Shi Jin would win the championship and get full marks.

That was why he was watching with relish and wasnt worried at all.

Was he being naive


As this result was announced, the bullet screen filled with cheers.

There was no need to mention Shi Jins fans.

Shi Jin had won an award and the national team had won an award.

All of them felt honored.

Naturally, the passers-by would not question Shi Jin anymore.

No matter what, she did not represent herself, but rather the national team, and the entire countrys honor!

The anti-fans even surrendered.

No matter how immoral or shameful a person was, they had to compromise for the sake of national honor.

They didnt know if the fans would let them off or not, but the passersby would definitely not let them off!

Wen Yongwei clenched her fists and swept the items from the table onto the floor! Shi Jin had won again! Another perfect score!


“Haha, another perfect score! Not easy, not easy at all!” Old Master Shi could not help but pat his knee, his excitement evident on his face.

Shi Xuexins face twitched as she did not know what expression to make.

Why Why was it so difficult, but Shi Jin could do it How had Shi Jin gone from being ignorant and incompetent to being so outstanding

“Congratulations, Old Master!” A nurse brought his medicine over and said with a smile, “Shi Jin is really amazing.

She has brought glory to our country!”

“Sigh, its nothing much.

Its nothing much.” Old Master Shi waved his hand and his eyes were filled with pride.

Shi Xuexin could only whisper, “Congratulations, Grandpa.

Shi Jin is really getting better.”


At the venue of the awards ceremony:

Teacher Fang and Teacher Wu sincerely said to Teacher Xia, “Congratulations.”

“I should congratulate you in advance,” Teacher Xia said.

Teacher Fang and Teacher Wu smiled and said, “Thank you.”

However, Teacher Fang and Teacher Wu did not have high hopes for Shi Jin scoring full marks in their own subjects.

After all, Shi Jin had already done her best in mathematics.

She had not gone through only physics and chemistry training.

It would be easy to get full marks for one subject, but not for another.

Teacher Fang and Teacher Wu thought that it would be good if Shi Jin could score 40 points.

Such a score was enough to increase the chances of the entire national team winning.

“42! 42!” Someone pushed Teacher Fang.

“Shi Jins Physics: 42 points!”

“What” Before Teacher Fang could react, Teacher Xia turned serious.

“Listen, Shi Jins Physics score is 42 points!”

Teacher Fang looked at the stage in confusion.

When he saw that there were 42 marks behind Shi Jins name, he suddenly stood up and waved his hands.

He turned to hug Shi Jin again.

Teacher Xia hugged her too and separated her from Teacher Fang.

Teacher Fang only hugged Teacher Xia.

When Teacher Wu came over to hug them, Shi Jin happened to be missed.

There was a smile on Shi Jins face.

The smile on her fair face was faint, but beautiful and alluring.

Teacher Xia thought that it was no wonder Yao Jiahong had repeatedly instructed her to do her best to stop other men from hugging Shi Jin.

A girl like her should be properly protected.

Before Mr.

Wu could sit down, someone tugged at his sleeve and said, “Mr.

Wu, Shi Jin scored 42 points in chemistry too! Look!”

The bullet screen was filled with screams.

In this international competition, Shi Jin had once again scored full marks in all three fields of mathematics, physics, and chemistry.

These three perfect scores not only allowed her to get three gold medals, but also allowed her to get first place in the mathematics, physics, and chemistry teams, leaving the United States, Russia, and the United States in the dust.

This was also the first time that Country S had come first in a few years!

Everyone was cheering for the national teams results.

The fans rushed to spread the news, and passersby also shared Shi Jins results.

Wen Yongwei threw away everything in the room except for the excited voice of the host.

“Shi Jin! Shi Jin! Its Shi Jin!”


Shi Xuexin was sitting beside Old Master Shi.

She could not throw anything, so her palms were almost impaled by her fingernails.

Shi Jins name was going viral.

Some passersby who did not know what was going on could not help but laugh when they saw her name.

“What did Shi Jin do this time”

Some of Chu Lings fans couldnt wait to see her make a fool of herself.

When they clicked on it and saw the whole story clearly, the passerby said, “Shi Jin is not bad! She really did it!”

Chu Lings fans quietly closed the page.

They didnt dare to say anything, afraid that they would be beaten up through the internet.


The award ceremony ended.

The national team members walked over to Shi Jin and extended their hands to her.

Shi Jin shook their hands one by one, looking generous and open.

Teacher Xia hooked her arm around Shi Jins shoulder.

“Shall we have dinner together”

“Im sorry, Teacher Xia.

Shi Jin has something else to attend to, so she cant go with you.” Yao Jiahong stepped forward and declined on her behalf.

At this moment, Shi Jin should be with Master Fu.

The three teachers were very regretful.

However, they remembered that the three of them still had their own meals to attend to.

Teacher Xia said, “Shall just the three of us eat”

Teacher Fang and Teacher Wu also remembered that back then, in order to compete for Shi Jin, everyone had yet to eat the meal that they wanted.

If they had known that this meal would be eaten in such a manner, the three of them wouldnt have fought so hard for it.

The three of them looked at each other and smiled.

Yao Jiahong followed behind Shi Jin with the three medals in his hands and said, “Is this a gift for Lanting Residence, or for the company”

“Lets leave it for Lanting Residence.” Shi Jin got into the car.

After Yao Jiahong put the things into the car, he didnt follow her in.

Shi Jin was about to call for him when the door was pulled open.

Fu Xiuyuans familiar, handsome face appeared in her line of sight.

His eyes were filled with pride as he got into Shi Jins van.

The minivan was big enough, but as he sat down, he had to bend his long legs slightly to get used to the space.

Shi Jin smiled and looked at him.

He reached out and hugged Shi Jin.


“Congratulations to you too, Mr.

Fu.” She picked up one of the trophies.

“You get half of the medal, dont you”

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