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Chapter 292: Shi Jin, Full Score

Teacher Xia could not help but say, “This is a good thing.”

Teacher Fang asked, “Where is it sold”

Teachers like them had to study countless questions every day and had to lead national teams.

They often felt very tired.

If they could buy this thing, they could use it on normal days.

Wouldnt that be even better than drinking coffee every day

“Ill bring it for you,” said Shi Jin.

“Ill buy it for you next time.”

It sounded like it was very difficult to get hold of.

Teacher Fang agreed immediately and took out his phone.

“Ill transfer the money to you now.”

“No need.

I want to buy some myself anyway.

I can just buy them together.” Shi Jin insisted on not taking his money.

After interacting with them a few times, how could she not see through the good intentions and nurturing these teachers were showing her

They could receive a five-digit income just by running a casual class outside, but they often requested that Shi Jin self-study during the night.

Of course, Shi Jin would always decline politely as though she had something to do.

How could she take their money for something that Lanting Residence could grow

The teachers werent people who were particular about small details.

When they heard what Shi Jin said, they didnt force her to take the money.

Shi Jin leaned against her chair and looked at the stage lazily.

Since Country S was hosting this time, the results would be announced to the other countries first.

There were a total of 25 participating countries.

Led by traditional powers such as Russia, the United States, and the United Kingdom, the other countries were nothing to sneeze at.

Initially, Country S had had a huge advantage in these competitions.

However, as these other countries took this competition more and more seriously, Country S could only be ranked second in terms of individual results and overall results.

It was no wonder the teachers were so infuriated.

Sure enough, when she heard that the United States, the United Nations, and Russia had all scored 41 marks in mathematics, Teacher Xia picked up her glass and chugged some water.

The full mathematics score was 42 points, so 41 points was close to full marks.

According to the rules, the top five percent of students would receive gold medals, so 41 points was definitely good enough for a gold medal.

The national teams overall results were ranked according to the students scores.

The higher the students score, the higher the ranking of the entire national team.

So far, the total scores of all the members of the Mathematics team had been added up:

America: 227

Russia: 226

The United Nations: 219.

The total score was 252.

Country Ss members scores were announced.

35, 32, 40, 41, 38.

The total score of the first five students was 186 points!

In other words, Shi Jins score had to be 42 points.

Only then could Country Ss team reach 228 points.

Only then could they be stronger than the American team!

Teacher Xia gulped down two glasses of water and waited for the results.

The ice mint Shi Jin had given her was no longer effective.

At that moment, the people watching the live broadcast started to get nervous.

“No way, no way.

There are already so many with 41 points”

“My heart is in my mouth! I wonder how many points Country S will get.”

“Although Im not Shi Jins fan, I really hope that she can get another perfect score for our countrys honor! Or even 41.5!”

“Do you think the International Mathematical Olympiad is easy Look at how many geniuses have only scored around 30 points.

The questions are really hard.”

“Thats right.

In the other 21 countries, there are plenty of people who have achieved lower than 20 points.

In other words, those who can get more than 30 points are already considered pretty good.

At the very least, theyll take bronze.

Why would they hope to get full marks Of course, I still hope that Shi Jin can get full marks!”

At this moment, many people had gathered in front of their screens to watch the live broadcast.

Wen Yongwei was definitely one of them.

In the past few days, her business hours had been pathetically low.

From the results of her college entrance examinations, her business had soared and then plummeted, causing her to lose her mental balance.

Today, Kang Cheng had given her a day off to rest at home.

Unable to control herself, she clicked on the live stream.

Unlike the others, she hoped that Shi Jin would lose.

The worse her results were, the better.

Only when Shi Jin lost would she be able to claw back some of her reputation.

This was her only hope!

At the same time, Shi Xuexin was also watching the live stream.

She was being forced to watch.

When she had gone to visit Old Master Shi, he was watching, so she had no choice but to sit beside him and watch too.

Old Master Shi was wearing his presbyopic glasses and said calmly, “It shouldnt be a problem for Shi Jin to get full marks this time.”

“It should be fine.” Shi Xuexins expression was somewhat unnatural.

After Shi Jins college entrance examination results got out, she, the citys past top scorer, would no longer be the citys top scorer.

It was old news now.

When it was mentioned by others, no one would exclaim in admiration like before.

When she saw the look of trust on Old Master Shis face, Shi Xuexin thought otherwise.

She knew that the questions for this international competition were exceptionally difficult, even far beyond the standards of other years.

She knew a top student in her family.

He was a reserve member for the national team.

When he saw the real questions, he almost cried.

He was especially glad that he hadnt been chosen as an official member.

He even said, “This will go down in history.”

“Why havent they announced it yet” Old Master Shi asked.

He frowned as he watched the camera move from Teacher Xia to Teacher Fang and then to Teacher Wu.

“The programs just doing a gimmick,” said Shi Xuexin.

The more crucial the points were, the more dramatic they had to make it.

However, looking at Teacher Xias expression, her lips were pursed and her eyes were listless.

Shi Jin probably would not do well… right


In Fu Xiuyuans office:

When Song Fan came to deliver the coffee, the camera focused on the teachers.

He put down the coffee, unsure if he should send the file up.

He was also watching the livestream from outside—this was already a routine for him as a secretary.

After all, if he did not watch the livestream, how could he understand Shi Jins movements If he didnt understand Shi Jins situation, how could he grasp Master Fus mood and serve his employer well

However, the current situation was very unclear.

The teachers were all filled with worry.

The director was also good at showing these emotions, using comparison shots, rendering, adding background music and other elements to make the atmosphere especially tense.

Song Fans heart was already in his mouth.

He had come over to deliver a cup of coffee, but it was as if fate had seized his throat.

“Give it to me.” Fu Xiuyuan signaled with his eyes.

Song Fan hurriedly sent the document over.

He didnt know whether he should mourn for the person who had sent this document or rejoice.

Who had asked that person to send it over at that time

Fu Xiuyuan took the document and had just opened it when the hosts excited voice came from the live-stream.

“Shi Jin, 42 points, full marks! The total score for Country S is 228 points! Their Mathematics team is ranked first!”

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