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Chapter 291: Investing in a Cosmetics Company

This action of Shi Jins had brought Allure back from the brink of death.

It had also caused Zhou Feng to jump from being the youngest young master of the Zhou family, and the least valued member, to becoming the mainstay of the family.

He knew how to repay kindness.

He remembered Shi Jins contact details and had sought confirmation from many sources.

Finally, he had found out that the person who sent him the warning was Shi Jin.

Previously, he had contacted Shi Jin several times, wanting to repay her for what he had done.

In Shi Jins memory, he had always been a responsible boss.

Although the Allure brand had always been mediocre, Zhou Feng had quietly built dozens of Hope Elementary Schools in small mountain villages, but he had never made these actions public.

Hence, when he contacted Shi Jin, she did not hide anything.

Not only that, she had even pointed out the problems with the other ingredients in his brand.

In just a few months, the sales of Allure products had made a huge leap.

Although he had been in contact with Shi Jin all this while, their relations had never been revealed to the outside world.

That was why the contact between Shi Jin and him had continued.

“Is anything the matter” Shi Jin picked up her teacup and took a sip.

Every movement of hers was filled with an indescribable sense of casualness and elegance.

Zhou Feng had only glanced at her once, but he did not even dare to take a second look.

He took out a formula sheet and said, “Ive developed a formula.

I have the finished product, but for some reason, the effect isnt as good as I expected.

The experimental products effect is pretty good, but the finished product isnt as stable as the experimental product.

Id like to ask you for some pointers.”

He took a step forward and showed Shi Jin the ingredients.

Shi Jin took a look.

She curled her eyes slightly and said, “The proportion of essential oil here is not very suitable.

When you make a finished product, the essential oil will dissipate quickly.

Naturally, the final product will be different from the test product.”

“Ah!” Zhou Feng exclaimed in realization.

“Also, I suggest you change the ingredients.

This herb can only be picked and used in summer.

When your product is mass-produced, the cost during winter will definitely be very high.

Wouldnt it be better to change it to another herb that grows all year round”

“I thought so too.

However, there arent many people planting herbs that grow like that, so the cost is very high.”

Shi Jin asked, “Have you been to Taizhou Town”

“Taizhou Town Im flying there soon.”

Taizhou Town was where Old Master Li lived.

It was originally a barren and desolate place.

It was also because of an unforeseen event in the Li family more than twenty years ago that he had been sent there, but who was Old Master Li

He was a scientist whose face was used for the cover of textbooks.

The flowers and plants he usually planted were not some retirees hobby, but were leading the entire region to riches.

The medicinal herbs needed to unlock the doors of the formula that Zhou Feng had unlocked were coincidentally the types of economic plants that Old Master Li had been getting the farmers to plant vigorously over the past two years.

They could bring huge profits to the local economy and improve the income of the people.

Sometimes, Jin would point him in the right direction, while Zhou would point him in the wrong direction.

He had only spoken to Shi Jin over the phone before.

Now that they were talking face to face, he felt that Shi Jin was not to be underestimated.

However, given Shi Jins skills, why was she only involved in the entertainment industry

This was a private question, and he couldnt ask.

He was secretly delighted.

He knew much more than the fans and haters outside.

The Shi Jin he knew was perfect.

“The contract is here.

Ill have to trouble you to sign it, Miss Shi,” said Zhou Feng as he unlocked the door and retrieved the contract before handing it to Shi Jin.

Shi Jin looked at him inquisitively.

Zhou Feng explained, “You have helped me so much.

All the recipes that you have given me… you should have a share of the profits.”

Actually, Zhou Feng wished he could give the entire companys shares to Shi Jinzhi.

However, he had just gained a foothold in the Zhou family.

Those old shareholders would definitely not agree to this.

If he brought it up, it would cause trouble for Shi Jin.

He might as well start from the beginning.

“Young Master Zhou, are you planning to buy me off” Shi Jin asked with a faint smile.

“I wouldnt dare, I wouldnt dare,” said Zhou Feng, who immediately began to panic.

“Its just that Ive received so much help from you.

Its inappropriate for me to continue being like this.

Since youve put in so much effort, I ought to give you your share.”

Shi Jin picked up the pen and signed her name.


Zhou Feng was overjoyed.

“Thank you!”

He was the one giving up the profits, yet he was thanking Shi Jin.

Shi Jin put down the pen.

“I was always interested in this, so Im not taking advantage of you by working with you.

You can leave the formulae to me in the future.”

Zhou Mo was even more delighted.

“Alright! Its a deal!”

His gains today were more than he had expected.

He took his leave, and Butler Chen went to see him off.

Shi Jin liked to work with people who were straightforward and direct, so Zhou Feng was a good match.


Three days later, the results of the International Olympiad and the awards ceremony would be held.

Originally, the award ceremony was supposed to be filmed by the program team for “Backstage Brainiacs”.

However, this program was sponsored by Omnipotent Answers, so how could Qian Li be willing to give Shi Jin popularity

She had no choice, but to withdraw her investments.

The show had started off with a bang, and now there wasnt even a splash.

Cai Xinyi accepted the project and spoke to another director.

She started a new show and live-streamed the award ceremony this time.

Xu Fangzhou and Qian Li were completely out of the competition.

The competition was being held in the capital, so the award ceremony was also held there.

Early in the morning, Shi Jin took the nanny van to the event venue.

There were reporters everywhere today and banners with Shi Jins name on them.

Wen Yongweis name could no longer be seen.

Shi Jin was wearing her school uniform today.

She followed Yao Jiahong in.

He stopped all the reporters and sent Shi Jin to Teacher Xia.

Seeing Shi Jin dressed like this, a smile appeared on Teacher Xias stern face.

She knew that this child had never forgotten her original intentions.

“Shi Jin, take a seat,” Teacher Xia said.

“The results will be announced very soon.”

Shi Jin nodded and saw Teacher Xia drinking water non-stop.

Teacher Xia had always been like this, drinking water whenever she was nervous.

Not to mention her, even Teacher Fang and Teacher Wu were carrying large cups today.

They seemed even more nervous than on the day of the official competition.

Shi Jin reached out and revealed some ice mint leaves, giving each of them one.

These were no longer real leaves.

They had been processed by Shi Jin and retained their taste, but they were not in the shape of a leaf.

“What is this”

“To relax,” said Shi Jin.

The three teachers picked them up and smelled the leaves.

They were indeed refreshing and pleasant, and they felt soothed.

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