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Chapter 290: Become the Worlds Richest Man

Fu Xiuyuans eyes were filled with smiles and affection.

“Alright, Mrs.


The interview was released by the reporters that night.

In an instant, all the fans and passersby were dazzled.

All of the domestic Mathematical Olympiads first prize At the same time, she had passed both the Qing University and the Beijing Universitys admission test and rejected two universities at the same time

On the mock exam she had scored 540 points, while missing one and a half exams

Her college entrance examination results were 749.5 points, giving her the highest score in the country in the past few years.

She was currently the top student in the city and also the national college entrance examinations champion

She said that her college entrance examination results were not ideal because they were 0.5 points lower than expected

Shi Jin had someone she liked.

Not only was he not from the entertainment industry, he was the best man in the world

Her words eliminated Chu Ling, who was the top celebrity in the entertainment industry, from the list of suspects.

She was really avoiding suspicion.

No one knew which topic to discuss first.

In the end, all the words that the fans had gathered came together to form one sentence: “Amazing Shi Jin, we will always support you.”

Fans: “Yes, even if you have a man you like, as long as you enjoy your life, we will have no regrets.”

Fans: “Agreed! Youre our idol, youre a singer, but youre yourself first.

Live your life well.

Thats the most important thing to us!”

Fans: “Anti-fans, come out and get beaten up!”

Fans: “What else do the anti-fans have to say”

Passerby: “Im impressed! What kind of celebrity is this”

Passerby: “Just another day where I envy other peoples idols.”

Passerby: “Its the day I become someone news fan again.”

Anti-fan: “What a joke.

The best man in the world Who could be the best man in the world Shi Jin likes to flatter herself too much.”

Chu Lings fans: “Hehehe, what kind of man could compare to you, Brother Shi Jin must be dreaming about you.”

Chu Lings fans: “Thats normal.

If you like someone like Chu Ling, you must try to dream of a better man than him, right Otherwise, how could you convince yourself to keep going”

Chu Lings fans: “Maybe she likes Chu Ling and said that on purpose”

Shi Jins fans were speechless at these big-faced Chu Ling fans.

How could it have anything to do with Chu Ling This was not the way to gain popularity!

Everyone chased Chu Lings fans away.

Even passersby could not stand this kind of behavior.

Recently, Shi Jin had not contacted Chu Ling at all and had never mentioned him.

How could his fans have the cheek to say such things


After this incident, Wen Yongwei and Kang Cheng were extremely embarrassed.

They secretly deleted the results of the college entrance exam.

Previously, every time they had been doing promotion work, they would bring up Shi Jin.

And now Only now had they realized that Shi Jins results had completely crushed hers!

Actually, a result like Wen Yongweis was already very good.

If she only advertised herself and didnt bring Shi Jin up, there was nothing to criticize.

Everyone would still praise her as a genius.

However, she had to bring Shi Jin up at every release.

Every time she had done something, she dragged Shi Jins name into it, trying to use Shi Jins bad points to show off her own excellence.

In the end, when they were defeated, the scene was especially ugly and awkward.

Qian Li finally realized that it had not been a mistake to look for Wen Yongwei to be the spokesperson.

The mistake was that while she looked for Wen Yongwei to be the spokesperson, her competitor had also found a spokesperson who could completely crush Wen Yongwei.

Qian Li had no choice, but to discuss ending the endorsement early to reduce the exposure of the advertisement.

The biggest winners were undoubtedlyUnquestionable Answers and Cai Xinyi.

As Shi Jins various results were completely exposed, the number of downloads for the top questions app kept rising.

Even though everyone knew that it was impossible to become like Shi Jin with just an app, the marketing power was something that no one could deny.

As long as a student did not download Unquestionable Answers, they would feel like they would fall behind very quickly.

Even parents and teachers who did not have the app on their phones would subconsciously feel flustered.


Shi Jin was reading in the courtyard when Cai Xinyi called.

She picked it up and Cai Xinyis clear voice sounded.

“Shi Jin, our app has the highest ratings in the country now.”


“Its all thanks to you.

Without you, we wouldnt be where we are today.

Back then, we went to Fu Enterprise to solve the problem.

If it werent for you, we really wouldnt have known what to do to turn the situation around.

You dont know, but when I saw Tang Jun that day, he was so embarrassed that he didnt even dare to greet me.”

Shi Jin had heard about what happened to Tang Jun last time.

When she heard Cai Xinyi mention it, she could not help but find it funny.

Cai Xinyi continued, “Next time when you are free, I will treat you and Brother Yao to a meal.”


Cai Xinyi knew that Shi Jins time was precious, so she didnt disturb her any longer and hung up.

A moment later, Shi Jin received an additional 500,000 yuan to her account.

She glanced at the notification.

Yao Jiahongs WeChat followed, saying: “This is the bonus Miss Cai gave us.”

“Shes too kind.” Shi Jin did not think that she had helped much.

“Shell feel at ease if we accept it.

You dont know how many educational brands have contacted me to hire you for endorsements.

Not only that, there are also some health supplements that claim that people can become smarter after taking their products.

Theyre also looking for you for endorsements.”

Shi Jin knew that Yao Jiahong was someone who knew her limits.

She would not earn this lousy money.

Back then, she had insisted on letting Yao Jiahong be her manager because she had considered the situation today.

Shi Jin smiled.

“Since they can become smarter after taking those things, why dont they just take them all and then become the richest men in the world”

“Oh, you,” Yao Jiahong said helplessly, but his tone was a little doting.

As they spoke, Butler Chen walked over.

When he saw that Shi Jin had hung up the phone, he said, “Miss Shi, theres a man outside called Zhou who said he wanted to see you.”

“Let him in.”


Shi Jin put on her slippers and returned to her room.

She changed into a pair of flats before heading downstairs.

Zhou Feng was already standing in the living room.

Just as he was about to sit down, he saw Shi Jin and immediately stood up.

Shi Jin was wearing a long white cotton dress.

It was not fitting, but the loose clothes made her look slender and tall.

“Miss Shi,” Zhou Feng greeted her respectfully when she opened the door.

He quickly concealed the surprise in his eyes and sat down, taking the tea from Butler Chen.

A mark on Zhous finger was one that had been caused by an old product.

There had been a flaw in the beauty product and he had had an allergic reaction.

It was Shi Jin who had informed him to change the formula.

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