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Chapter 289: What She Cared About the Most

They had spent a lot of money on this program, but it had just become a beautiful advertisement for their competitors.

Cai Xinyi, in front of the higher-ups, was all smiles and walked with style.

Those senior executives were filled with regret.

The success of the commercial this time had brought huge profits to the company.

The formless reputation was incomparable to anything else.

And they had previously given up on this honeypot.

Although they could benefit from the companys development, they regretted not being able to participate in the profits.

The one kicking themself the most was probably Tang Jun, who had just jumped ship to Omnipotent Answers.

However, the world would not care about the feelings of the losers.

That night, Shi Jin had also ended her performance at the Strawberry Music Festival.

Fu Xiuyuan received her and said in a low voice, “Todays interview is about to begin.”

In response to the results, Yao Jiahong had made this arrangement to interact with society.

“Alright, Ill go change first,” said Shi Jin.

Fu Xiuyuans gaze darkened for a moment.

The changing backstage was for public use and it blocked his path.

Moments later, Shi Jin returned.

Previously, she had been wearing a shiny costume.

Now, she had changed into a dark green silk shirt, black jeans, and a pair of high heels.

She had washed away her usual student aura and now held a hint of intellectual beauty.

Fu Xiuyuans gaze was glued to her.

“Are the clothes ugly” Shi Jin asked.

“I wasnt looking at the clothes.”

In other words, he was transfixed just by her.

It didnt matter if the clothes looked good or not.

No matter how pretty the clothes were, they couldnt be compared to Shi Jins beauty.

No matter how ugly the clothes were, Shi Jin would still be able to look elegant in them.

Shi Jins expression became animated.

She walked to Fu Xiuyuan and whispered, “Wait for me to come out.”

When they saw Shi Jin walk in like this, all the reporters were stunned for a moment.

This wasnt the first time they had seen Shi Jin dressed so simply, but it was too beautiful.

Shi Jin really looked good in anything.

Yao Jiahong controlled the order in the room.

“If anyone has any questions, you can ask them one by one.”

One of the reporters asked, “Shi Jin, were all the domestic competitions you participated in before first prize What were your college entrance examination results like What were your results from the two top universities that you took part in previously”

Shi Jin had never personally addressed these matters.

After the news spread, the outside world had not believed it.

So now that the reporters had asked the same question, everyone was looking forward to it.

“Yes, the previous Mathematical and Chemistry domestic competitions were all first prizes too.

I passed the enrollment exams for both Qing University and Beijing University.

I felt that there were no suitable majors there, so I declined their invitations.

However, these two universities are indeed very good schools.

My college entrance examination result was 749.5 points.

The crowd was in an uproar.

This result of 749.5 stirred up a thousand waves.

“Then why did you say that your college entrance examination results were not good Werent you being too humble”

“Theyre not great.

I had originally expected to get 750 points.

My hands trembled when I was doing the Chinese essay.

I think one of the words was written wrongly so I lost some points.” Shi Jins voice was pleasant, and her expression carried a hint of regret.

However, the reporters couldnt say what was wrong with her.

They just wanted her to show some humility.

This was the confidence of a genius! It was a Brainiacs manner.

The reporters were shocked once again.

Then, someone asked, “Then what was the reason for your previous 540 marks Was the mock test harder than the private test papers Harder than the college entrance examination papers”

“No, that was much simpler.

But at the time, someone in my family was sick, so I didnt have time to take the Chinese Literature examination.

I also missed half of the English test.”

The reporters were in an uproar again.

So if she had done them all, she would definitely have scored 750 points!

As expected of a star student.

No one knew what to ask.

Finally, someone recovered from the shock and asked, “Shi Jin, can we ask a question about your relationships”

Yao Jiahong took a look at Shi Jins expression and didnt stop him.

He had also seen Master Fus eager expression.

Everyone always said that Master Fus face would remain unchanged even if Mount Tai collapsed before his eyes.

Yao Jiahong had also heard that Fu Xiuyuan had gone to Europe to negotiate a collaboration project when he was twenty years old.

For a price, he had calmly negotiated with the other party for three days and three nights and finally obtained a very satisfactory price.

So what was with Master Fus expression now Was he that anxious

At the thought of the pressure from Supreme Entertainment, Yao Jiahong felt a little tired.

Shi Jin had publicly announced that she had someone she liked and had been called by Supreme Entertainments higher-ups for two days.

Yao Jiahong had immediately agreed.

It would be fine.

Shi Jin made a questioning gesture.

“Shi Jin, do you really have someone you like What kind of business is he in What does he look like Arent you afraid that youll lose your fans by announcing the person you like”

A faint smile appeared on Shi Jins lips.

“Yes, there is someone.

Hes not from the entertainment industry.

Hes wonderful.

Hes the best man in the world and also the most handsome.

Hes the spring rain, the summer breeze, the autumn plains, and the winter sun.”

When she said this, her field of vision was extremely broad.

She saw the reporter in front of her, the security guard not far away, and Fu Xiuyuan in the distance.

He was standing in the shadows, but he still made everyone else look inferior.

He was the best and most important person in the world to her.

She saw the seriousness and coldness on his face being forced back by his gentleness.

She saw him lower his head slightly and reveal an uncontrollable smile.

She continued, “Ill love him forever.

As for why I want to make it public, its because this is me.

My love life is a part of me and it formed this me, so theres nothing I cant say.

I believe that my fans who like me will accept all of this.

I also believe that instead of me deceiving them because I have someone I like, they would rather know my true situation.”

After that, the reporters had nothing else to ask.

Since the man Shi Jin liked was not in the entertainment industry, everyone naturally knew that they shouldnt ask who he was.

It would bring a lot of trouble to a guy like him.

Shi Jin would definitely not say his name.

Some reporters understood why Shi Jin had changed into such clothes.

Previously, she had dressed like a student, simple and studious, but now, she had someone she liked.

Perhaps she was in a sweet relationship, so she wanted to appear as a woman and tell everyone that she had truly grown up.

She would not be controlled and could make her own choices.

Shi Jin avoided the reporters and walked towards Fu Xiuyuan.

She reached out her hand to him, her eyes twinkling.

“You can leave now, the best Mr.

Fu in the world.”

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