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Chapter 288: A Slap

Through Teacher Fangs introduction, everyone understood that Shi Jins Physics and Mathematics abilities were the same.

She had also won the first prize with full marks.

It was only for the sake of the national team competition that she had not announced her results.

Teacher Fang even said regretfully, “Actually, if Shi Jin only participated in one international competition, I believe she would be able to get better results.

Studying for one is more effective than taking multiple exams.”

“Will Shi Jin participate in tomorrows chemistry competition” Xu Jia asked curiously.

“Thats a secret,” Teacher Fang said.

Suddenly, everyone started to make bets on the bullet screen.

“Im guessing that she will definitely participate.

After all, Shi Jin participated in the previous domestic competition!”

“But isnt that too difficult Its really not easy to do all three!”

“I think so too.

I dont think I should bet on it!”

“Good, good, good.

Were definitely going to leave now.

Well be holding the award tomorrow!”

The live comments were getting a little chaotic.

The host carefully controlled the tempo and changed the topic.

He broadcasted an advertisement.

“Omnipotent Answers – you will succeed.”

The bullet screen was filled with comments.

“Unquestionable Answers – optimize your life.”

“Download Unquestionable Answers.

Life will be carefree.”

“Unquestionable Answers, the app that Shi Jin endorses, will help you reach the peak of your life.”

“App the questions for the optimization questions and get all the mathematical and chemical answers!”

Xu Fangzhous face turned green when he saw the bullet screen.

Qian Li also turned green.

Initially, she had thought that she could win a round today.

Who knew that the outcome would be worse than she had expected

Especially when Wen Yongwei broadcasted the advertisement, the scene became even more chaotic.

She kept calling Xu Fangzhou, but what could Xu Fangzhou do

He could control the topic of the host and the entire program, but he could not control the mood of the audience.

He was also unable to control the national teams selection criteria!

As a director, it was very difficult for him too!

This program could be said to be an example of extreme failure.

His future career would be affected, what could he do

There was still more than an hour before the competition when Shi Jin handed in her paper again.

The comments went wild again.

When Shi Jin came out, she realized that the reporters had learned their lesson and were waiting for her.

However, even though they arrived early, they were still no match for Yao Jiahong and Fu Xiuyuan.

Yao Jiahong and his bodyguards stopped the reporters while Fu Xiuyuan and Shi Jin got into the car.

The reporters sighed again.

Shi Jin got into the car and pulled her thoughts away from her physics paper.

She tilted her head and looked at the man.

“Are you still going to listen to me sing”


“It wont take up too much time”

Fu Xiuyuan held her hand.

“Its never a waste of time with you.”

He loved the feeling of listening to her too much.

She would be up on stage, respected by thousands of people, while thousands of people flashed in her eyes, but in the end, he was the only one that mattered to her.

“If you like, I can sing for you alone in the future.”

“I like you both in public and alone.”

Shi Jin smiled.

“So you silently agree that all the songs I sang in public were meant for you alone”

“Werent they”

“Yes, yes, yes, definitely, definitely.” Shi Jin smiled.


Fus little crush seemed to be growing stronger and stronger

She reached out and placed her hand on his head, wanting to rub it, but she suddenly remembered that she had only done this before when he was drunk.

Some men were afraid of such actions.

The usual Master Fu was someone who could make people keep quiet, too afraid to move when his expression changed.

At this moment, even Shi Jin did not dare to act impudently.

At this thought, she nonchalantly retracted her hand, placed it on her own hair, and stroked it.

Fu Xiuyuan watched her movements seriously and thought for a few seconds.

Then, he seemed to realize what she wanted to do.

The next second, he lowered his head and placed it beside Shi Jins hand.

“Eh” Shi Jin was slightly stunned.

Coincidentally, she met his gaze and saw the wordsif you want to roll your eyes, do it hovering in his eyes.

The helplessness and indulgence in the eyes of the cold and taciturn man made Shi Jin laugh.

How hadnt she realized sooner that Fu Xiuyuan actually had such a cute side

She reached out to grab Fu Xiuyuans tie and covered her red lips with it.

She didnt want to be intimate with him anymore.

She just wanted to kiss him properly.

The next day was the chemistry competition.

It was evident that the past two days had been a torment for Wen Yongwei.

Her face had been very healthy, and she only needed to sleep to make up for any flaws in her skin condition before.

However, today, she needed globs of foundation to cover her obvious fatigue.

Xu Fangzhou and Qian Li were not any better.

Everyone had discussed things for a long time last night, but had not come up with a good public relations outcome.

At present, everyones unanimous decision was to talk more about Wen Yongweis college entrance examination results.

And to pray that Shi Jin would not participate in the chemical competition.

In addition, all sorts of announcements were being made regarding the fact that Shi Jin had someone she liked.

It would be best if Chu Lings fans were implicated and punished on behalf of heaven.

So, early in the morning, a boring program like “Backstage Brainiacs” was attracting a large number of viewers.

Xu Fangzhou did not know whether to laugh or cry.

Everyones focus was:

Would Shi Jin participate in the chemistry competition What else would Shi Jin reveal

Even though Shi Jin was only sitting in the examination hall for an exam.

Of course, Chu Lings fans joined in as well.

They started cursing as if Shi Jin had really snatched their brother away.

Wen Yongwei gathered herself and interacted with the host, Xu Jia, and Lu Xing.

Soon, the national team members went on stage.

When she saw Shi Jin, Wen Yongwei picked up her glass of water to hide her expression.

Some people guessed right, while others guessed wrong.

There were cheers, curses, support, opposition, and all sorts of voices.

Wen Yongwei, Qian Li, and Xu Fangzhou spent the day in a daze.

The Unquestionable Answers app had finally crushed Omnipotent Answers.

The total number of downloads had pushed it to the top in the category!

Shi Jin appeared in the international arena and represented the national team.

She did not say a single word throughout the entire process.

However, this was even better than Wen Yongwei and the host broadcasting it a hundred times.

Advertisements had to be done in a specific way.

A simple bombardment of numbers would only bring about fatigue.

What Shi Jin brought was an immersive experience.

This time, Qian Li was thoroughly defeated.

She sat in her office and looked at the data compilation.

She knew that it would be difficult for her to turn things around this time.

She opened the report card that Yao Jiahong had sent her and finally believed that it was a real report card.

She was slapped hard by her own arrogance and reality.

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