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Chapter 287: The Greatest Challenge

“Thats right.

If Shi Jin has someone she likes enough to say it out loud, it would be much better than those who are hiding it.

Dont tell me that some people really think that their idol is a fairy who has descended to the mortal world”

“I support you, Shi Jin! No matter what you do, we will always love you!”

However, Chu Lings fans interrupted, “Shi Jin, stop harping on it.

Do you really think our brother would like you The moon represents my heart.

Even the moon would feel humiliated if it heard this.”

“Ive never changed my mind!”

However, these people were quickly chased away by Shi Jins fans.

Moreover, Shi Jin was participating in the competition, and her popularity was at its peak.

The anti-fans did not make much of a fuss.

For a moment, Chu Ling could not guess if the person she was talking about was him.

Instead, he was a little worried.


The next day, there was a live broadcast of the International Olympic Physics Olympiad.

Wen Yongwei gathered her thoughts and stepped into the broadcast room.

Xu Jia and Lu Xing walked in together.

Xu Jia even had a question book with her.

When she saw Wen Yongwei, she shouted, “Yongwei, can I trouble you to explain this question to me”

“Sure.” Wen Yongwei stepped forward and explained it.

Her confidence returned quickly.

The host came over and the live broadcast began.

Xu Fangzhou reminded the host in the headset, “Remember to mention the divine tool for solving problems during the broadcast today.”

“I know.”

He then reminded Wen Yongwei, “Remind them about your endorsement advertisement a few more times.

Stay alert.”

“Alright.” Wen Yongwei agreed.

She had already guessed that Qian Li might not be very happy.

Qian Li had sponsored the show “Backstage Brainiacs”, and she had invested all her funds.

She had to see the effects of the show.

However, over the entire day yesterday, just based on the news that Shi Jin was participating in the competition, the Unquestionable Answers apps downloads had overtaken Omnipotent Answerss downloads, making Qian Li feel very stressed.

Xu Fangzhou was also under a lot of pressure.

He and Qian Li had chosen the spokesperson together, so he had to take responsibility for his show.

Hence, the best solution was to let them broadcast it a few more times today.

At the same time, they wanted to show off more about Wen Yongweis studies.

It was a good thing that Xu Jia brought the questions with her.

The scene of Wen Yongwei explaining the questions to her could be played as a show later.

Xu Fangzhou reminded the staff beside him, “Give Wen Yongwei more shots later.”

“Alright, Director Xu!”

The assistant brought some tea over.

“Director Xu, your tea!”

Director Xu picked up his teacup and slowly blew at the hot steam.

Today, it was because of this that he was able to turn the tables on Omnipotent Answers.

If the situation was good, then the purpose of this program would have been achieved.

The follow-up funding would naturally not be a problem, and if there were any new programs in the future, Qian Li would definitely give her full support.

He took a sip of the hot tea.

The host had already started to introduce the days events.

“The contestants sent by our national team today are still strong.

Just like yesterday, each team has six people.

So, lets take a look at the contestants who have come in today… The first one is—Shi Jin!”

It took him a moment to pronounce the name.

Xu Fangzhou then spat out a mouthful of hot tea.

Xu Jia widened her eyes while Lu Xing leaned back in his chair calmly.

The audience watching the live broadcast was speechless.

They used question marks to blur the entire screen.

Wen Yongwei said nothing.

She was shocked.

She didnt want to say another word.

She felt like a joke.

Xu Jia said, “So Shi Jin is representing the physics team”

Lu Xing said, “After the math competition…”

“Its so unbelievable!” Xu Jias eyes lit up.

She thought that she could ask Shi Jin about her study methods in the future.

The host brought the focus back to the present.

“The Omnipotent Answers app helped them all succeed.

Today, weve seen that all the contestants have arrived.

This time, we have also invited the Physics national teams lead teacher, the physicist Teacher Fang to our venue.

We welcome Teacher Fang.”

Wen Yongweis expression was almost unrecognizable.

Xu Fangzhou quickly switched the camera to Teacher Fang.

Teacher Fang was tall and thin, indifferent, but he had a calm attitude.

He was very learned and carried a thermos.

“Teacher Fang, can you introduce us to the national team members”

Teacher Fang introduced the other five before saying, “Shi Jin, everyone has seen her.

She is also our national teams secret weapon.”

Xu Fangzhou spat out some tea again and reminded the host through the headset, “Stop talking about Shi Jin, bring the topic back to other things.”

The host smiled and said, “Its said that the United States and Russia are traditional powers.

Teacher Fang, please introduce the two countries to us.”

Teacher Fang was speaking confidently.

The comments were starting to get noisy.

“Why dont you ask Shi Jin whats going on in the Physics team I really want to know!”

“Yeah, whats going on Tell us, I actually want to know.”

“Who wants to know about the situation in those two countries Cant the topic return to our country”

“Its a pity that Shi Jin is busy doing test papers and cannot communicate with everyone.

I really want to know who the boy she likes is!”

“Stop talking.

It must be a young and cute boy like me! Shi Jin, Ill date you!”

“Im afraid youre deluding yourself in the front row.”

Xu Fangzhou was also under great pressure, and people kept coming to him to report.

“Director Xu, the production team has received a lot of complaints saying that we have introduced too few members of our national team.”

“Director Xu, a lot of people have been pinging us.

They want us to introduce Shi Jin and talk about her learning methods.”

Xu Fangzhou said, “Ignore them, spoil them!”

“But Director Xu, when Shi Jin appeared, she was at the peak of the viewership ratings.

Now, her ratings are terrible,” someone said softly.

“Director Xu, the person from theOmnipotent Answers department called and asked us to increase the intensity of the advertisements.”

Xu Fangzhou was so anxious that he had blisters on his lips.

He gripped his cup of hot tea and became even more worried.

He could not let the emcee bring up Shi Jin too much.

He also had to reduce Wen Yongweis scenes.

With fewer scenes of Wen Yongwei, there would be fewer advertisements.

However, without mentioning Shi Jins words, not only was there a wave of scolding outside, the viewership ratings also kept decreasing.

Now, the people who wanted to understand Shi Jin were not limited to her fans.

There were also all sorts of passers-by, candidates, and spectators who were interested in the competition itself.

Xu Fangzhou was caught between a rock and a hard place.

He said to the emcee, “Bring up Shi Jin a little, but control the tempo.

Dont give her too much attention.”

The host was speechless.

This was the biggest challenge of his career.

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