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Chapter 286: A Frenzied Love The Moment She Debuted

With this result, she was very outstanding at the school.

Furthermore, Shi Xuexin had used her connections in school to help her choose a film academy.

Her future prospects were limitless.

Compared to Shi Jins unspeakable results, this score was indeed worth celebrating.

Even Chu Ling was there to celebrate for her.

Shi Xuexin and Chu Jia had been setting up the celebration venue all day.

Until now, they had not paid attention to Shi Jins participation in the international competition on Weibo.

Everyone was praising Chu Jia.

“Jia Jia, youre not bad, huh Getting into a film academy this time and becoming a big star.

Dont forget us old friends.”

Chu Jia held her wine glass and smiled.

“How could I We are friends for life.”

Shi Xuexin smiled and said, “When you are in the entertainment industry and working with Brother Chu Ling, your future will be limitless.”

“Thank you for your kind words, Sister-in-law.” Chu Jia naturally knew what Shi Xuexin liked to hear.

She called her sister-in-law affectionately.

Although Chu Ling hated it when people used him to gain attention, Chu Jia was his cousin, so their relationship was naturally different.

Moreover, the two families had a good relationship.

Chu Jias relationship with him was incomparable to Deng Yufeis relationship with him.

“I wonder how many points Shi Jin got” someone gloated.

“I heard that she didnt do well.

Theres no news from Second High.”

Someone whispered, “But I heard that theres no news from Second High School because Principal Lu is still persuading Shi Jin to apply for a better school.

Is that why he deliberately suppressed her results and didnt announce them to the public”

Someone immediately retorted, “How is that possible If she really did well, would they not announce it”

When Chu Ling heard about Shi Jin, he tightened his grip on the wine glass.

Speaking of which, it had indeed been a while since he had heard from Shi Jin.

How was she… doing

When Shi Xuexin saw Chu Lings expression, she did not feel good.

However, she perked up and said, “Dont make wild guesses.

Now that Shi Jin is successful and famous, her results are no longer important to her.

Actually, no matter what, as long as she lives well, theres nothing to really say.”

This reminded Chu Ling that Shi Jin was different from before.

In the past, she had been a pitiful girl that no one in the Shi family cared about.

Now, she was a celebrity with a little bit of fame.

She didnt need anyone to pity her anymore.

Someone deliberately wanted to make Shi Xuexin happy.

He took out his phone and immediately searched for Shi Jins news.

He said, “Do you believe that the information I found is true dirt on Shi Jin”

“Hahahahaha, I do believe it.

You want to use this to go to a bar”

When everyone opened Weibo, many of them had their mouths fall open in disbelief, Shi Xuexin slowly said, “Everyone, dont be like this.

Theres no need to treat Shi Jin as a joke.

Lets drink.”

When they saw the few people on Weibo, they reacted as well.

“Thats right.

Forget it.

Im not watching anymore.

Whats so good about Shi Jin”

However, Chu Jia did not give up and snatched the phone from one of them.

“Whats there not to see Weibo is a public platform.

Since theres information about Shi Jin on it, theres nothing wrong with us looking at it.”

Shi Xuexin noticed that Chu Ling did not look too good and could not help, but twist her arm.

Chu Jia, on the other hand, felt that Shi Xuexin was being too cautious.

There was no need for her to give Shi Jin any face in front of Chu Ling.

She immediately started reciting.

“Shi Jin appeared at the venue of the International Mathematical Olympiad today and participated in the Mathematical Olympiad.

According to sources, she obtained…”

Her voice became softer and softer, and the atmosphere became quieter.

Chu Jia could not continue reading.

Her friends had already seen this line and the content was that Shi Jin had gotten full marks, first prize.

The most valuable first prize.

That was why everyone agreed with Shi Xuexin that they were not going to watch or pay attention to Shi Jins news.

However, Chu Jia insisted on reading it.

Everyone felt awkward.

After a while, Chu Ling, who hadnt said anything, said, “Alright, its just the first prize.

Stop looking.”

The atmosphere became lively again.

“Thats right.

Our Xuexin was the top scorer in the college entrance examination before.

How can we compare”

Shi Xuexin revealed a gentle smile.

She had nothing to be compared with Shi Jin, but Chu Jia was different.

They were both students from Second High School, and they were in the same class, but Shi Jin had left her so far behind.

Chu Jia couldnt bring herself to be embarrassed.

Her celebration party today seemed a little boring.

She wanted to read Shi Jins scandalous news.

Her hand slipped and she tapped on Shi Jins performance at the Strawberry Music Festival.

In the video, Shi Jin revealed a stunningly charming smile.

The audience cheered and whistled thunderously.

Everyone was shouting her name.

She was singingThe Moon Represents My Heart.

Chu Jia quickly switched off her phone and looked up at Chu Ling and Shi Xuexin.

Chu Ling was already in a daze.

He gripped his wine glass and did not move for a long time.

Shi Xuexins expression stiffened slightly.

The atmosphere became awkward again.

Finally, Chu Jias celebration came to an end.

Shi Xuexin followed Chu Ling out.

“Brother Chu Ling!”

She shouted a few times before Chu Ling turned around.

“Youve been drinking.

Ill get the chauffeur to send you back.”

“No need, its not good to be photographed by the paparazzi.” Chu Ling rejected her and reached out to touch her hair.

“You drank too, go back and rest early.”

“Brother Chu Ling…”

Chu Ling smiled.

“I will take good care of myself.”

After he got into the car, he got the driver to switch to a radio station.

Shi Jins song was playing on it.

Her voice was as clear and unique as it had sounded during the other song he had just heard.

Chu Ling saw her dreamy face appear before his eyes… and for a moment, he was lost in thought.

In the interview today, Shi Jin had said that the song was written and sung for the person she liked.

This could be considered a direct confession.

Everyone on the Internet was guessing at who this man was.

Shi Jins male fans were crying and saying that they had fallen out of love.

There were even people who expressed their dissatisfaction with her.

This was the first time a talent show artist had announced that they had someone they liked right after debuting.

Some praised her for her boldness, while others said that she was too willful.

Yes, how could it be just being willful Had she and her manager considered the impact of this

Chu Ling scrolled through Weibo and saw that there were still many people attacking her.

However, the remaining fans became even more loyal.

They were more rational as well.

“Shi Jin is already twenty years old.

Its a good thing that she has someone she likes now that shes an adult.

Didnt you and I also gush over boys at an early age”

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