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Chapter 284: Unspeakable Suffering

“Miss Cai, it hasnt been easy for the company for so many years.

Your endorsement fee for Shi Jin is so generous, and its very likely to go down the drain!”

“Miss Cai, its not too late to change your mind now! Lets just take it as compensation for the first episode and terminate the contract first!”

Cai Xinyi really did not know how to convince these people.

Couldnt she just show them Shi Jins results Why were these people so biased against Shi Jin

Everyone was noisy.

Cai Xinyis voice almost drowned in the din.

Ever since her grandpa had fallen sick, Cai Xinyi had taken over the family matters.

But no matter what she did, the higher-ups were all against it.

In the past, Tang Jun had been the leader.

Now that Tang Jun had left his position, they were still speaking like this.

These people seemed to be used to opposing her, no matter what she did.

Sometimes, it was really hard to tell if it was because of her bad decisions or because these people simply felt that because she was a young girl they could not believe in any of her decisions!

Cai Xinyi stood up suddenly.

“Can you stop arguing You dont even believe the results from Shi Jins manager.

What will you believe”

Everyone fell quiet, but their gazes were arrogant.

These higher-ups were basically all men.

In their hearts, men were the true rulers of companies, countries, and even the world.

Even though Cai Xinyi had made a lot of progress since taking over the company, in their eyes, to them it was just a fluke.

She could not rely on her own abilities.

“Since no one can say anything, just do as I say,” Cai Xinyi said.

Someone below the stage said faintly, “Then how are we going to test everyones KPI We cant let Miss Cai make a bad start and let everyone bear the losses with you, right”

“Yeah, isnt that a little unfair”

He was forcing Cai Xinyi to change her mind.

Cai Xinyi closed her eyes and slowly opened them.

“Ill be responsible for the profits.”

Since that was the case, no one had any objections.

In any case, it would be fine as long as they got their share.

After Cai Xinyi finished, the secretary rushed over with a tablet.

“Miss Cai! Look at this!”

The secretary placed the device down in front of her.

Shi Jins face appeared clearly on the set ofBackstage Brainiacs, which was also the venue of the International Mathematical Olympiad.

She was answering the questions seriously.

“According to a teacher at the show, Shi Jin won the first prize in the domestic Mathematical Olympiad and got full marks.

The reason why she didnt announce it is because she is participating in the national team as a secret weapon,” the secretary explained, showing Cai Xinyi the replay.

Teacher Xias voice rang out very clearly.

Cai Xinyi turned the volume to the maximum.

The higher-ups in the meeting room looked at each other.

Cai Xinyi raised her voice.

“Whats the situation with our advertisement now”

“A lot of people are searching for our app.

The number of downloads has increased by 2,000%.”

Cai Xinyi raised her chin and looked at the higher-ups as if asking, “Did you hear that”

There was no other sound in the conference room.

Only Teacher Xia, the guest of “Backstage Brainiacs”, was explaining the situation of the competition.


Wen Yongwei did not know how she ended the livestream that day.

Every time she broadcasted for “Omnipotent Answers”, she felt an indescribable pain.

Xu Jia and Lu Xings attitude towards her hadnt changed much.

Teacher Xia was even more self-restrained.

Although she had mentioned Shi Jin many times, she still liked the other members.

However, Wen Yongwei felt that every second was like years.

When the whole days show ended, she returned to the nanny van and drank a large glass of water, swallowing it like a thirsty fish.

Kang Cheng gave her a call and consoled her.

“Shi Jin will only be in the limelight for a while.

She might not be able to achieve anything in the international arena.

Youll just have to deal with the live broadcast for the next two days.”

Wen Yongwei turned off her phone, not daring to open Weibo.

It was normal that she didnt dare to open it.

Now, her Weibo was filled up by Shi Jin.

# Shi Jin, The Secret Weapon #

# Shi Jins Team Match #

# Full marks for Shi Jin in the Domestic Mathematical Olympiad Competition #

# Unquestionable Answers Downloads #

They had already entered everyones line of sight.

Fans: “So Shi Jin has always been so good, its just that she didnt publicize it.

It reminds me of her second year exam and third year exam.

She was so confident when she was doing the questions.

I should have believed her then!”

Fans: “Yeah, shes always been good, but we didnt know!”

Fans: “We were too mistrusting to believe it.

I hope we didnt hurt her.”

Passerby: “May I know where I can download the app”

Passerby: “Our son will be taking the middle school examination next year.

Will Unquestionable Answers be useful for middle school students”

After the anti-fans understood the situation, they said a few words and left.

The fans enthusiastically guided the passerby to download the app and also explained about Shi Jin.

Passerby: “So shes Shi Jin.

Ive heard her song before.

How did it goFriend, dont cry, Ill always be your heart…”

After the match ended, Shi Jin walked out of the arena.

She had completed the questions more than an hour earlier, so when she came out, she did not encounter any reporters.

They were still sitting in the small store nearby, drinking cold drinks.

They were all saving their energy and waiting for the competition to end before going to stop people.

Shi Jin got into her nanny van easily.

When a reporter was halfway through drinking his coke and realized that Shi Jins nanny van had left, he jumped up and chased after it, but it was already too late.

The huge van had long disappeared from sight.

“Ill take you to eat something first, then well prepare to go on stage for the music festival tonight.” Yao Jiahong quietly put some bread into his bag.

He had prepared this for Shi Jin.

Logically, the competition would end at seven oclock, and then Shi Jin would appear at the Strawberry Music Festival around nine.

She could only sit in the car and get her makeup done, so she had some time to eat.

It was not even 6 pm yet.

There was plenty of time for Shi Jin to sit down and eat slowly.

Shi Jin hummed in acknowledgment.

Yao Jiahong did not ask if she had done well.

Shi Jin was so good that Yao Jiahong was already used to it.

In any case, it was either a perfect score, or missing just 0.5 points.

Just now, Cai Xinyi had called Yao Jiahong to tell him the good news.

She said that the number of downloads and daily activities of the app had reached a new high.

When they arrived, Shi Jin sat down and ate her meal slowly before going to do her makeup.

Backstage, people were coming and going.

Shi Jin sat quietly in a corner, waiting to go on stage.

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