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Chapter 283: The Only One To Get Full Points

“Eh… Whos that”

Then, everyone, including the four people in the broadcast room, saw a figure that they couldnt believe.

“Shi… Shi Jin”

The host quickly lowered his head to look at the list of members and saw Shi Jins name.

He quickly said, “Shi Jin is also part of our national math team today.

I believe everyone knows Shi Jin very well…”

“I do, but why is she here” someone asked.

Wen Yongwei was also confused.

Xu Jia and Lu Xing were looking at where Shi Jin was standing.

Shi Jin obviously did not have any makeup on.

She was dressed simply and just sitting in her seat.

The exam officially started and she picked up the test paper.

There were cameras everywhere.

Shi Jins expression remained the same.

After picking up the test paper, she buried her head and started writing.

This meant Shi Jin belonged to the national team! They were here to participate in the international competition!

The host had finished reading Shi Jins information while the camera was on the field.

He regained his composure and said, “So Shi Jin is the national teams secret weapon!”

Xu Jia asked curiously, “Whats a secret weapon”

“The competition between the national teams is very intense every year.

Generally speaking, each team will study the opponents characteristics and weaknesses to strengthen their own team.

However, some teams will occasionally find some very capable players who dont show their faces to participate in the competition in order to catch others off guard.

Shi Jin is the secret weapon of the national math team of Country S!” The host had already understood everything clearly and explained everything concisely.

Lu Xing asked, “So Shi Jins math results are very good, right But she didnt win the Mathematical Olympiad last time.”

“Lu Xing asked the question I wanted to know the most!”

“What exactly happened”

“Speaking of secret weapons, I think Little Rose is more like a secret weapon! What is Shi Jin”

The host said, “Now, lets invite our other guest, Teacher Xia, who is the team leader of the mathematics team.

I believe she can answer this question for everyone.”

Following the music, Teacher Xia walked in with a serious expression.

The host welcomed her and invited her to take a seat.

At this moment, the audience watching the livestream were all curious.

The comments were filled with question marks.

Thus, no one noticed the change in Wen Yongweis expression.

She tried her best to control her emotions.

Teacher Xia sat down beside the host.

The emcee asked the question that everyone was concerned about.

“Teacher Xia, can you explain to us the reason why the national team chose Shi Jin How did she do in the last competition”

Xu Jia and Lu Xing were still very young and were looking at Teacher Xia curiously.

“We chose Shi Jin naturally because her results were good.

She was the only student who got full marks in the previous domestic competition.” When Teacher Xia mentioned Shi Jin, her face was full of pride.

Although the emcee had read through the information earlier, he was still very surprised.

Xu Jia and Lu Xings jaws dropped.

Wen Yongwei was still smiling, but if one looked closely, they would notice that her lips were slightly downturned.

Teacher Xia said, “The last time, Shi Jin should also have won first prize in the mathematics competition.

However, we wanted to let her participate in this international competition to fight for good results for the country, so we didnt announce her ranking in the domestic competition.”

Xu Jia and Lu Xings eyes were glittering.

Xu Jia couldnt help but say, “Wow, shes so awesome!”

Mu Qiang was a human being, not to mention a sophomore like Xu Jia.

The comments exploded.

“So Shi Jin scored full marks in the domestic competition”

“First prize! Thats even more valuable than Wen Yongweis first prize!”

“Damn, what kind of immortal plot is this!”

“So Shi Jin has always been misunderstood”

As the official announcement ofBackstage Brainiacs had nothing to do with Shi Jin, there were relatively few fans in the audience, but as Shi Jin appeared in the examination hall, her fans gradually gathered together.

The fans couldnt believe their eyes.

“Oh my, is this really our Little Stone”

“Im kneeling! Why is Little Stone so powerful!”

“I-I-I didnt dare to believe Shi Jins results before because I was afraid that it would bring her more trouble.

In the end, she actually… shocked my entire family!”

“The six kids on the national team are all very powerful.

They each have their own strengths and are indeed very strong,” Teacher Xia said without bias.

As a teacher who had led the national team for several years, she had a strong love for every top student.

Xu Jia asked, “What was Jin good at then Geometry, algebra, functions, or something else”

Everyone watching the live broadcast also wanted to know the answer to this.

Some people were already guessing.

“I think its geometry!”

“It must be algebra!”

“I think its probably functions.

I still remember when Shi Jin was in Year Two and I was in Year Three.

I realized that she was very fast when she was doing function questions.”

Teacher Xia raised her head proudly and said, “Shi Jins grasp of mathematics is about the same in all areas.”

About the same

This sentence was equivalent to saying that Shi Jin was good at everything.

There was nothing she couldnt do.

The comments exploded.

Xu Jia and Lu Xing also exploded.

If not for the hosts ability to control the situation and bring the topic back to other candidates, asking Teacher Xia to analyze the situation of the candidates from all over the world, today would have become Shi Jins special performance.

Qian Li, who was watching the live broadcast, had an awkward expression on her face.

Her mentality was no longer as good as it had been before.

“Its okay.

Its okay.

Its just math,” she assured herself.

How could she be as talented as Wen Yongwei

Xu Fangzhou, the director of “Backstage Brainiacs” who controlled the situation in front of the camera, had already spat out mouthfuls of tea several times.

It was when Shi Jin appeared, when Teacher Xia introduced her, and even when Teacher Xia said she was equally skilled in every area.

Frustration flashed in his eyes, and he slapped his head hard.


Cai Xinyi was still in the meeting room.

When she signed Shi Jin, she didnt discuss it with the other higher-ups in the company.

In addition, Tang Jun had left because of this issue.

The entire companys higher-ups were very unhappy.

Even when she showed them Shi Jins college entrance examination results, everyone was still complaining.

“Then why didnt she announce the results”

“Do you really think that wed believe you In this day and age, what artist cant edit documents Those numbers are all fake.

Otherwise, there wouldnt be so many brainless fans on Weibo!”

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