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Chapter 281: Give Her a Few Questions

Furthermore, the advertisement was released earlier than Wen Yongweis.

Passerby: “Unquestionable Answers Shi Jin This, this, this…”

Passerby: “To be honest, Shi Jins previous 540 points was not bad.

This years national undergraduate score is 483, and the Imperial Capitals undergraduates only need 430 points.

Shi Jin can just about be considered a top student.

But compared to Wen Yongwei, shes kinda bad”

Passerby: “Yeah, it all depends on who youre competing with.

If you overestimate yourself, youll be beaten up!”

Passerby: “It can only mean that Shi Jins manager is quite capable.

I mean, to be able to get such an endorsement for her with those results!”

The anti-fans: “Hur hur, were just waiting for the question app to be slapped in the face!”

The anti-fans: “I convinced my nephew to uninstall this app!”

Fans: “I dont care.

As long as its endorsed by Shi Jin, it will definitely be good!”

Fans: “Its rational.

Theres also a boy endorsing period pads and a boy endorsing lipstick.

Isnt it fine as long as everyone likes it Would you ask your male idol to really use sanitary pads”

The anti-fan: “Male idols can at least put sanitary pads in their running shoes to absorb their sweat.

What can Shi Jin do with this app Is she gonna study”

Fans: “Our Little Stone is obviously studying at a Traditional Chinese Medicine department! Even if shes not the best, shes still very good!”

The anti-fan: “Then I hope that when Shi Jin starts working, she can carry her medicine box and walk around the streets like a barefoot beggar doctor.”

Passerby: “I heard that although Shi Jin and Wen Yongwei competed to be the spokesperson for Omnipotent Answers, Shi Jin ended up going for Unquestionable Answers.

I really dont know if Shi Jin is really all that.”

Qian Li was in a good mood.

She was discussing with Kang Cheng the soft tactics she could use for the upcoming “Backstage Brainiacs”.

It would be best to see which angle Wen Yongwei would go from to broadcast an advertisement about Omnipotent Answers.

She found it funny when she saw that the questions were full of mistakes.

The education that she had received in the past was now like an arrow at the end of its flight, unable to turn the situation around.

Cai Xinyis attitude did not change.

Ever since she had seen the results of Shi Jin that Yao Jiahong had sent her, she had known that it was stable! As for who would win, they were waiting to see!

On the day of the Olympiad, Teacher Xia, the national team leader, came to pick up Shi Jin early in the morning.

She was not wearing glasses today.

She must have changed her contact lenses for todays important match.

After getting into the car, she repeatedly asked, “Did you rest well last night Are you nervous”

Shi Jin saw that she kept drinking water from her cup and said, “A little.”

“Here, I made you a cup of wolfberry tea.

You should feel better after drinking some.”

“Okay.” Shi Jin took a sip to soothe her throat.

Teacher Xia said, “After you get on stage, just focus on doing the questions.

Dont worry about anything else.

Speaking of which, America has been suppressing us for several years.

Were always being suppressed by them.

Its really unpleasant.”

Shi Jin thought that it was no wonder Teacher Xia was so nervous.

It seemed like she was determined to regain her pride this year.

“The competition this year is very intense.

I heard that the contestants arranged by the other countries are all very capable,” Teacher Xia said as she drank some water.

“But dont worry, youre not weak either.”

As the national teams secret weapon, Teacher Xia was very confident that Shi Jin could get good results.

However, she was still a little worried because Shi Jin had not participated in the national teams training.

If not for Shi Jins lazy expression, Teacher Xia would have shot her a few more questions in the car.

When they reached the outskirts of the arena, there were already many reporters and fans waiting there.

In order to increase the reach of the competition, they had even invited a few celebrities as guests.

Teacher Xia didnt like to see this.

She sighed and said, “However, if they can attract more fans to study for the the Math Olympiad and understand our competition, itll be considered a success.”

Shi Jin took a look around.

Wen Yongweis fans were the majority.

She did not know if her fans could become how Teacher Xia wanted them to.

“Quickly go to the washroom and meet up with the other team members.” Teacher Xia had drunk a lot of water herself, but was now urging Shi Jin to go.

In such a competition, even if one did not drink water, one would still have to go to the washroom a few times due to nerves.

When Shi Jin came out of the washroom, she bumped into Wen Yongwei.

Wen Yongwei had come to the washroom to touch up her makeup.

As a guest on camera today, her makeup and hair had to be sufficiently beautiful and eye-catching.

She had accidentally removed a bit of her lipstick from drinking the water just now and would only go out after she came over to patch it up.

She was slightly surprised to see Shi Jin at the scene.

“Why are you here”

“Yes.” Shi Jin went forward to wash her hands.

As it was just as a contestant, Shi Jin was dressed very simply in her usual T-shirt and jeans.

The water fell on her slender and fair fingers, and the water droplets glistened.

Wen Yongwei couldnt think of anything that could happen to her, but she didnt really care.

In any case, Shi Jin had already rejected the invitation to be a guest.

She couldnt possibly go on screen with her, right

Wen Yongwei had already touched up her makeup, but she was in no hurry to leave.

She waited until Shi Jin had washed her hands and dried them at the dryer before walking out with her.

Not far away, there were reporters waiting for Wen Yongwei.

When they saw her and Shi Jin coming out together, the reporters rushed forward.

Initially, they only wanted to interview Wen Yongwei.

They hadnt expected to find another interview candidate.

They couldnt help but feel excited.

A group of reporters surrounded her.

“Yongwei, youre here today as a guest.

Is there anything you want to say”

“Is Shi Jin here as a guest too”

“By the way, didnt you just finish your college entrance examination Can you share your college entrance examination experience with everyone Do you have any good tips”

Wen Yongwei said generously, “Why dont we let Shi Jin speak first She must still be busy and will leave first.

I will stay here for a while longer.”

When the reporter heard this, he threw the question to Shi Jin.

“Shi Jin, I heard that your college entrance examination results were quite good.

Is there anything you want to talk to us about Youre not here to be a guest today, are you If youre not here to be a guest, why are you here How do you feel about the college entrance examination results competition between you and Wen Yongwei that the public has been talking about”

“Im not here to be a guest today.

Im here for something else.

Wen Yongwei has always been alright when it comes to results.

However, I dont think theres a need for us to compare results with each other.

Theres nothing to compare, right Everyone, just focus on your own affairs.” Shi Jins voice was pleasant to hear.

When she spoke seriously, there was an indescribable rhythm to her words.

However, these words made everyone feel a little amused.

There was no comparison

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