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Chapter 280: A Similar App Endorsement

However, the more he looked down on her, the less he liked her.

No wonder she was still popular despite being so tanned.

She had a pretty face.

So there was a sugar daddy behind this.

Shi Jin found a seat and sat down.

She could tell that Tang Jun was very unhappy with her.

However, it was obvious that the person in charge here was this passionate young girl.

Shi Jin looked up at Cai Xinyi.

This time, Cai Xinyi did not dare to meet her overly clear eyes.

She felt that she had failed as a fan.

Not only had she hugged Shi Jin out of impulse, but she had also acted unprofessionally at work.

Would Shi Jin refuse to endorse the app because of this

Cai Xinyi cleared her throat and tried to be as professional as possible.


Yao, our application is professional question analysis software.

It also provides learning materials for various subjects.

We sincerely invite Shi Jin to be our spokesperson.

The contract is here.

If there are no problems, you can sign it directly.”

“Miss Cai, dont you want to know more about Shi Jins results” Yao Jiahong asked.

“Of course…”

“No need.” Cai Xinyi interrupted Tang Jun.

“Ive done a lot of research before and I know that her results shouldnt be bad.

With the Fu Corporation as a backer, I believe she can perfectly match our app.

When the time comes, not only do we hope that Shi Jin can be our spokesperson, we also hope that she can cooperate with us in some offline activities to help with promotion.”

Tang Jun was speechless.

Yao Jiahong looked at Shi Jin.

Shi Jin liked straightforward people and young and cute girls.

Compared to some middle-aged and greasy men, they were simply existences that could cleanse the eyes of the world.


Brother Yao, see if there are any problems with the contract.

If there are no problems, sign it.” Shi Jin raised her eyebrows as she spoke.

The corners of her eyes also curved up slightly.

When she realized that Shi Jin had a vivid expression when facing her, Cai Xinyis eyes lit up.

“Sign, sign for five years!”

“Miss Cai!” Tang Jun coughed and reminded her.

She mustnt be bewitched by Shi Jins beauty!

“Just do as I say!” Cai Xinyi replied domineeringly.

Tang Jun looked helpless.

The signing went even smoother than Yao Jiahong expected.

After signing, Cai Xinyi was very excited.

“Heres to future collaboration, Shi Jin, Mr.


“I look forward to it.” Shi Jin reached out and shook her hand.

After shaking hands with Cai Xinyi, Yao Jiahong looked at the time.

So, there was still time for Shi Jin to eat the mushroom soup.

Cai Xinyi heard that Shi Jin wanted to eat at this club and said immediately, “Do you mind if I join you”

“Lets go,” said Shi Jin.

Cai Xinyi got up immediately and followed Shi Jin.

Yao Jiahong walked beside Tang Jun politely.

“I need to go to the washroom first.” Tang Jun nodded at Yao Jiahong.

Yao Jiahong smiled.


After Tang Jun went to the washroom, he immediately sent his change of job application form to a headhunting company that had been enticing him to leave.

As a cornerstone of the industry, Tang Jun was indeed exhausted working under Cai Xinyi.

After some thought, he still sent out his resignation letter.

During the meal, Cai Xinyi and Shi Jin chatted happily.

After the meal, they agreed on the shooting time for the advertisement and soon settled the various matters regarding the publicity.

After dinner, Cai Xinyi sent Shi Jin and Yao Jiahong to the nanny van.

Yao Jiahong suddenly thought of something and reminded her, “Miss Cai, Ive sent you Shi Jins college entrance examination results and her usual results.

You should go through them.”

After all, it was an endorsement for education.

The results could be used as a reference.

Cai Xinyi smiled.


After the nanny van left, Cai Xinyi opened WeChat.

She took a look and blinked again before taking a second look.

“So, Manager Tang, what is the full score now” Cai Xinyi asked Tang Jun.


Without waiting for Cai Xinyi to show him Shi Jins marks, Tang Jun said, “Miss Cai, I want to apply for a few days of leave.

I wont be able to work with you and Shijin these few days.

Im very sorry.”

Cai Xinyi understood what he meant.

In an instant, she became as serious as the person in charge.

“Okay, Ill arrange for someone else to follow this.”


In the car, Yao Jiahong put away the contract and said, “This time, the app guys are taking advantage of us.”

“You always ask them for money too.” Shi Jin could see clearly that when Yao Jiahong doubled the price, Cai Xinyi actually agreed.

She had thought that Fu Xiuyuan had specially hired someone to support her career.

In the end, after some investigation, she found out that although Fu Corporation had recommended her for the contract, the most important thing was that the girl in charge was her real fan.

Shi Jin did not know whether to laugh or cry.

Fortunately, she was not someone who was fishing for fame.

Otherwise, this girl would definitely have suffered a huge loss.

“She only accepted because shes passionate about you.”

Otherwise, with Shi Jins current results and ability, it would not be too much to keep raising her fee.

Yao Jiahong was glad that he had managed to gain Shi Jins independence back then.

Even the Shen Corporation and Shen Shuangnan could not be Shi Jins decision-maker.

Otherwise, who knew how many more jobs she would get

It was good that she could choose what she liked.

Omnipotent Answers and Unquestionable Answers were competitors in online education.

Later on, the company where Omnipotent Answers was made taught online and gradually left the app behind.

Currently, the market share for Omnipotent Answers was shockingly high.

Therefore, the industry and the public were not surprised when theOmnipotent Answers apps company released Wen Yongweis advertisement.

The outside world had always thought highly of this strong alliance.

Wen Yongweis fans even praised Omnipotent Answers.

Wen Yongwei shot static and dynamic ads for the app.

Static photos had already been spread throughout the city, and dynamic advertisements were being shown on the big screens of several iconic buildings.

“In the entirety of the entertainment industry, only Wen Yongwei can be the spokesperson for this commercial without any issues!”


Isnt Omnipotent Answers too insightful Did they hire our Little Rose long ago”

“To think that I am the person in charge of the app… I will definitely look after Little Rose.”

Even the passersby did not say much about Wen Yongweis endorsement.

Some parents didnt like their children chasing celebrities, but when they saw Wen Yongwei, they felt that she could be an exception.

Let the child have a good idol who was exemplary in both character and their studies.

It would motivate the childs learning.

It was more effective than a parent or teachers earnest advice.

At the same time, someone realized that Shi Jin had a similar app endorsement.

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