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Chapter 279: There Must Be No Problem

However, when he thought of the big boss on the other end of the line, he felt better.

After Shi Jin answered the call, she returned the phone to Yao Jiahong.

Yao Jiahong said, “Ive arranged to meet the person-in-charge of the channel.

We can rush over now to shoot advertisements for them and do a special event at the same time.

I dont know what kind of luck they have to be able to convince Master Fu to help them find a spokesperson.”

“Hes not helping them,” Shi Jin said calmly as a smile appeared on her lips.

Yao Jiahong choked.

The person in charge of Unquestionable Answers was a young girl in her twenties.

Her name was Cai Xinyi.

After confirming with Yao Jiahong, she was waiting for their arrival.

Standing beside her was the manager of Unquestionable Answers.

Tang Jun frowned.

“Did the Fu Group really recommend Shi Jin to us”

“Yeah.” Cai Xinyi looked up at the clock from time to time.

As a fan of Shi Jin, she had never thought of getting the idol to be her spokesperson.

Who would have thought

Tang Jun said, “Using Shi Jin as the spokesperson, what kind of plan is this Is this all the Fu Corporation has We asked them for help to solve the problem, not for them to recommend a spokesperson!”

Cai Xinyi darted a look at him.

“Manager Tang, when I proposed to do online app education and use the Internet thinking to promote the companys new transformation model, you were the one who told me that internet education would definitely fail.

Look at the other companies now.”

Tang Jun immediately shut up.

Cai Xinyi continued, “Since we trusted the Fu Corporation and went to them for help, they recommended a solution and now we dont need it.

How are we going to end this”

Tang Jun was full of complaints, but it was hard to voice them.

Was Fus Enterprise authoritative Why couldnt she reject them What good would it do to use Shi Jin

He felt the need to leave.

Working with a star-chasing dog like Cai Xinyi was really a bad idea.

With her talent, she would only waste time and life endlessly.

However, Cai Xinyi started to browse Shi Jins info online.

Tang Jun took a look at her phone screen and felt bored.

Cai Xinyi had become a fan of Shi Jin during the period when she had been participating in “Ultimate Singer Songwriter”.

At that time, when Shi Jin had faced all kinds of difficulties, but never given up, she had also given Cai Xinyi, who was in a difficult situation, a boost.

She liked Shi Jins voice very much.

Ever since becoming a fan, she had been unstoppable.

As Shi Jin released more and more good songs, Cai Xinyi became more and more loyal to her idol.

Now, although there were still rumors about Shi Jin being a bad student on the Internet, and there were endless scandals about her.

Cai Xinyi, like the other people that liked Shi Jin, felt that Shi Jin was not the kind of person the anti-fans were talking about.

She carefully compared all the news reports and realized that Shi Jin had gotten into two top schools.

It should be completely true.

Shi Jin had participated in three domestic mathematical and chemical competitions.

It was probably not some gimmick, but because she really had the ability.

As for why the outside world kept saying that Shi Jin was a bad student and that she participated in all these competitions just to be popular with Wen Yongwei, Cai Xinyi thought that it was nonsense.

If Shi Jin really wanted to do something funny, she definitely wouldnt do it in a field she wasnt good at.

Yao Jiahong wouldnt allow such a situation to happen either.

Shi Jin was able to dominate the entertainment industry with her creative ability.

Why would she have to resort to such tricks The only explanation was that Shi Jin was indeed outstanding in her studies.

It was just that she was not widely known yet.

On this point, Cai Xinyi also saw many big fans putting forward various arguments.

However, because Shi Jin did not have a good reputation in school, her fans did not spread the news.

“Choosing Shi Jin will definitely not be a problem!” After such analysis, Cai Xinyi was even more convinced of this.

Besides, with the reputation of the Fu Corporation, who else could be trusted if the people they recommended were not trustworthy

Tang Jun quietly took out his phone and updated his resume.

Ever since Elder Cai had fallen sick, the Cai familys business had been deteriorating.

Leaving the family business in the hands of a star-chasing dog like Cai Xinyi was really sad!

A moment later, Shi Jins nanny van appeared in the parking lot of the private club Cai Xinyi had arranged.

Yao Jiahong went upstairs with Jin and found the private room Cai Xinyi had mentioned.

“If it ends early, we can have lunch here.

The fresh mushroom soup here is not bad,” Yao Jiahong said casually.

Shi Jin walked forward slowly and glanced at him.

“Do you think Unquestionable Answers will reject me”

Otherwise, how would he have so much time to stay and slowly eat soup

“If they do, itll be their loss.”

On the other hand, Shi Jin was very calm.

It did not matter if she could make it.

She had come because Fu Xiuyuan had good intentions.


Cai Xinyi kept looking at the time.

It was still far from the expected hour.

She had already walked to the door to look two or three times.

She heard movement at the door again and ran over to open it.

“Come in!”

Realizing that it was not Shi Jin and Yao Jiahong, Cai Xinyi returned to her seat awkwardly.

The waitress who brought the tea in looked at her strangely.

There was another noise at the door.

Cai Xinyi tidied her clothes again and walked over.

She opened the door suddenly.

Standing at the door was Shi Jin, a fair-skinned girl.

Her face was indifferent and nonchalant, but her beauty was enough to make ones heart jump.

Cai Xinyi slammed the door shut.

Was she dreaming

Shi Jin and Yao Jiahong who were at the door.


Then, Cai Xinyi opened the door again and hugged Shi Jin warmly.

“Welcome, Shi Jin!”

There was an extremely light and comfortable smell coming from Shi Jins body.

It did not smell like any skincare products or perfume.

Instead, it smelled like her own fragrance.

Cai Xinyi did not let go of her for a while.

When she came back to herself, she realized that she had hugged her idol on impulse.

She suddenly felt uneasy.

“That… I was too excited.

Im sorry.”

“Im fine,” Shi Jin said calmly, her voice carrying a hint of musicality.

Cai Xinyi felt that her ears were surrounded by a stereo sound system and a wave of happiness hit her.

Yao Jiahong said, “Lets go in first.”

Cai Xinyi then thought of introducing herself and introducing Tang Jun to Shi Jin and Yao Jiahong.

Tang Juns expression was calm.

However, no matter what, Shi Jin was an artist recommended by the Fu Corporation.

He did not dare to throw his reputation away.

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