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Chapter 278: That Result Was Fake

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“What is it”

“Director Xu, look.” Qian Li placed Shi Jins results in front of Xu Fangzhou.

Xu Fangzhou smacked his lips and asked, “Is that real”

Normally, Yao Jiahong wouldnt use a fake screenshot to lie.

However, if Shi Jin had scored so well, why hadnt they advertised it Why hadnt their school released an announcement Why hadnt she said anything when she saw Wen Yongwei beating her Why had she said that her results were average when the reporters interviewed her

Qian Li was filled with doubts, but she was used to her manager using her artists fake statistics to extort money from merchants.

Although the merchants were very angry that they were being cheated, they were helpless at times.

After all, they had signed the contract themselves.

Qian Li once had a friend who had found a so-called top celebrity endorsement for shower gel.

In the end, an artiste with 20 million followers on Weibo had not even sold 10,000 bottles of shower gel.

It was only later that he realized that there wasnt even a 50,000 yuan possibility for that “top celebritys” fans to not be bought.

If Shi Jin really had such results, he wouldnt have just shown it to her.

He would have posted it on Weibo.

Thinking of this, Qian Lis expression turned ugly.

“Yao Jiahong doesnt even want to keep his integrity anymore”

Xu Fangzhou knew what she meant.

It seemed like he had to be careful when dealing with people.


After Kang Cheng returned, he told Wen Yongwei the news.

“Does that mean that Im not going to the Strawberry Music Festival anymore Im going to the Olympiad as a guest And Im going to endorse Omnipotent Answers”

“Thats right.

We invited Shi Jin and you to attend the same event, but Shi Jin rejected the invite.

She wont be attending the Olympiad competition.”

Wen Yongwei was extremely satisfied with this arrangement.

It was better not to go to that lousy festival.

As for being a guest at the Olympiad, not only could she share her college entrance examination results with everyone, she could also share her experience of winning the first Mathematical Olympiad.

It suited her current interests.

At the same time, Shi Jin would definitely be mentioned by everyone during the show.

This comparison… Wen Yongwei felt bitter just thinking about it.

No wonder Yao Jiahong had rejected Shi Jin.


The next day, Shi Jin and Wen Yongwei arrived at the interview venue for Omnipotent Answers.

Xu Fangzhou and Qian Li were both there, and the scene had already been set up.

It was quite ridiculous for an advertisement to require an audition.

However, Shi Jin still did as she was told.

It was an extremely simple scene, and she finished it very quickly.

Next it was Wen Yongweis turn to give it a try.

In comparison, Wen Yongweis actions and performance seemed rather inexperienced.

She was new to acting.

Since they were choosing a student as their spokesperson, the organizers naturally hoped that the spokesperson would have the same feelings as the target audience of students.

Wen Yongwei was younger than Shi Jin by two years, but she always gave off the feeling that she was from a rich family and was not down-to-earth.

She did not look like a student.

Her performance was also more forced.

Xu Fangzhou originally held some prejudice against Shi Jin.

However, after watching her performance, he changed his mind.

On a professional level, Xu Fangzhou actually wanted to choose Shi Jin.

Actually, no matter what product it was, they didnt necessarily have to choose a spokesperson that was compatible in all aspects.

For example, the spokespeople for sanitary pads was often a male artiste, and there were no problems.

After voicing these thoughts, Qian Li said, “Of course, you can choose a male celebrity to be the spokesperson for a sanitary pad, because his fans pay the bill.

Its reasonable for a lousy student to be the spokesperson for this kind of app.

However, theres obviously a genius standing next to the bad student, but she doesnt look like a genius.

Isnt that unreasonable”

“Shi Jins results…”

“Theyre fake,” Qian Li said firmly.

Last night, she had gone to ask around.

She had also gone to find out more about the top scorer in the country in the past few years.

Currently, the highest score was 749.

Shi Jin had scored 749.5, who was she trying to fool

Xu Fangzhou understood.

He walked over to Shi Jin and said, “Shi Jin, you can go back.

After careful selection, we feel that Yongweis performance in this advertisement is better.”

“Okay,” Shi Jin replied.

Xu Fangzhou didnt say anything else when he saw her calm expression and casual tone.

He turned to his assistant and instructed, “Get Wen Yongwei to get ready.

Were going to shoot this advertisement soon.

The advertisement forBackstage Brainiacs will be on a large scale.”

“Attention, everyone, get ready.

The commercial is about to start shooting!”

When Shi Jin heard these words, she recalled that Yao Jiahong had told her that they had already decided on Wen Yongwei, but she had still come for the audition.

Everything had to be fought for.

Failure was better than not trying at all.

When Shi Jin walked out, Yao Jiahong saw her immediately and passed her the phone.

“Its Master Fu.”

“Shi Jin, theres an advertisement.

Are you willing to take it” Fu Xiuyuans pleasant voice sounded like he was asking.

“What advertisement”

Even though he had briefly explained it to Yao Jiahong, Fu Xiuyuan still explained it to Shi Jin in detail.

“Theres an app calledUnquestionable Answers.

It helps students solve questions.

They were once the leading company in the domestic education industry, but with the development of Internet education, they fell slightly behind.

So now, they are seeking a breakthrough.

They have done some collaborations with the Fu Corporation before.

This time, they were asking for help from one of the higher-ups in the company.

I heard about it unintentionally and thought that you could try working with them.

Initially, Fu Xiuyuan did not care about such trivial matters.

However, Shi Jin had not performed well in the exam this time.

Fu Xiuyuan wanted to find something to lift her mood.

Even though he knew that Shi Jins score was 749.5, since Shi Jin said it wasnt good, her own ability must be worthy of getting 750.

If she said it was bad, then it was bad.

Shi Jin immediately understood Fu Xiuyuans intention.

She smiled.

“Will they agree to let me be their spokesperson”

“If Fus Enterprise asks, no problem.”

“Alright, Ill take it,” said Shi Jin, then, she said softly, “Actually, after you planted the jade grapes for me that day, my mood recovered.”

Therefore, there was no need for Fu Xiuyuan to take advantage of every opportunity to find something to ease her mood.

With him around, no matter how terrible she felt, she could still calm down.

Fu Xiuyuan understood the meaning behind her words, and his voice carried a smile as he said, “My pleasure.”

Yao Jiahong stood to one side..

When he saw the usually cold and distant Shi Jin smiling brightly, he felt a little upset.

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