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Chapter 277: Setting an Example

Kang Cheng frowned.

How could this work

Such an arrangement was clearly disadvantageous to Wen Yongwei.

It was the same program arrangement, but the winner was Shi Jin.

There was no such logic.

He thought of another recent event and had a plan.

Hadnt there been an Olympiad recently

In the past, competitions had been held overseas.

Now, it was finally Country Ss turn, and the venue was China.

In order to attract more people to this competition and learn more about it, the organizers planned to do a live broadcast of the competition.

Wen Yongwei had previously won a first prize in the country, and the organizers were looking for important guests.

As long as he could do something about it, wouldnt it be just right to let Wen Yongwei and Shi Jin be the guests

He was a man of action.

Kang Cheng immediately convinced the higher-ups to change the event for Wen Yongwei and Shi Jin.

He had a good reason.

“There has been a problem with Yongweis voice recently.

Now that the college entrance examination is over, both of them need exposure.

As students who have just finished their exams and also candidates who have participated in domestic competitions, it is undoubtedly suitable for the two of them to fight to be guests.

Not only can they maintain their exposure, they can also encourage everyone to study in this atmosphere.

Isnt that killing two birds with one stone”

His plan was for the two of them to skip the Strawberry Music Festival and go to the live broadcast of the Olympics as guests.

He did not know if Shi Jin was embarrassed or not, but Wen Yongwei would definitely become the center of attention.

Since Kang Cheng had used the excuse that there was something wrong with Wen Yongweis voice, the people from Diamond Entertainment naturally did not have any reason to request her to attend the Strawberry Music Festival.

They quickly canceled Wen Yongweis invitation.

Moreover, they quickly communicated with the live broadcast guest of “Backstage Brainiacs”.

“Backstage Brainiacs” was the show that was collaborating with the Olympics.

The program was sponsored by a problem-solving app.

Diamond Entertainment invited Xu Fangzhou, the director of “Backstage Brainiacs”, and Qian Li, the person-in-charge of the app, to the company to communicate with Kang Cheng and Yao Jiahong.

At the venue, once Kang Cheng and Yao Jiahong had arrived, Xu Fangzhou briefly introduced the entire show.

“Our show is about live-streaming and commenting on this competition.

The artistes will be attending as guests, but they are mainly here to share their knowledge.

This show is firstly meant for promoting the competition, and secondly, to promote the question-solving app.”

Yao Jiahong understood.

The main purpose of this show was to advertise.

Nowadays, society valued education more and more.

Parents were always willing to spend on their childrens education.

TheOmnipotent Answers app was following the trend and helping children solve problems.

No parents would be stingy with spending money on it.

The premise was… that this software had to be recognized by more people.

Kang Cheng smiled and said, “Not bad.

The program will introduce the competitions.

Its a good thing for more students to be passionate about learning.

Software like Omnipotent Answers should be promoted so that children have more ways to solve their learning problems.”

Xu Fangzhou nodded and said, “Thats why were considering hiring some top students to bring fresh blood to the show and make it easier for the young audience to accept.”

Qian Li added, “We also want to choose a spokesperson for the genius and artist group.”

“At the moment, Wen Yongwei has time to participate in the show and will consider collaborating with outstanding brands.” Kang Cheng was the first to express his stance.

Yao Jiahong pondered for a moment.

Shi Jin had already become the national teams secret weapon and would definitely not be able to become a guest on the show.

However, he could consider endorsement.

“What about Shi Jin” Xu Fangzhou asked.

“She currently has an event that clashes with the showBackstage Brainiacs, so she cant participate,” Yao Jiahong said.

Xu Fangzhou was not surprised.

“Its okay, we have other candidates.”

In any case, Shi Jins grades were still a way away from making her a top student.

Xu Fangzhou was after Wen Yongwei.

Yao Jiahong did not want Shi Jin and Wen Yongwei to appear on the show together, for fear of being outshone.

Xu Fangzhou had already expected this.

A knowing smile appeared on Kang Chengs face when he heard Yao Jiahongs words.

If he were in Yao Jiahongs shoes, he wouldnt have gone up against Shi Jin even if he knew that Wen Yongwei would be crushed.

Kang Cheng smiled and said, “Alright then, thats all for now.

Everyone can go about their own business.”

Yao Jiahong said, “But Shi Jin can fight for the role of spokesperson.”

Xu Fangzhou was stunned for a moment.

He hadnt expected Yao Jiahong to reject the show and still fight for the role of spokesperson.

More importantly, was Shi Jin qualified

Qian Li wanted to laugh, but she maintained her elegant attitude.

Xu Fangzhou said, “Okay then, let Shi Jin test it out and take a hard look at the situation”

As a director, he not only had to be responsible for the showBackstage Brainiacs, but also for the shooting for theOmnipotent Answers app.

He and Qian Li could decide who the spokesperson was this time.

However, they had not agreed to let Shi Jin come for the audition because they had agreed to give the advertisement directly to her.

It was purely because… the two of them were giving Diamond Music face and expressing that they had also gone through a selection process.

“Alright, Ill arrange for Shi Jin to come over as soon as possible.

Ill send you her results too.”

Yao Jiahong had originally wanted to fight for more opportunities for Shi Jin to work on higher quality stuff, but seeing Xu Fangzhou and Qian Lis attitude, he couldnt be bothered to say anything.

He directly sent the screenshot of the results over and left.

Given their attitude, Shi Jin probably wouldnt want to work with them.

Yao Jiahong was just doing his best.

Xu Fangzhou and Qian Li immediately agreed.

“Then come to the interview earlier.”

However, he didnt think much of it and didnt click on the screenshot.

Kang Cheng was not interested in looking at Shi Jins results.

He chatted happily with Xu Fangzhou and Qian Li.

It seemed that he had already decided on Wen Yongwei.

After Kang Cheng left, Xu Fangzhou took a sip of tea and asked, “Manager Qian, what do you think”

“Wen Yongwei is pretty good.

Although Ive seen Shi Jins performance in the advertisement and it was very cool, its still better to find a top student for this.

We have to set an example for the children.”

Qian Li clicked on the screenshot Yao Jiahong had sent and let out a squeal.

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