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Chapter 276: Most Popular

However, this was not out of Old Master Shis expectations.

He knew that the child he had brought up was very smart.

It was just that she had encountered many things in her life already, causing her to stumble and take many detours.

In fact, if she had not experienced these things back then, she would be even better now.

At that moment, Shi Jin had merely returned to the path that she should have taken long ago.

Upon hearing Shi Xuexins words, he asked, “What happened to Shi Jin”

“This time, Shi Jin… did not do well in the college entrance examination,” Shi Xuexin said softly.

“She enrolled in a very ordinary university.”

“Oh, isnt it fine as long as she likes it” Old Master Shi said.

“Thats true.”

Old Master Shi glanced at Shi Xuexin and asked meaningfully, “You said that Shi Jin did not do very well Whats considered good”

Shi Xuexin immediately replied, “Actually, it doesnt matter.

Shi Jin is developing in the entertainment industry.

It doesnt matter even if she doesnt do well.

Its not normal for someone like Wen Yongwei, who not only has to work, but also study, to get more than 600 points.”

When Old Master Shi heard this, he could not help, but secretly shake his head.

If she knew that Shi Jin had done very well, would she still be like this When had his granddaughter become like this

At this thought, Old Master Shi no longer wanted to talk to her.


The Shen Group was the behind-the-scenes investment company of “Ultimate Singer Songwriter”.

After Wen Yongwei and Shi Jin finished their college entrance examination, they started to build up resources and momentum for their futures.

Wen Yongwei was a direct artiste at the Shen Groups Diamond Music Company.

And although Shi Jin had not signed a contract with Diamond Music, according to the contract, she had to accept a collaboration with the Shen Group for at least two years.

Previously, due to the preparations for the college entrance examination, the Shen Group had put aside many plans and had not looked for her.

“Diamond Music has confirmed an activity for a music festival.

The event will be divided into three days.

You, Wen Yongwei, and many other singers can all go on stage to sing.

Its called the Strawberry Music Festival.

Every year, many fans attend.

The reporters will also report on it widely.

Also, all the performances will probably be live-streamed.” Yao Jiahong briefly explained the situation.

After learning about Shi Jins college entrance examination results, Yao Jiahong realized that the hype around the college entrance examination on the Internet had already passed.

Hence, he didnt dwell on the matter anymore and quickly moved on.

Shi Jin said, “Dont forget the time for the Olympiad.”

“Theres no problem.

The Strawberry Music Festival is at night, and the competition is during the day.

This competition happens to be in China, so its very convenient to do.”

“Okay.” Since there was no conflict, Shi Jin would be able to do both.

Yao Jiahong started to prepare clothes and songs for the music festival.

The clothes needed to be discussed with the hairdresser, and the problem of the song could be decided by Shi Jin.

“There will be more rappers coming to the Strawberry Music Festival.

We have three days and have to sing three songs a day.

There are a total of nine songs.

I suggest that the first and last singers choose fast songs.

Itll get the party started.”

Shi Jin agreed with Yao Jiahongs point of view.

“Ill make a list of songs and let you have a look.

Then, well discuss it with the band.”


On Wen Yongweis side, she had also received an arrangement from Diamond Music to let her participate in the Strawberry Music Festival.

She would bring her original song over and imprint her identity as a singer into the minds of her fans.

She glanced at the arrangements.

The Strawberry Music Festival started at eight in the evening and ended at twelve.

It would be the same for three nights.

The timing of Shi Jins appearance was very good.

It would be at about nine oclock.

At that point, the audience and fans had arrived in the most orderly manner, and they were still maintaining their greatest interest in the show.

As for Wen Yongweis appearance, it was a little bad.

It would be after 11:30 pm, almost time for the show to end.

Even if the fans didnt leave, when everyones interest was used up, they would definitely just want to go home.

This effect was obviously very bad!

She was clearly the primary artiste of Diamond Entertainment and they had personally signed the contract.

However, when they were doing the planning, they only cared about Shi Jin!

Kang Cheng was not satisfied with this arrangement either.

“With your status as the champion, these arrangements should be different.

The company is too biased!”

He immediately called the people at Diamond Entertainment.

The person who picked up the call was Manager Zhang, who was in charge of the handling of this performance.

When Manager Zhang received the call, Kang Cheng asked, “Manager Zhang, Yongwei is an artiste at the company and also the champion.

Why did you set her time for 11:30”

“Isnt she the finale” Manager Zhang smiled.

“You told me that the Strawberry Music Festival is the finale.

Manager Zhang, dont joke with me,” Kang Cheng said.

The finale was a big deal.

Everyone knew that it would be very good.

Only people with status could get the final position, but the Strawberry Music Festival was different from other concerts or programs.

It was an outdoor concert, and fans and audience members could not sit and wait for the finale like they did indoors.

Everyone would leave immediately if they wanted to, so the so-called finale was actually worthless.

Manager Zhang was an understanding person.

When he heard this, he could only explain, “We will definitely fight for whatever we can get for our own artistes, but the current arrangement was set by the music festival showrunners.

Weve tried to intervene, but theres really no way to change it.

You do know that there are more than a hundred singers and bands presenting this time”

Kang Cheng understood.

Were the people at the Strawberry Music Festival complaining that Wen Yongweis songs werent good enough

If Wen Yongweis songs were not good enough, then whose were

“And Shi Jins arrangements” Kang Cheng asked.

“Why dont you ask the showrunners” Manager Zhang asked.

Kang Cheng indeed had such thoughts.

Since Shi Jin had a good time slot, Wen Yongwei should also.

He quickly contacted the people at the Strawberry Music Festival.

Unfortunately, when the person on the other end heard that they were going to change the order of appearance for Wen Yongwei, he immediately refused.

“We cant change it anymore.

Everyones schedule has been arranged.

If we move a single person, well have to coordinate everyone elses time to reflect the change.

Theres no way to change it.”

“But Shi Jin…”

“Shi Jin Shi Jins songs are the most popular among the fans.

We still need to rely on her to attract more people.”

The other party was obviously very busy.

As soon as he finished speaking, the call was hung up.

He did not give Kang Cheng another chance to speak.

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