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Chapter 274: Bad Examination

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“Actually, its even better than I imagined.

Previously, her score had always been over 600 points.

This time, she actually performed quite well.”

“I wonder which school Little Rose applied to”

Passerby: “Surprised, impressive!”

Passerby: “Its rare to see such a genius in the entertainment industry.”

Passerby: “Didnt you hear that Shi Jin and Wen Yongwei took the exam together How many marks did she get”

Shi Jin had not checked the results.

Yao Jiahong called.

“Shi Jin, are your results out yet”

“I havent checked it yet.” Shi Jin was busy composing a script in her hands and didnt remember that today was the day to look at the results.

Yao Jiahong was speechless.

Yao Jiahong: “Lets take a look first.

A reporter wants to give you a phone interview.”

The rumors were spreading like wildfire.

Shi Jin had taken the exam at the same time as Wen Yongwei.

As Wen Yongweis matter had blown up, Shi Jin could not avoid inquiries from the outside world either.

Yao Jiahong had no choice, but to choose a media company with a good reputation to agree to a simple phone interview with Shi Jin.

It would also serve as an explanation to Shi Jins fans.

More importantly, Yao Jiahong firmly believed that Shi Jin would not fare worse than Wen Yongwei.

“Alright, Im free in an hour.

Let him call then,” said Shi Jin.

After she finished speaking, she knew that she could not avoid it and could only check her results first.

When she saw the results, Shi Jin sighed.

Suddenly, she felt vexed.

She recalled that when she was doing the questions, her hands had trembled.

Sure enough, she had made a mistake.

Not as good as she had expected.

An hour later, a reporter called.

“Shi Jin, can I ask you a few questions About your final results for this college entrance examination”

“Theyre not as good as I expected.” Shi Jins voice sounded faint.

This reporter knew his limits and was very cautious.

He immediately said, “Its alright.

Youre already very talented.

You cant be perfect at everything.

I listen to your songs every day.”

“Thank you.” Shi Jin smiled.

“So, which university are you going to apply to” The reporter did not intend to ask her about her score anymore, lest he rub salt into her wound.

Shi Jin said, “Ill study Chinese medicine at Beijing University.”

“Oh, thats not bad.

Do you know why youll apply to this university”

“I like it.”

The reporter asked a few more simple questions and did not continue to bug her about her results.

“Alright, thank you for accepting our interview.

Sorry for disturbing you.

I hope we can work together again next time.”

Shi Jin put down the phone and sighed.

Very quickly, the reporters article was published.

“According to our understanding, Shi Jins results for this exam should be quite good.

Her application plan is to study Traditional Chinese Medicine at Beijing Universitys Traditional Chinese Medicine department.

We also wish for Shi Jin to be accepted successfully and hope to hear more of her good songs in the future.”

When the news was released, Shi Jins fans were satisfied.

Although the capitals Traditional Chinese Medicine department could not be considered a top school, it was still pretty decent.

Ordinary people would not be able to get into it even if they wanted to.

Since Shi Jin had already chosen it, it meant that she was confident about being admitted.

“No matter what, itll be good as long as Shi Jin is happy.”

“Actually, I thought that Shi Jin would apply to a music school.

I didnt expect her to apply for this specialization.”

“Its rare that she likes it.

I guess Shi Jin doesnt need to study music anymore.”

Passerby: “So how many marks did Shi Jin get”

Passerby: “No matter how many marks she gets, she will definitely score less than Wen Yongwei, right Didnt you see that Wen Yongwei chose Beijing University and Qing University Did Shi Jin only choose Beijing Universitys Traditional Chinese Medicine department”

The anti-fans: “Even in a million years, a loser will never be able to catch up to a winner!”

Passerby: “I guess Shi Jin scored around 540 points this time!”

The anti-fans: “So previously, the hype about her passing Beijing University and Qing Universitys admission test has been forgotten With this, you still had the cheek to make Teacher Zhang Shaogang apologize”

Passerby: “Shi Jins songs are indeed nice, but its really repulsive for her to hype up the top schools in the country! Shi Jins team, be careful!”

Yao Jiahongs heart skipped a beat when he saw the news.

Did Shi Jin do well

He immediately gave the reporter a call.

The reason why he didnt call Shi Jin directly was because he was afraid that she really hadnt done well… Even though he felt that that was impossible.

The reporter replied, “She said that she didnt meet her expectations and was rather depressed, so I didnt ask for the specific scores.

But Brother Yao, Shi Jin is really not bad.

Theres no need for her to compare her scores with Wen Yongweis.”

“Got it.” Yao Jiahong hung up.

He then called Ji Huan.

Ji Huan was stunned for a moment.

“We still dont know the students scores.

Right now, only the students can check their results themselves.

After some time, the Education Department will hand over the score sheet.

Only then can the school see the students results.”

“Shi Jin might not have done well.”

When Yao Jiahong said this, he was actually a little hesitant.

However, the reporter wasnt someone who would spout nonsense.

He had a very strong character.

“Thats impossible, right”

“I didnt think it possible either, but the guy who interviewed Shi Jin said that she wasnt in a good mood.”

Ji Huan was stunned.

Ji Huan: “Ill call and ask.”

After she put down the phone, she took a deep breath and thought of an excuse before calling Shi Jin.

“Shi Jin, the results are out.

Have you seen them”

“Yep, they werent as good as I expected.”

Ji Huans heart skipped a beat.

She said softly, “Then in the end…”


It must be because when I was writing the Chinese paper, my hands trembled.

One of the words in the essay was scribbled out and the teacher must have mistaken it for another word.”

So Shi Jins expected score was 750 points

Ji Huan said, “Shi Jin, can you stop showing off”


Not only was this the best result out of all the college entrance examination candidates in the past years, but she was also this years top scorer in the city and the whole country!

Ji Huan remembered that the last candidate to have scored 749 had been more than ten years ago.

In the history of the college entrance examination, there was no one who had ever scored full marks.

Shi Jin said, “If I didnt get full marks, I would have left a chance for others to surpass me.

Besides, I usually get full marks.

I really didnt do well this time.”

Ji Huan suddenly understood Shi Jins feelings and consoled her.

“Shi Jin, youre already the best! No one is perfect.

You cant always hold yourself to the highest standards.

To the entire world, youre already an existence that others can only look up to.

You have to believe in yourself and give yourself more space to breathe.”

“Yeah, sure.”

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