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Chapter 273: College Entrance Examination Results

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If they were to go over to help, they would be erring.

They would just be causing trouble and bringing humiliation upon themselves.

All the big fans had come to a consensus.

“Our Shi Jins composing ability is outstanding, and her songs are good, so why compete with others As long as she can get into a decent university safely, thatll be enough.

Everyone, dont compare her results with others, and dont go to the venue to make things difficult for her.

Just support her songs.”

Yao Jiahong was indeed a top manager when it came to leading the fans.

Shi Jin entered the examination hall.

Coincidentally, she was being tested in the same classroom as Wen Yongwei.

Wen Yongwei was talking to the people around her with a smile on her face.

Her expression was filled with confidence.

Wen Yongwei smiled when she saw Shi Jin.

“All the best, Shi Jin!”

Shi Jin looked at her lazily, not responding.

Wen Yongweis expression remained unchanged.

For many candidates, two days of exams was a time-consuming affair.

It was a little difficult for Shi Jin.

She did the questions quickly, but it was impossible for her to request to start the next exam.

So she could only wait patiently.

She would submit her papers at least half an hour earlier than everyone else for every test.

There were many reporters surrounding the door.

It was Shi Jins first time out, and it was causing quite a stir.

“Shi Jin, did you hand in your paper in advance”


“How many points do you expect to get”

“It should be a good score.” There was no modesty in Shi Jins tone.

It was her usual coldness.

Wen Yongweis fans laughed to one side, feeling that Shi Jin was too arrogant.

When the last question paper was answered, Shi Jin came out an hour early.

The reporters and Wen Yongweis fans were numb to it.

They watched as Shi Jin left and whispered, “I wonder how many questions Shi Jin skipped”

“It must be quite a lot, right Didnt you see that the other students didnt have enough time She must have left all the major questions empty.”

“Its a good thing that Shi Jin was born in Beijing.

Its easier for local students to get into local universities.

Even if they dont score particularly well, its still very easy for them to attend ordinary universities in Beijing.”

“Yeah, if she was from elsewhere, that would be terrible!”

“Wen Yongwei is out.

Go interview her!”

After the college entrance examination ended, there was a half-a-month wait before the results were released.

At this time, Li Juekai joined the crew of “Burning Sun, Long Sky”.

His leg injury was basically fine now and he was qualified to film.

Shi Jin also joined the production team to do music.

The college entrance examination was far from Shi Jins mind.

However, it was very close to Wen Yongwei.

Everyone knew that Wen Yongweis results were outstanding.

Many programs that specialized in the college entrance examination had invited Wen Yongwei to be their guest.

In an instant, Wen Yongweis exposure was extremely high.

She maintained her image as a rich and beautiful lady on the show and was praised by the host as a genius.


During the show, she spoke confidently and gave many suggestions and tips for the students exams and university choices.

It was also a lesson for the second-year students on how to prepare for the exam.

Wen Yongwei was indeed very confident about it.

After the college entrance examination, she had already estimated the scores.

It had been similar to what she expected.

It was certain that she would score more than 600 points.

Adding on the first prize from the previous Mathematical Olympiad competition, she would get 20 points.

In the capital, she could choose from many universities.

On the other hand, Shi Jin had handed in her papers in advance every time she took an exam.

After she finished, she did not take on any extracurriculars or business activities.

It was said that she had gone into seclusion to mentally recover because she had not done well in the college entrance examination.

As for the filming of “Burning Sun, Long Sky”, as investors withdrew their investments one after another, and people were not optimistic about Li Juekai, there were very few reporters paying attention to this movie.

Half a month passed in a flash.

Due to Wen Yongweis high profile, her college entrance examination this time was on the mind of the entire country.

The expectations for her scores far exceeded that of ordinary students.

On the day that the results of the college entrance examination were released, Wen Yongweis fans were already eagerly anticipating the results.

They had even spontaneously formed a topic of discussion: “Wen Yongweis results for the college entrance examination.”

“Oh my God, Im so nervous.

Im even more nervous than I am about taking the college entrance exam myself.”

“Relax, relax.

What are you nervous about You dont believe in yourself, but you dont believe in our Little Rose either”

“Lets see if Yongwei can exceed 650 points.

I bet she can!”

“Now, lets see if she chooses Qing University or Beijing University!”


“All the best!”

As for Shi Jins fans, they were all quiet.

Everyone admitted to her being inferior, so they didnt have high hopes, but their love for Shi Jin would never change.

It wasnt because of her good grades that everyone was so devoted to her.

The entire Wen Clan was enveloped in a tense atmosphere.

Wen Yongweis results also concerned the Wen Familys reputation and their social status.

They did not want to be treated as a topic of discussion.

On the other hand, Wen Yongwei was quite confident.

“Dad, Mom, Big Brother, dont worry.

I think itll be fine.”

“Lets take a look then.”

Wen Yongweis palms were sweaty as she turned on her computer and entered her exam number and password.

The whole family was too nervous to look.

Wen Yongwei closed her eyes as well, but no matter what, she had to face it.

She finally opened her eyes.

Wen Yongwei took a look and heaved a long sigh of relief.

“Dad, Mom, Big Brother, its done!”

“625 points!” Wen Yaoming shouted happily when he saw the score on the screen!

This result was nothing to the entire country, but the schools in Beijing did not have high requirements for their candidates.

Adding the 20 points that Wen Yongwei could gain from the competition, it would be 645 points.

Although she would not become the top scorer in the city, it was enough for her to enter Qing University or Beijing University!


“Our Little Rose is really too awesome!”

“This score is really not bad!”

Wen Yongwei told Kang Cheng the results.

Kang Cheng heaved a sigh of relief.

“Ill arrange for the reporters to interview you immediately.

Everyone has been waiting for a long time.”

At Wen Yongweis level, no matter how many marks she scored, she had to let the public know.

Moreover, with this score, she no longer needed to fear any rumors or comparisons.

Wen Yongweis results were soon brought to everyones attention by the reporters.

Needless to say, her fans had long been waiting for this day.

When they heard the news, everyone was pleasantly surprised.

“Little Rose is exactly as we thought! Thats great!”

“As expected of a straight-A student.

She should be able to get into any school in the country with more than 600 points, right”

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