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Chapter 272: Dont Go To School Outside the Capital

The internet was filled with these true confessions.

Yao Jiahong was extremely busy.

So far, he had received eighteen phone calls, twenty emails, and forty-three WeChat business chat requests.

Some wanted to use Shi Jins two songs as an interlude for their shows.

Some wanted to purchase copyrights to use one of the songs as the theme for an entire show.

Others wanted to use “The First Dream” in an advertisement.

The organizers of the advertisement even said, “It would be great if Shi Jin had time to participate in our advertisement shoot.”

Yao Jiahong had no choice but to answer them one by one.

“Shi Jin is about to take the college entrance examination soon.

We can discuss the copyright of the song.

Its true that she cant be a spokesperson for the time being, but we can talk about it in more detail in the future.”

Wen Yongwei suffered a crushing defeat.

She sat at her desk, the tip of her pen sliding across the paper as she rapidly wrote notes, but no, no! All the notes combined were still not as nice as Shi Jins! She was not as talented as Shi Jin!

The tip of her pen stopped abruptly, leaving a long scratch on the paper.

There was a continuous stream of messages from friends on WeChat.

Wen Yongweis eyes were dull and vacant.

After a long time, she finally picked up her phone and read the comforting messages.

“Yongwei, youre the best.

Shi Jin was only in the limelight for a while.

How could she compare to you Youve been learning how to compose for many years, havent you”

“Composing requires steady output, but its obvious that Shi Jin relies entirely on her passion.

After a while, she will fade into the background.”

“You are a formal student brought up by a proper teacher.

Shi Jin is just an unorthodox weirdo.

If she can be good once, can she be good again”

“Besides, the college entrance examination is coming soon.

Even if Shi Jins composing ability is good, she cant be compared to you in other aspects.

If you get into a top school, youll be able to beat her!”

“Thats right.

In the past, she always boasted that her results were good, but they were really only average at 540 points.

She even said that she was accepted by two top schools at the same time, but didnt she not go That must have just been a lie!”

“When you get in, wont you crush her”

These comments were similar to what Wen Yongweis fans had said.

Every time Shi Jins songs got popular, the fans would compare Wen Yongweis results with Shi Jins.

They liked to compare Wen Yongweis rich background with Shi Jins weak identity.

They used Wen Yongweis creative ability to compete with Shi Jins half-assed creative ability.

They brought up Wen Yongweis regular teacher, training her singing skills to be better than Shi Jins.

Wen Yongwei had to admit that the comparison was indeed useful.

She was comforted.

She knew that she had to win the college entrance examination battle!


On the first night of the college entrance examination, Shi Jin politely rejected Li Juekai, Gu Qingqing, and Gu Jingyuans company.

“Its not like its a big deal.

It would be too much if the whole family went.”

“But this is a very important turning point in your life…” Gu Qingqing didnt want to miss the opportunity to accompany her again.

“To me, you entering my life was the most important turning point,” Shi Jin said softly.

“Mom, you should stay at home with Dad for the time being.”

Hearing her words, Gu Qingqing and Li Juekai could not help but tear up.

“And you too, Big Brother.

The last time you went to school, you caused a small-scale disturbance.

If you go again today, wont you attract the police”

Gu Jingyuan laughed and reached out to stroke her hair.

“Alright, I wont go.

Ill wait for your good news.”

Finally, the three of them were convinced and Shi Jin left.

Gu Qingqing sighed softly.

“The more sensible our daughter is, the more I feel like I owe her…”

Li Juekai said gently, “Then use your time in the future to spend more time with her.

Oh right, Jingyuan, do you know which school Shi Jin intends to enroll in”

“Im not sure yet.”

Gu Qingqing quickly said, “Dont put too much pressure on her.

It doesnt matter if her grades are good or bad.

As long as she can live happily, Ill be satisfied.

At most, Ill have raised my own daughter.”

Gu Jingyuan revealed an amused expression.

His mother probably didnt know how powerful his sister was, right

Gu Qingqing used to be a smart person and should have noticed it long ago.

However, she had been accompanying Li Juekai in the hospital for so many years and hadnt paid much attention to the outside world.

For the moment, she didnt realize that Shi Jin wasnt the kind of child that needed to be worried about.

Although Shi Jin had rejected her family accompanying her to the examination hall, she had failed to convince Fu Xiuyuan.

At the thought that making Fu Xiuyuan be alone would only make things worse, Shi Jin had no choice but to agree with him.

The examination venues this year were all at First High School, which meant that all the students of Second High School had to go over there.

When Shi Jin stepped out of Fu Xiuyuans car, she realized that there were support banners with Wen Yongweis name all over the place.

There were also free tea stands set up by Wen Yongweis fans for parents and students to rest at.

Wen Yongweis fans knew that Wen Yongwei couldnt beat Shi Jins few songs, but it didnt matter.

She was something to be proud of.

Hence, a few big fans had long ago planned the corresponding support and had come to First High School.

The entire venue appeared like where Wen Yongweis solo event was being held.

The fans actions did not affect the others.

Instead, they were convenient for the parents who were waiting for them.

Hence, First High School did not chase them away.

They tacitly acknowledged Wen Yongwei as the schools soft brand.

It was also a form of promotion for First High School.

After Shi Jin got out of the car, she walked straight to the door.

When a few of Wen Yongweis fans saw Shi Jin, they revealed indescribable smiles.

“Hello, Shi Jin,” someone called out.

Shi Jin looked up lazily and sized him up.

“Do your best.

Dont go to a school outside of Beijing.” After he said that, the other big fans couldnt help but laugh.

First High School and Second High School were both top schools in Beijing.

Not to mention First High School and Second High School, even other schools in the capital would definitely be of the best quality.

It was not easy for children from the capital to get into schools outside of the city.

Of course, it would also be very embarrassing if they had to move away.

Since Wen Yongweis fans said so, they were sure that Wen Yongweis results could be used to slap Shi Jin in the face.

Shi Jin gave them a cold look and walked straight in, completely ignoring the fans.

The fans naturally couldnt be bothered with her anymore.

There were no Shi Jin fans present today.

Even though they had already found out that Shi Jin went to study at First High School.

This was understandable.

Even Shi Jins own fans did not believe that she could surpass Wen Yongwei.

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