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Chapter 271: Following the Trends Again

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Shi Jin looked around.

It was rare to find a Year Three student who had nothing to do at the neighboring tables.

Everyone was eating off of skewers and talking about the future.

The atmosphere made many people tear up.

In the future, they would go their separate ways.

The people and things they would encounter in the future would be completely different.

It was hard to say if they would all maintain their current friendships.

It was no wonder that the entire school had been shrouded in such emotions for the past few days.

Wen Yongwei could naturally sense these emotions as well.

She had many friends and many people who were reluctant to part with her.

This time, she knew that she could not give up such a great opportunity.

Wen Yongwei immediately recorded her song and released it.

The song was called “Future Prospects”.

The lyrics expressed her beautiful wish:

“My dear friends, I wish you a good future,

For the rest of your life,

We will meet again,

With our dreams already realized.

This kind of theme suited the mood of many students.

Indeed, the songs download count soared.

In particular, many students from First High School felt that Wen Yongwei cared too much about everyones feelings.

At this time, she even wrote a song to comfort everyone and lift their spirits.

When it came to the sales of songs, Wen Yongwei had defeated Shi Jin for the first time, so she naturally received a lot of good reviews.

Kang Cheng had already expected this outcome.

Was it only Shi Jin who could use such opportunities to publicize herself Wen Yongwei could do it too!

Look, Wen Yongweis creative talent was not inferior to Shi Jins.

She was only second in timing!

Once there was a chance, Wen Yongwei could shine even more brilliantly than Shi Jin! No wonder, since she was born into a musical family!

However, before Kang Cheng could rejoice for long, Shi Jin released two songs in one go.

She opened WeChat and shared the two songs with Ye Ke and Wang Boyan.

“These are for you guys.

Please check them out.”

Ye Ke and Wang Boyan had placed Shi Jins WeChat account at the top of their friends lists.

When they received the message, they immediately opened it.

Shi Jins songs had always been like this.

They had a magical power that could capture ones ears immediately.

After Ye Ke and Wang Boyan heard it once, they could already sing along with it.

“If pride wasnt swallowed up by the icy waves

How would I know to work harder

And run to a far off place

If dreams dont fall down a cliff

How would I know to be persistent

Invisible wings

Plant tears in your heart

They will bloom bravely

During the weary hours

When you close your eyes you smell a fragrance

Im glad to be on the road

Our chemistry has gone on so long

Through the wind and round again

Our hearts still connected as usual.

The first dream clenched in my hands

The place we wanted to go the most…

Tears welled up in Ye Kes eyes when she heard that.

When she found out that Shi Jin was the one who had started the song, she understood that Shi Jin had specifically written for her and Wang Boyan.

They might not have many chances to meet in the future, but their friendship would never change, just like how their initial dream would never change.

Wang Boyan was still listening to the song when Ye Ke played the next one.

The next songs name was “Friend, Dont Cry”.

Shi Jins voice was ever-changing.

When she sang “The First Dream,” she had a tenacious strength.

When it came to “Friend, Dont Cry,” she sang softly, as if she was the listeners closest friend standing before them.

“Is there a window that will keep you from despair

Look, the colorful world is like a dream

Some cried, some laughed, some lost, some aged

Their endings are different

Dont cry, my friend.

Im still the home of your soul.

Dont cry, my friend.

Have faith in your own path

Dont cry, my friend.

Ive always been in the deepest part of your heart

Dont cry, my friend.

I am with you.”

If the previous song was encouraging and tough, then the gentleness of this song made Ye Ke cry all of a sudden.

It was extremely uncomfortable.

After Shi Jins two songs were released, Wen Yongweis fans did not think much of them.

“Shes following the trend.

Lets see how long she can keep this up!”

Shi Jins fans: “Just listen.

Dont care so much.”

Passerby: “It doesnt matter if Shi Jin is involved in such scandals or not, but we cant deny that her songs are good and never disappoint.”

That night, the download count was not as high as Wen Yongweis.

After all, Wen Yongweis huge fanbase was no joke.

Furthermore, Wen Yongwei had released her song first, so she had the advantage of time.

However, things changed the next day.

Those Grade 12 students who had been overwhelmed with sorrow, those netizens who wanted to stay away from their friends, those social animals who were facing changes in their jobs, the adults and youths who wanted to leave their hometowns because they had to move, the lyrics involuntarily echoed in their ears.

“If your dream hadnt fallen off the cliff, how would you know that the person who is obsessed has invisible wings”

“Friend, dont cry.

You have to believe in your own path.”

“Friend, dont cry.

Ive always been in the deepest part of your heart.”

The song echoed in countless places.

Someone said their goodbyes on the platform and clicked on the two songs.

Through their surging tears, they felt a determination to face the future.

Someone dragged his luggage out of the house and turned around to gather strength from these two songs.

In an instant, the two songs were being played everywhere.

Needless to say, it was echoing around the school too.

Second High had been dominated by these two songs.

As for First High School… In order to support Wen Yongwei, the entire schools broadcasting room could only play Wen Yongweis songs.

However, gradually, someone started secretly listening to Shi Jins song on their phone.

Slowly, people began to place them in the class.

Everyone gathered together and leaned their heads against each other.

“Ive spent all my pocket money.

Can you lend it to me first Ill buy it once I get my pocket money!”

Then, Shi Jins voice came from the school broadcasting room before the results of the examination were broadcasted.

“Friend, dont cry.

Ive always been in the deepest part of your soul…”

Wen Yongwei sat in the classroom with a gracious and presentable smile on her face, but in a place where no one could see, her palms were clenched tightly.

Shi Jins two songs represented “the most sincere and heartfelt blessings between friends.

Perhaps friends are such existences.

Even if they cant provide you with any substantial help, just listen to the wordsdont cry and all your grievances will be settled.”

Many netizens were crying uncontrollably because of these two songs.

“Thank you, Little Stone, for letting me hear these two songs when I was leaving my friends.

Especially the songFriends Dont Cry, its really too touching..

Do you know what I regret most right now Not voting for Shi Jin during theNational Singer competition.

Let me vote for you now! I made eight accounts and bought this song for eight of my friends! Thank you, my friends, for accompanying me on such a long road!”

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