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Chapter 270: Embarrassed by the Nurse

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When Wen Jili received the news, he immediately rushed over to visit the patient.

Wen Yongwei asked as she walked, “Father, I wonder who invited Gu Jingyuan to treat her this time”

“Im not sure either.” Wen Jili was not in a good mood.

Someone had gone ahead of him to get close to the examiner and help treat his mother, causing Wen Jili to lose the initiative.

His heart felt heavy.

Wen Yongwei muttered, “It looks like well need to make more preparations in the future.”

Wen Jili agreed.

Come to think of it, Gu Jingyuan had rejected him, but in the end, he had still been bribed by someone to perform the surgery!

What was the use of being so upright and honest on the surface He had no idea how much money he had taken from others in private.

They even said that the line to register stretched right around the block.

In the end, they still had to perform surgeries.

It was both upright and proper.

Wen Jili was thinking dark thoughts to himself.

The father and daughter heard noises from the ward and walked over.

Wen Yongwei knocked on the door politely and the nurse opened it.

“Who are you looking for”

“Were here to visit Old Madam Han.”

“Come in.”

Gu Jingyuan and Shi Jin were standing in front of Old Madam Hans bed.

When the two of them heard that something had happened to the patient, they rushed over in a hurry.

In the end, it was just a false alarm.

The old lady was not surprised at all.

Gu Jingyuan was explaining the situation.

“You dont have to worry too much.

Pain from the wound is normal.

If it really hurts too much, I can consider giving you a painkiller, but if its still within the acceptable range, just bear with it for a while.”

Wen Jili and Wen Yongwei saw that Gu Jingyuan was there and felt a little awkward.

However, Wen Jili quickly suppressed the disdain in his heart and greeted him.

“Hello, Doctor Gu.

We meet again.”

Wen Yongwei also greeted Shi Jin.

“Shi Jin, what a coincidence.”

Shi Jin nodded at her as a greeting.

Gu Jingyuan had seen too many patients family members and visitors over his career, so he just nodded politely.

“I didnt expect Doctor Gu to perform the surgery for Old Madam Han so quickly.

Your medical skills are really admirable,” Wen Jili praised.

In order to show his sincerity, he raised his voice.

Gu Jingyuan reminded him softly, “The patient has just undergone surgery, so she needs to recuperate.

When you visit her, take note of the time.”

With that, he left with Shi Jin.

Wen Jili was used to being flattered.

As someone from a musical family, he was used to being looked up to by his peers and students after so many years.

There were very few cases like this where he had to seek guidance from an approved person.

Usually, it was only when he was being supported.

Not only was Gu Jingyuan too lazy to make small talk with him, but he had even specially reminded him that he did not need to visit for too long.

Wen Jili had been rejected countless times in front of him.

Now, no matter how good his self-restraint was, he could not hold his feelings in anymore.

Gu Jingyuan and Shi Jin had just left when his face fell.

Wen Yongwei noticed her fathers emotions and comforted him, “Dad, as long as Grandma Han is okay, nothing else matters.”

Wen Jilis expression was ugly as he said, “What are you pretending to be like that for Youre taking other peoples money, but you cant take mine Do other peoples bills smell better”

“Im sure Doctor Gu didnt mean it that way either.

Father, no matter who asked Doctor Gu for help, Doctor Gu was the one who cured Grandma Han.” Wen Yongwei had always been generous with her words.

She was very diplomatic and could calm people down.

The nurse to one side was taking care of Old Madam Han.

When she heard the conversation between the father and daughter, she raised her head and looked at them.

Then, she said, “Old Madam Hans family called Doctor Gus number to treat her illness.

Dont you know Doctor Gus number is released to the public every day.

Anyone can use it.”

Wen Jili and Wen Yongwei were in disbelief.

The nurse had seen many people like them, and they always thought that the world revolved around money.

However, they did not know that in this hospital, other than Doctor Gu, there were many other well-known doctors who did not need to earn such money anymore.

Still, they insisted on coming to the hospital every day to give numbers to ordinary patients.

Some people were noble beyond the comprehension of others.

Just like how some peoples wretchedness was incomprehensible to others.

When Wen Jili and Wen Yongwei walked out, neither of them said anything else.

They could feel their heads buzzing.

They were used to having special privileges and not needing to wait for anything.

Hence, they took Gu Jingyuans words as excuses.

They were used to being able to use money and power to seek convenience in everything they did.

They had long forgotten the rules of survival for ordinary people.

On the other hand, the Han family received the most timely treatment through normal procedures.


As time passed, the college entrance examination began to approach.

At this time, everyones priority was no longer to prepare for battle.

Even the teachers, who had been tense all this while, advised the students to relax and just revise steadily.

They did not need to do the test papers, do the questions, and fight hard like before.

“Now, we just need to relax and fight in our most natural states.” The teachers generally spoke the same language.

Since they had relaxed and were no longer so tense about their studies, they could not help but feel sentimental about parting.

A few years of relations between the classmates, teachers, and students peaked at this moment.

Everyone agreed to go out for a barbecue, watch a movie, and go and do one of those escape room excursions.

This became the main activity for the Year Three students.

At a kebab stand, opposite Shi Jin sat Ye Ke and Wang Boyan.

“Be honest, Shi Jin, which school will you apply to in the future” Ye Ke asked.

“Probably one related to medicine.” Shi Jin held a cup of coke and spoke, sounding cold and pleasant.

“Ah, studying medicine! Just like Doctor Gu! Very good!” Since they knew that Shi Jins older brother was Doctor Gu, it was no longer surprising that she was choosing to study medicine.

Wang Boyan was also very excited.

“Which school”

“Im still choosing.”

“When youre done choosing, you must inform us.

Ye Ke and I will come to celebrate for you!”


Ye Kes eyes suddenly turned red.

“Sigh, we wont have many chances to meet in the future.

Im going to America to attend summer camp soon.

I wonder when well meet again.”

Shi Jin passed her a tissue.

Wang Boyan also comforted her, “Cant you still see Shi Jin on TV If not, cant you buy two more of her songs”

“How could that compare” Ye Ke could not help but feel sad.

“Its completely different.”

Wang Boyan was also triggered and took a sip of beer.

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